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Full details of this andhra pradesh voter list 2013 - 2014 is published in ceo andhra website at PDF format for free download.
So many visitors are asking us through phones we answer them to check voter id card status online by using applications status option.
At last 3 months back i have made voter card registration in online at that time i received a application number to my mobile number. Most of the time, we blindly follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the government. One is by checking with name and another one is by checking with application id.In the time of vote registration mobile number enrolled candidates got a message about their new voter id card enrollment number. After a 4 months gap i checked on today i wondered my Card is approved and it is in voter list . The Indian election commission has made it binding to have a voter card upon anyone who intends to participate in elections and vote.
But still being endowed with one well before the election day does help you ensure that you would be able to cast your vote and make your opinion count. Even though modified election voter list released there are several mistakes and several names to change. We noticed that in last electoral rolls there are thousands of names need to change and hundrads of names need to include. So i am very happy about this , i also got the chance to vote in 2014 election in andhra pradesh. Although nowadays there is an important alternative that is readily accepted at polling booths to validate and verify voter identities and that is the voter slip but that does not take away the lime-light of importance from the voter id card also known as the Election Commission of India identity card. Even some people enroll their names in ceo andhra by filling ceoandhra registration form 6a , not approved their . Voter card can be used as a authentic identity proof in various places and under various circumstances. One of the most obvious reasons why a voter slip can not make the voter id card obsolete is the longevity of the voter id card. Le us inform the details to ceo officer please give them a little bit of time they will surely solve this problem. It is also essential to have a photo identity card to buy Tatkal tickets.Get passports or other identity cards. This form is specifically is only for those who will be applying for the first time for the card. You could very easily keep it in your wallet or a handbag and be assured that would not shrivel. In previous article we already announced that the last date for voter id card name inclusion and voter id card correction , Voter id card objections is 17th dec. The voters have to simply send an SMS to registered official number of the state election commission.
If you are a non resident Indian who holds Indian citizenship will be required to fill form 6A.The form requires the applicant to provide all their details when they register for Voter ID Card online.
Whereas a voter slip only comes in handy during the election day and not only that, the voter slip is not supposed to stay with you once you have cast your vote. Therefore one must not think that a voter slip completely fills the shoes of voter id card.All in all a voter id card is still a very important identity document issued by the Election Commission of India.
In this article we tell you the online process for getting voter identity card in the present year 2014. Since the Election Commission of India is charged with a duty of handling the issuance process for a voter id card therefore the online registration process revolves around the ECI website. Also, we shall enlighten you about other important voter concerns like the election commission of India voter list and ways of checking voter id application status.How to get  the Election Commission India Voter Identity Card in 2014Although the process for getting an Election Commission of India Voter identity card does not change from one year to another but still the officials at the commission keep on adding layers of convenience into the voter registration process. For offline registration, the soon to be a voter can simply download the form from the official site.
The biggest example of the value addition to the name inclusion process is the voter id online initiative by the election commission.
Now the voters can directly apply for registration from the comfort of their homes by using their computer screens.

