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An ocular inspection and a technical inspection should take part of the preparation to consider before you go driving. The driving lessons include discussions of the basic car components and how they work with each other. The top reason why you should check the car before driving it around the city is the best of sparing from accidents. The driving school teaches new drivers the ways and methods of checking the car before driving. For one, you can easily detect and replace defective parts of the car than just letting it damage other components increasing the amount you must pay for the repair. This entry was posted in Basic About Cars, Driving Tips, New Drivers and tagged car check, car driving safety, checking the car. No-one wants to end up on the side of the road with smoke pouring out of their engine, although sadly this often happens due to the owner not carrying out simply tasks, like checking the oil and water at regular intervals. By doing so you are more likely to prevent this from happening as you will be alerted to a potential problem early and can seek advice from your mechanic or garage.
Oil keeps the engine of the car lubricated, thereby keeping it clean and preventing it from overheating; you should always keep an eye on your temperature gauge when driving. To check the oil you should locate the dipstick and have a clean cloth or paper towel at hand.
Again, the reservoir has maximum and minimum markings but any sudden drop in fluid levels is best investigated by experts.
If you have to top up the fluid to get to a garage, thoroughly clean around the reservoir cap before undoing it and only use a freshly opened bottle of fluid that meets the specification given J in the handbook, then make sure you replace the reservoir’s cap tightly. Cars with hydraulic clutches may have a second reservoir like the brake fluid one and drops in levels should be treated in the same way as brake fluid for the same reason: out of sight, it could be contaminating the clutch plate. There may also be a translucent reservoir for the power steering, though it may have a metal or opaque plastic one with a dipstick inside the lid. Some cars, notably automatics, also have a dipstick for the transmission oil, which is checked in the same way as engine oil.
The initial cost of the vehicle, along with periodical maintainance costs like the oil change price can really hurt your budget, so you have to figure out all of these expenses before making the actual purchase.
An approximate price for the oil and the labor will be around $25, although an exact cost depends on where you go for the oil change and the type of oil you’ll get. When you go into the shop for an oil change, you’ll notice exactly how low the oil in your car is.
If they’ll notice that other fluids are too low, they will refill them for you, especially if they feel that not changing them will put you and others in danger. As an estimate, people usually end up spending anywhere from $20 to $40 for the full job, although there are a lot of shops that offer deals and coupons that could take the price to lower numbers. Though most of the cars manufactured these days are front wheel drives, there are still a few models available in the market which have rear wheel drive. The differential is like a pair of gears which are included in chamber filled with gear oil. Use a jack to lift the rear side of the vehicle till the tires become about 3 inches clear of the ground. Spread a piece of cloth under the car and use a torch to locate the differential under the car.
The front and back side of the car should be at the same level for checking the differential oil so take off the jack and put it on front to lift the front side to the same height. There will be a big bolt present on the side of the differential; it will be facing towards the rear of your vehicle. The gear oil must be level with the bolt hole; it will ooze out if it’s over flowing and if it’s below the required level, fill in the gear oil through the bolt hole and put the bolt back in its place.
NRMA motoring expert Tim Pomroy on how to check your car's oil and water a€“ it could save your engine! Accurate warning lights and the improved reliability of the modern car mean that checking under the bonnet has become a less frequent pastime for drivers. The modern engine might also look a bit different from the cars we used to drive, but the basics are the same.
Visit your local NRMA MotorServe store where we can give you the right advice on checking your oil and water in store or at the time of servicing. This inspection focuses on the engine, the car ventilation, the brakes, and the car control system. Of course, the road is big and there are other people traveling, what if you suddenly lost the brake?

