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I have both an original Holsclaw (slides over the tingue and pinches it with bolts) and one other (top mount using U bolts) that I can measure and photograph if you need additional design ideas.
Does your ice boat have a wing like the Blackbird on your sight that is a mean looking sail.
Our current iceboat is a modified Arrow side-by-side two-seater - comfortable and not too extreme with a normal fully-battened sail.
The Blackbird design is one that I drew up a few years ago for a little bow-steerer based on some of the big Skeeters with the aft-mounted sails. I used to have a little iceboat that was only about 7' long and it was a blast to sail, except for the fact that it had foot-pedal steering. If my wife ever wins the lottery, I plan to hire a couple full-time employees to build some of my crazy prototypes, just to see if any of them work - because at the rate I'm going, I'll never get around to most of them myself. I found a piece of 2" square tubing in my steel pile that I am going to use for the bow post. This is an interesting site the library has lots of classic boats in wood fiber glass and aluminum. Just as far as the ride, it seems that summarizing a lot of the comments on this thread, most of the light trailers have springs too stiff and no shocks, so even if you had a simple generic design to add-on shocks to a HF (or other typical) trailer and optionally also remove a leaf, then we could get a soft ride without a lot of fuss and expense? It's better to think of the shock absorbers as dampeners, as in they dampen the springing action of the (leaf or coil) springs that do the actual work of buffering the bumps in the roadway. The key is to start with springs that are appropriate to the load, don't use a 2000lb suspension on a 200lb load, it won't flex nearly enough. I do not know how this will ride when it is done and in use but the people in this thread seem to feel the holsclaw gives a superior ride. Torsion axles are awful things, good only for trailers with fixed weight like pump engines or something similar. Another idea is to get rid of the leaf spring, fab a simple trailing arm and pick your coil spring. I've pulled a leaf out of my harbor freight, added 10' of box tube extension, painted it with rustoleum and its been dandy. Florida has issed out new style validation stickers for: Boats, Cars, Trailers & more ever since the year 2000.
Rental license plates can either say VDC or VEHICLE and under the classification are a series of numbers. On the bottom of the sticker Parking Placards is the owners drivers license number or permit number. Below is a side by side comparison of what a defaced sticker would look like next to a nondefaced sticker. CHECK the pressure in your tires at least monthly and before long trips when your tires are cool (after the vehicle has been stopped 3 hours and then driven less than one mile).
Tires designed for use in severe snow conditions generally have tread patterns, structure and materials to give superior performance. Under emergency braking using conventional braking systems the wheels can lock up, making the car un-steerable. ASR is fitted to vehicles to prevent wheels slipping, spinning on slippery or uneven surfaces. Electronic sensors are used to control and dose the power transmitted to the drive axle, in order to ensure that tires can properly and reliably grip the road during acceleration.
Tires have special tread patterns that ensure optimum drainage of the water away from the tread surface. The distance required for braking depends on the speed of the vehicle, the condition of the road surface and the condition of the tires, in particular the tread. Looked at schematically, there is the outer cover - the tread and sidewall, and the substructure, the casing. Even modern winter tires can sometimes not help when there are huge amounts of snow and steep gradients. The date of manufacture of a tire is indicated on the tire's sidewall at the end of the DOT serial number. Tire manufacturers have adopted a standard identification system: four numbers, which indicate the week and the year of manufacture.
On standard tires with symmetrical tread patterns, it does not matter which way the tire is fitted on the rim and in which position it is fitted on the car.
Some tire manufacturers have, however, started producing tires with specific directions of rotation in order to improve wet grip and optimize noise generation. A number of tires with asymmetric tread patterns are also now available which do not have a specific direction of rotation. An Electronic Stability Program, ESP, helps master critical driving situations, for example when the vehicle suddenly over steers during cornering or when sudden evasive action is required.
ESP systems not only function when road conditions are good, but also on wet, on icy and on unpaved roads.
If a tire punctures and looses air, a standard size or a temporary special spare tire must be put on in order to continue the journey.
In order to avoid the troublesome, sometimes dangerous procedure of changing a tire on an open road, various manufacturers now offer so-called emergency mobility systems.
What these tires have in common is that when all air pressure is lost the rim does not destroy the tire. These symbols are found on the sidewall of the tire indicating the load - carrying capacity of the tire. Reinforced and XL tires require need higher inflation pressures compared to standard tires. Since rolling resistance also increases with low Inflation pressure, it is beneficial to check the pressure of tires regularly. Refer to your Vehicle Owners Manual for recommended rotation pattern and interval for your vehicle. Speed ratings for tires are identified by means of a speed symbol shown on the sidewall of a tire. Speed ratings are based on laboratory tests which relate to performance in the road, but are not applicable if tires are underinflated, overloaded, worn out, damaged or altered.
