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First of all the oil pressure light on the dash shouldn't even have power with the key off, so check the PCM fuse #8. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. We have access to the UK Police Database for UK Stolen Vehicles.  Unfortunately An Garda Siochana do not share their Stolen Vehicle data with any third parties as yet so in the meantime we are reliant on our own private stolen vehicle register to check if a car has been reported stolen in Ireland and we can only check if it was stolen in Ireland using this database.
While Motorcheck continues to lobby An Garda Siochana for access to the official register, we are pleased to offer the services of our own stolen car register to you free of charge.
If you’re buying a car please note that it is not possible to check all stolen vehicle records until the Garda database becomes available. To record your vehicle as stolen on our register please complete the form here. We will ensure that any reports run against the registration number you supply will carry the necessary warning and with luck a potential buyer will contact Motorcheck with information that may lead to its recovery. Not only does Motorcheck allow you to instantly access stolen car reports, it instantly notifies you if a car or vehicle was written off or has outstanding car finance. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article!
The text of the above Wikipedia article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
If someone tells you they’ve written-off their car, you can safely assume they’ve been involved in a fairly major incident – vehicle beyond repair, fit only for scrap, that level of magnitude. But if you hear of a car being written-off by an insurance company, there’s a reasonable chance the car isn’t the twisted tangle of metal you might have envisaged. Insurance companies are within their rights to write off a car even if it has suffered only relatively minor damage, perhaps a few scratches to the paintwork or a small dent. If your car is involved in an accident and you put in a claim, an insurance assessor or engineer will normally come and inspect the damage. The assessor follows strict criteria, but could judge your car to be a write-off if it is beyond ‘economical’ repair. If this is the case, your insurer will offer a payout in the event of a write off, which should be enough to replace your car with a similar vehicle in a similar condition in your area. Category A is the most serious and means the car is fit only for scrap and should never again be driven. A category B write-offs is a vehicle that has suffered extensive damage and should never again be driven on the road, although some parts can be salvaged. A category C is given to vehicles that could be repaired, in theory, but the cost would exceed the value of the vehicle. Category D is a write-off are where the vehicle could be repaired but the costs are deemed too high relative to the vehicle’s value. The Association of British Insurers’ Salvage Code dictates that Category A and Category B cars are broken up for spares and the body shells crushed.
Category D write-offs tend to be the most contentious – this is where insurers can write off cars if they think the repairs are too costly relative to the value of the car. Different companies use different repair to value ratios, and you should be able to find out the figure from your own insurer.
The repair-to-value calculation can result in what can seem surprising write-offs when the damage to a car is not particularly serious. For instance, you might have reversed into your neighbour’s wall, scratching the paintwork on your car.
Insurers are sometimes a bit sneaky and offer low valuations, so you could consider the first offer they make to be a starting point in negotiations. Before you consider any offer, look up prices for similar vehicles in motor trade guides, as well as browsing the local dealers.
If you don’t think the insurer’s offer is a realistic reflection of the car’s value, contact the firm and use the evidence to back up your claim. You can also include information on the service history and anything else that is likely to have an impact on the value. Don’t forget that the payout is based on the value of the car immediately before the accident so you should not expect to receive the price you originally paid for the car.