Otherwise, if the drive will not check the car, risks of accidents to happen go high, that their likelihood is strongly attached to the hood. You don’t need to spend much for the repair of the car if you can keep it maintained throughout its lifetime. Other drivers, even if they have received good lessons from the driving school, seem to take lightly the maintenance and checking of the car.
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If your car does not have sufficient oil or indeed too much, the engine can then be put under unwanted stress and damage can occur which can be costly. The reservoir for this is often attached to a large drum-shaped object, which is the brake servo for boosting the action of your push on the pedal.
If brake fluid is leaking it may be contaminating the brake pads, reducing their stopping ability, and if that happens inside drum brakes (as opposed to disc brakes) it can be difficult to spot. These precautions are necessary because brake fluid absorbs water which, when the brakes get hot, creates water vapour bubbles in the system leading to brake fade.
If you have to take the lid off, clean around it first and make sure it is on tight afterwards.
It is a legal requirement to have working windscreen washers as well as being common sense.
Professional wokshops will charge more especially when they’ll add up costs for different services, some of them being less important or easily done by yourself at home, so make sure you know exactly what you pay for. Although the final price is usually around the same numbers, there are still some variables that will need to be taken into account.
First thing you need to do is find out if your car needs synthetic oil or any similar synthetic blend, because this oil is more expensive.
Expect to pay more for brand name oil or higher grade oils, but, usually, it is better to go for a high quality product. It is a lot of work and in the end, if you do all of the work yourself, you’ll only save about $10 in labor costs. If you’ve worked with any local shop or mechanic in the past and they have done a great job, try to take your car there.
If you have bigger things you need fixed or repaired, you can negociate getting the oil change for free. Searching for discounts and deals or negociating with big shops can take the price to as low as $10.
All rear wheel drive vehicles have a differential installed in them, which works in cohesion with the rear axle to allow the wheels to move with the same speed while taking a turn. If you just came from a drive, take a 15 minutes break for the differential to cool down before starting work. It will be located under the rear middle part of your car, and will be  near the centre of the axle between the two rear wheels. Place two load bearing stands on either side so that the car balances out evenly on these four stands. Listed here are some of the businesses that make up the National Roads and Motorists'A Association family of businesses, products and services.
With more and more cars requiring specific lubricants and fluids, it's the best way to ensure that you put the correct spec oil in your car.
Wait for a few minutes after you turn the engine off, and park on a level piece of roadway for the oil to settle. The easiest way is to check the plastic reserve tank that's connected to the cooling system.
Normally located at the back or side of the engine bay, the brake fluid reservoir is usually made of plastic with a high and low marking on the side. You need to know if you have the right load of batteries to ignite the car’s engine when you need to stop in the middle of the travel. By checking emergency components of the car, you can have the best chance of using them when the situation arises. It is a form of investment protection to keep it working for a long period of time, enough for you to buy a new one. It is not a good idea and decision for a person who thinks that the road is designed for him to brag. Checking these levels regularly is beneficial and can be done easily, although if you are in any doubt your garage or mechanic will do this for you. As stated already oil in the engine acts as a lubricant, and helps the car run at its best.

There will be two marks on the dipstick, one for the low level of oil, and one for the high level.
Some modern cars have pumped systems to do the job of the servo, but whatever you have, the reservoir is mounted on something from which many metal pipes run.
This can be very dangerous because it can leave you with one brake not working, making the car slew to one side on heavy braking. The fluid also needs replacing at mileages recommended by the manufacturer for the same reason. Most vehicles don’t require this type of oil to be used, even if it has extra qualities and seems better.
Professional stores charge you additional costs for every quart of oil you need and they will usually check all your fluid levels before staring the work.
This is a way to save money, but if you haven’t done it in the past it will seem like a lot of work for just a few bucks. By going to someone you already know, you will trust their work, and it may get you a discount for being a loyal customer. Not having a periodical oil change can damage your car in time which means a lot more money spent on the long run. Because if the oil chamber somehow gets punctured, or the oil level falls below the required mark because of any other reason, the differential gears will develop friction which will lead to their rapid wear and tear. There will be rods coming out of the differential which will terminate into the tires at both ends. Before you remove the dipstick, make sure you look closely at its entry point into the engine a€“ or you may not be able to reinsert it a€“ and then wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel. On the side of the reservoir will be a low and high mark and the coolant level should be between the two marks. Normally the fluid will sit between these graduations, and vary slightly as the brake pads wear. Back in the driving school, you learned the basic functions of the mentioned car components. It is still necessary to keep each part in great functionality to make much of the travel comfort and ease. It is necessary to check the components of the car to avoid encountering accidents due to it, or the failure to react and respond to accidents when they happen just because the right component is not working properly. If the oil levels become too low, there will not be enough lubricant and your engine can burn out quickly, often referred to as a seized engine. Some washer bottles have a mesh insert in the neck to stop debris getting in and blocking the washer jets and others have a mesh guard on the outlet pipe. The average working Joe doesn’t afford not to change the oil periodically, if you ask us.
Marked towards the lower end are the high- and low-level markings, and the engine oil should always be between these two points. It's always good practice to check the coolant level on the radiator via the radiator cap, with one important proviso a€“ this should always be done when the engine is cold.
If the level is continuously low and dropping there could be a leak in the braking system that requires immediate mechanical attention. If any will headlight does not functions well while you are traveling in the night, it would be hard situation to consider. Too much oil can have a similar effect, as the overflow of oil will be whipped into foam by the crankshaft and leak into other parts of the engine, this can also lead to low oil pressure. If you have to use rainwater to fill the washer, filter it through a piece of cloth because once debris gets into the washer pipes it is very difficult to remove. Insert the dipstick back into the tube and then remove to see where the level has registered. Removing the cap when the engine is hot can cause coolant to spray out under pressure, seriously scalding you.
If it's not between the points, add the correct specification oil via the engine oil filler cap located on the top of the engine.
If the level is low you can add coolant, again checking the owner's handbook for the correct recommendation.

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