Such an addition launched a few years back is the perfect example of adaption of technology into the governance services. Just input this code on the next page and you will be able access the Online Version Voter Registration Form No. You can also apply for the card through the election commission website.The form for applying for the voter card is form 6.
6. How to Proceed with the Correction of certain details on my Voter ID Card?Having your wrong details entered in the Voters List or on your Voter ID Card could pose a. In case of errors in voter id details you would not be able to convince the polling officer about your identity therefore such erred details must be rectified as soon as possible by filling the Voter ID Card Form No. The online application process also requires the applicant to upload scanned copies of passport size photograph and those documents which will be used as documents of proof.
For this a Block Level Officer (BLO) comes down to the place where the applicant is living.
The voter card can be owned by any person (male or female) who is at least 18 years of age and of sound mind.Thanks to initiative of election commission of India, getting a voter ID card online has become very easy.
People can simply log on to the online portal of the election commission of their respective site and register online.The best part of online registration is that it is not complicated and is over in just few clicks. Once the verification process of voter card is complete voter card is usually delivered in one month from day of the completion of the whole process. Supported by this fact, people without an internet connection can check their name in the voter list just by sending a simple text message. Voter Card StatusThe first time voters can check the status of their application once the application process is complete. The election commission of every state has offered some or the other way to find the voter card status.The most common and popular way of finding voter card status is using the website of the state commission of election. The card can also be used as an ID proof at various places and for various purposes.You can get the voter ID card online or offline. The voter has to simply use their application ID or the unique serial number (which they get during voter card application process).In some cases, the election commission has also stared dedicated mobile service for voters to know the status of their voter card. This code would reach you instantly on the mobile number number you provided on the previous page, once you click proceed. Both the ways has its own pros and cons whereas if the person has a internet connection and various ways to scan documents, online method is more preferable as it is hassle free and quick. After entering the confirmation code you received, you would be given access to the online version of the election commission of India form no. States like UP have their own helpline which is aimed at helping voters with various voter card related issues including finding the status of voter card.Voters ListIt is the list which includes the name of all the people within an assembly who are eligible to vote.
Say for example if you are a resident of Andhra Pradesh and want to register for voting, you can log-in to your account on the website of Election Commission Andhra Pradesh; fill up the voter ID card online application form AP and submit it with scanned copies of relevant documents.
6 Online in 2014Any Indian citizen who is 18 years old as on 1st January 2014 and is not already a registered voter in any other constituency of India is eligible for voter registration and hence for filling the election commission of India identity card form 6 in 2014.
This list is also called as Electoral roll.Having a name in voters list is more than important than having a voter ID card. Therefore all those voters who shift to another address that lies in a different constituency can also fill the voter id card form no. Your voter ID card will not help you to vote if your name is missing or not included in the list.Applying for this list is easy. 6 and apply for a fresh registration in the election commission of India identity card list of the new constituency. Delhi voters have to send an SMS which will consist of unique serial number (given to the voters on successful submission of their application).In addition to this, there is also a helpline number 1506 on which the voters of Delhi can call up and know the status of their voter card. The application for election commission of India could filled throughout the year but not more than once. As an added feature for its voters, the CEO Delhi website also lets the voters find the information like location of their Block Level Officer (BLO), polling booth and other election related information. They can do so by filling in the suitable forms of election commission India.This list of voters is published every year to accommodate entries that are new and those which have changed.
Any mistakes or errors in the voter id details later can be rectified by filling a different election commission of India form(Form 8 for correction of details).Offline Election Commission of India Identity Card Application GuidelinesThe eligibility for filling the form no.

6 offline(by filling the physical paper application form) is the same as mentioned in the previous section. The members of this board research on every possible information about Voter ID Card in India, speak to concerned Government Officials and verify the authenticity and accurateness of all Voter ID Card related information.
But for the submission of this application for election commission of India identity card you must keep in mind a few things.
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6 online then you don’t have to fill the offline form as they both serve the same purpose of inclusion of your name into the election commission of India voters list.
6 for voter identity card could be any time of the year but it is during the period of summary revision that your options increase.
Whenever the summary revision of electoral rolls is going on in your state, the application for your voter identity card could be submitted at a number of specified centers(mostly polling stations) along with the usual options. But if you plan to fill and submit this form in a period when summary revision is not on then you can only submit your application at the local ERO(Electoral registration officer) office. 6 Identity Cards Indian Politicians Indian Politics Online Voter Card Online Voter Form No. This is required to assure the officials that the address you provided in the application is correct. The option to upload would easily be found on the online version of the voter registration form no. But it is not mandatory to upload these documents while applying online for the voter id card. The Booth Level Officer would collect and verify the same documents upon his verification visit to your residence when your application is successfully submitted and accepted. You can then use your unique application id to check the same.How to check Election Commission of India Identity Card Status?Although it is possible to apply for a voter identity card on Election Commission of India website, it is not possible to check your application status on the same.
Especially for a country like India where there are so many states and each state has above par population, the need for a more localized authority to handle voter registration and election related tasks in evident. For that reason each Indian state has a CEO Office that works under the supervision of the main election commission of India and handles the voter grievance solving, education and election monitoring tasks of the specific state. It is therefore also possible to directly apply for an election commission of India identity card aka voter id card on your own state’s CEO website. The tasks like accessing the PDF version of voter list 2014 and checking application status are also possible on the same. Let us tell you more about the Chief Election Officers of some Indian states.Election Commission of UPEC of UP or CEO Uttar Pradesh office is the authority charged with the duty of regulating elections and voter registration in Uttar Pradesh. The official website of CEO Bihar offers a host of voter registration and facilitation services.
The E-Rolls are the electronic versions of the Bihar voter lists on the CEO website and you can simply enter your details to check whether your name is entered in the electoral roll of your constituency or not. He was also the recipient of the Best Electoral Practices Award by the hon’ble President of India, Mr. You would then be able to know your voter id card application status in Delhi.Being treated badly by the officials?
Don’t worry, let the higher officials at the election commission of Delhi hear your voice.
To search for your details in the electoral roll using your voter id card number, you can visit the election commission of India official website. Once you do so, you would be able to check your name in the electoral roll 2014 of your constituency by simply entering your voter id card number and then selecting your state.

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