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Safe mode is a mode in Windows OS that allows a minimum of drivers and Windows components to function.
You can also get to Safe Mode without using the F8 key that is by using the System Configuration Utility (msconfig). The Active Directory option restores a server that is a Domain Controller for your network. Once you have completed your work in the safe mode, go back to msconfig and uncheck by Safe boot that was applied before to get back to the normal start-up. Upon following the steps above you can now easily get to the safe mode and finish all your work and then return back to the normal mode upon setting up all the issues on your computer.
One of the more annoying things I find when I work on people’s computers is that check boxes are enabled on icons and other items. Note: This article has been updated to include instructions on removing the checkbox in Windows 10. When the Folder Options window opens, choose the View tab and scroll down and uncheck “Use check boxes to select items” and click OK. When you open a file, Windows will check the file extension and would invoke the application  which is set as default for that extension, but sometimes it happens when you download email attachments or download something through torrents file extensions are messed up. Now click on View tab and remove the check from Hide extensions for known file types, and then press OK. When I tried opening that file with the default application for .avi which appeared to be a video file due to its extension i got an error telling me that WMP cannot play that file, VLC didn’t worked too. The characters before period (.) represents the name of the file, and those which are after the period defines the file’s extension, so here we would be modifying the other half, after period, which is currently avi.
Now open that file again, and if everything goes well, the file would open up, just like here in our example that image_1.jpg did.
Also check out some awesome Themes at our Windows 7 Theme gallery and did you knew that you can transform your Windows 7 into Windows Phone 7? Hi do u kno how to change video with extension .mp4 to .avi and still work and able to burn to dvd?

I already knew how to change extensions in Win XP, but you might warn folks that Win 7 doesn't show the "options" "tools" tabs. Clean booting is a process which will disable non-windows services and start-up programs that may not be needed. To Clean Boot your Computer Hold the Windows Key and Press R on your keyboard to open Run Dialog. Windows 7 Credential ManagerCredential manager is Windows 7 is used to store the credentials of the web sites to log on to the web sites automatically or other computer to login to computer without giving password. This mode is helpful in diagnosing errors and also help to get rid of them by troubleshooting them.
Once you have chosen your option click the ok button and restart your system to open in that specific mode.
He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek. Like many video files are in extension .DAT which no video player recognizes, for that you have to change the file extension.
This means we have to change the extension as this was not a video file as assumed earlier. If you clean boot your computer, you will usually have a reduced boot time and less load on the CPU. If needed, they can be turned on but i highly recommend clean booting once every two months to filter out all unwanted services and start-up programs.
By storing the credentials in Windows credential manager allows you to enable the automatic log on in Windows 7.Username and password are stored in a special folder called Vault by Credential Manager. However, if after clean booting you miss a start-up program from loading, you can go back into the configuration following the steps below and put a check on the service (that you want enabled).
It is hard to remember the passwords for multiple accounts with different user name and passwords.
Windows 7 is an operating system created by Microsoft to be installed on computers and laptops. I am a certified MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) with over 10 years of experience.

Credential manger will store the user name password so you can create a unique user name and password and it will be remembered by Windows 7 Credential Manager.Click the Windows start button and click the Control Panel and open the All Control panel items and select Credential Manager. In this article, I have given detailed steps about how to install Windows 7 in your home PC. I love to address tech issues, and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.
Credential Manager will show 3 options to add the credentials (Check the below screenshot).In order to add a windows network user credentials click Add a Windows credential. Certificate-Based Credentials is to store digitally signed public key that contain the credential information that is used for the secured web sites that starts with https instead http. General Credentials stores the web site URL's along with username and password for that sites.To add a new Windows credentials , click Add a Windows credentials will ask for the Internet or Network address , user name and password and it will saved in the special folder called vault. Once the Address is added then it will show the information under Windows Credentials (Check the below screenshot).Take the backup of vault in case of system failure or crash you can restore the credential information using vault backup. You can take the backup of the vault from Credential Manager by clicking the Back up vault link will open a Window and you can store the backup file in the system or in a removable disk. You need to enter the backup file path and click the next button and in the next window press Ctrl + ALT +Delete button to continue to your backup on the secure desktop to enter the password for the backup file. Type the password in the password text box for the backup file and click the next button to continue (Check the below screenshot). You can activate Windows online or by phone.Change Windows 10 product keyIf you wish to change the product key of your activated Windows 10, click on the Change product key button. Once the back is finished then you can click the Finish button to close the Window.In order to restore the backup file click the Restore vault link will open a Window. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key to continue to enter the backup file credential in order to restore the vault from secure desktop.

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