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Primary sources are the evidence of history, original records or objects created by participants or observers at the time historical events occurred or even well after events, as in memoirs and oral histories. Written in 2015 by a sub-committee of the Instructional and Research Services Committee of the Reference and User Services History Section in the American Library Association. Print off the "Patterns and Algebra" skills chart to keep track of the areas you have mastered!
PanicButton 3 years ago +2 thumbs In my opinion if you give something back to your volunteers it will keep them motivated and stay longer in the organistion, just an advice unless if you guys wanna keep posting every a month or two that you're looking for writers. PanicButton 3 years ago +3 thumbs I have to dis-agree with you, Self-motivation is always something that will not keep much long period. Braindrainer 3 years ago +0 thumbs I don't think this is the place to say such thing. Dandana 3 years ago +2 thumbs hehehehy, I was wrong, there is ACTUAL comments, regarding the actual topic.
I have been working for SK for 7 years and most of the time it was a blast and SK helped kickstarting my career and helped me through a very rough part of my life and teached me some important lessons. I dont work for the company anymore and even while there was a lot of bad blood in the end when I quit, I still think SK is a great place to write or work at under specific circumstances and an excellent choice to get a foot into the eSports business. Many of the great names in eSports be it players or being one of the small or big wheels behind the whole industry started out here or developed into the personalities that they are today.

If you write here or do any kind of job at SK its your own responsibility to make yourself a name and actually attract enough people to make it worth for SK to support you. During your time at SK you will meet a lot of interesting and clever people and can make a ton of contacts who can help you to get paid down the line eventually or vouche for you.
Free work always gives you leverage for a paid position if you do it properly and with passion. Even when I disagreed with the rest of the management many times these are still the best experts on their job the industry has to offer and they do have an open ear for you. We regret we are unable to answer questions regarding finding, using, or copyright on primary sources; please ask your local librarian or teacher about any such questions. Very few organisations can afford to pay off or regularly issue hardware to their writers so your comment is a bit out of line. Best example here for the journalist type of work would be Thorin and Sjokz, who was under the guidance of Thorin when she started out as a complete nobody and turned into one of the hardest working people I have ever seen in eSports, who can actually live from all the free work she put in by now. SK is a business, and of course it would be great to have everyone writing here rewarded with tons of hardware each month. You will also meet some backstabbing mofos but eSports is just like any other business, only the strong survive.
SK still is a great platform to get your content read or published, which you most likely would never achieve with your personal blog or your own eSports related website.

While at your real life work you`d never be able to send a mail or talk to your CEO at SK its a natural thing.
If you are familiar with the eSports scene and know where to find the latest news, if you are fluent in English and have some free time you want to devote to your favourite game, if you are motivated and able to work independently, this offer is exactly for you! After awhile you kind of want to get some physical reward besides a verbal one(ie good job).
But lets be serious, most people writing here neither deserve nor work hard enough to get compensated with actual money or anything worthy.
If you write 1000 words a day and publish them in a column or blog over here and if its really good qualitywise you will score a better paying job here or somehwere else down the line. If you can afford it, love eSports and you have a few hours each week to chase your dream of maybe getting into a paid position some time go for it.
Its sad they cant offer it anymore cause a good writing team really helps a website's traffic.

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