In some circumstances you may be able to buy back your car from the insurer after it has been written off, but you need to let your insurer know you want to do this at the earliest possible opportunity. Once a settlement figure has been agreed, the insurer takes ownership of the vehicle, which means it now has this asset it needs to somehow get rid of – in this instance, you buying it back could offer the perfect solution for both parties. And stay in contact  with your insurer throughout the entire claim process keep them informed of your interest to buy, then it’s down to you to negotiate the best deal you can.
If the offer is well below the car’s market value you’ll need to go back to your insurer with this evidence and explain why you don’t think the offer is a fair reflection of the car’s value and come to a compromise on price. If the insurer’s market value looks to be right and the price difference is due to high interest repayments on the car finance, you’ll have to take this up with the finance company and come to an arrangement. Alternatively, if the finance company is happy for you to use the insurance money to buy a replacement car and keep up the usual finance repayments, that could be another option. If you do get a new car, it’s worth taking out gap insurance to cover any shortfall between the price you paid for the car and its current market value. If the insurer won’t budge on the size of the value it will pay, you can take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which is free and independent.
The FOS upholds about 50% of consumer complaints, so it’s often worth a try if you think you’ve got a valid case. WHO can write off a car as a category C write off – the car owner’s insurer or just any insurer ?
If someone is in a not-at-fault accident and their car is damaged, the at-fault driver’s insurance company might declare the car a write-off and make a cash settlement to the other driver through their insurance company.
Anyone whose car is written off can challenge the amount the insurer offers, but they’ll have to get evidence to back up their valuation. My car haste been declared a write off Cat C, but I bought the car back and having it repaird and MOT tested, do you know who else I would have to inform of this? Once you have agreed on the write off price, how long does it take (grace period) for the insurer to pay????
Has anyone heard of a insurance company immediately without argument basing the right off value at what is top retail in Glasses or Cap guides ? I’ve discovered that my Jaguar S-Type R is falsely recorded as a Cat C write off by an insurance company on 10th September 2012. No beggar seems willing to tell me which insurer wrote it off and who the alleged owner was who was paid for it.
I was just wondering how you got on with the above, I have just come across the same thing. I too went through a similar procedure, thankfully i did my homework before talking to the people who had dealt with evaluating my car after my accident.
I bought my classic car in 2007 it was being restored and took delivery in 2008 I paid 36000 for it and have had several upgrades, the value is now 60000 and my insurance company (same broker, Carol Nash) tell me it was declared a category B in 2003 and should not be on the road.
Bbc ancient rome the rise and fall of an empire 1of6, This dramatised documentary series tells the story of the rise and fall of ancient rome through the six key turning points. Ancient rome - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Ancient rome was an italic civilization that began on the italian peninsula as early as the 8th century bc. Bbc - history - overview: roman britain, 43 - 410 ad, Explore the history of roman britain.
Ancient rome - five books, Next up is the decline and fall of the roman empire by edward gibbon, which is considered a classic by many, but also somewhat of a heavy read.. It should only have power with key on, not with key off or out.For that wiring diagram, click here. It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult. I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around.
Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know. Notwithstanding this Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe that does not make its stolen vehicle register (as maintained by an Garda Siochana – the national police force) available to members of the public. Motorcheck is Ireland’s most comprehensive car history database, so Don’t Regret It, Motorcheck It!

The insurance company might offer a settlement of ?10,000, less the excess of ?300, to give you ?9,700. They can then be repaired and put back on the road, as long as they pass a Vehicle Identity Check with the DVLA where necessary.
For example, if your car is worth ?4,000 and the repair-to-value ratio is 50%, the car would be written off if it would cost more than ?2,000 to repair. It might not look too bad, but if the repair involves the removal of panels, the cost could mount up, causing the insurer to declare the car a total loss. That is absolutely impossible as we bought it 2 years old in 2009, have owned it ever since, and it has never been involved in an accident, much less written off.
This is clearly either a serious admin error or insurance fraud, and I need to get to the bottom of it.
Upon talking to them they didn’t ask me whether i wanted to buy back the car but i took the risk and asked them whether it would be possible. I’m in a similar position, had accident where I was not at fault and third party insurance have called me confirming this.
In fact it has hardly been off our garden since 2011 because my wife has septicaemia and couldn’t get into it. If my wife had known it was repairable she would have bought it back but was not told this at the time. They said yes and offered me a settlement price which would help to fund the repairs that need to be done to the car. I contacted my insurer who offered to have my claim against the other driver’s insurance handled by Albany Assistance. They called after 3 weeks of us thinking it was getting fixed to tell me that they were totaling it and that I could buy it back for 300.00.
It went to one of their repair garages, but the engineer declared it an economical write off, so I suspect minor repairs. Most insurers like to sell the car back to the owners to save costs on salvaging if the car is repairable. Does the engineer work for the other insurance company (i.e not my claim managers or repair garage who should be beneifting me??) Can I demand to see a report to see what damage is?
Then disconnect the negative battery terminal and hook the 12-volt test or voltmeter with the positive test lead on the disconnected negative battery cable and negative test lead on negative battery post.
Can I negotiate a price from the other insurer through my supposed claim manager for an equivalent price of what it cost me to buy this vcar only a few months ago? If I do’n agree can I still get compensation price for being left without car and buy back car for fraction of price to repair (using money they pay for compensation)?? They wrote the car off but he bought it back, Initially the money seemed great but later he had to take a day off work and make a 100 mile round trip to VOSA for an inspection. A light on the 12-volt test light or voltage reading on the voltmeter indicates that something is draining the battery. I would have to pay out of pocket to get it fixed then apply for a R title and be without a car while getting fixed.
I pay for my insurance to ensure that if an accident happens not my fault, I get a car back in same condition, etc, surely?? If so start by unhooking the small wires at the alternator and see if the test light goes out or dimmer or if the voltmeter drops in voltage, hopefully to zero.
If the 12-volt test light goes out or the voltmeter now reads zero or less than 0.2 volts then you have found the short.
If the voltage is not zero on voltmeter or test light does not go out, the short is somewhere else.

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