Temporary spares are designed to carry the same load as the standard size tire on your vehicle and can be applied to any position. Since most wheels tend to run towards the outside because of the camber, most cars are set with a slight positive toe-in. The tread is that part of the tire with the groove pattern which is in contact with the road. The measured distance from the tread surface to the bottom of the main grooves away from the Tread Wear Indicators. Tires should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight and sources of ozone, such as electric motors. If you must store tires flat, (one on top of the other), make sure you don't stack too many on top of each other.

Also be sure to allow air to circulate around all sides of the tires, including underneath, to prevent moisture damage.
If storing tires outdoors, protect them with an opaque waterproof covering and elevate them from the ground. Spare tire carriers on your vehicle are not intended to be used for long term tire storage.
The treadwear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test track. The valve cap, although small, has a very important job: it protects the sensitive valve internals from dust, dirt and humidity.
If you change to winter tires, be sure they are the same size and construction type as the other tires on the vehicle. It is acceptable to install winter tires only on the rear position of a rear wheel drive vehicle. If winter tires are installed on the front position of any vehicle, the MUST also be installed on the rear position. If winter tires with a lower speed rating than listed on the vehicle placard are installed for use in winter conditions, the speed capability of the vehicle is reduced to the speed rating of the winter tires.
In areas where heavy snowfalls are frequent, many drivers carry chains for use in emergencies, or have their tire dealer apply studded winter tires or install tires for use in severe snow conditions. If you use chains, make sure they are the proper size and type for your tires, otherwise they may damage the tire sidewall and cause tire failure. We take pride in providing the most accurate descriptions possible, although we can not guarantee that all descriptions are 100% accurate. Ford C-Max a prueba: rumbo al Alto Tajo con… ?el monovolumen con mejor dinamica del mercado?
Sin duda se trata de uno de los aspectos más importantes que pasan por nuestra cabeza. Lo primero que debemos saber, conocer y aplicar en todo momento, son los principios de funcionamiento. El refrigerante no presenta mantenimiento como tal, tan solo proceder al relleno cuando sea necesario (verificar siempre en frío). El mercado ofrece una amplitud de gamas y diferentes calidades que pueden marear a cualquiera.
Los filtros son elementos indispensables en cualquier circuito, desde el combustible, al circuito de admisión, pasando por el lubricante motor. Importantisimo para un turbodiesel (en general para cualquiera, pero especialmente para turbodiesel): nada de acelerones en frio, ni uno. Lo que hay que saber es el regimen de par maximo y el de potencia maxima, para asi poder estimar el rango util del motor, cambiar por debajo de ese regimen es infrautilizar el motor, combustion incompleta qeu satura todos los sitemas de hollin y carbonilla, lo mas perjudicial para la vida del motor.
Estirar el motor hasta el corte una vez al mes o asi no sirve casi para nada… hay qeu usarlo mejor habitualmente. Un punto VITAL que no mucha gente ha pensado, es el frenar adecuadamente para no deformar los frenos. He visto discos totalmente deformados de gente que pasa todos los dias por esos baches y es por esta sencilla cuestion. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para obtener datos estadisticos de la navegacion de sus usuarios.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I'm really limited for space in my web closet, so things tend to come and go depending on what I'm working on at the moment. The faster you went, the more touchy the steering became and at about 45 mph it got downright scary. It was a concept cartoon for a high-performance dedicated sailing canoe and was placed opposite a Rushton old-style sailing canoe.
Made from a hunk of 3-sided channel, cut open on the bottom so that it can slide down over the tongue. As a practical matter it seems there is typically additional height available on the sides by the bunks for the additional height required for shocks as opposed to jacking up the entire bed ala Holsclaw? Fancy-pants adjustable shocks have adjustments for both the compression and rebound side of the equation and you fine tune them along with the spring rate to get the ride you are looking for. One good one i have seen used a Mini car rear subframe with the hydrolastic suspension as its base. In the first few years of the new stickers issuance not many were issued out since many tag agencies did not have the new machines to make the stickers. It's now time to check your newly issued Florida specialty license plates for something missing. These sellers are using chemicals to rub the classification off of the validation sticker, leaving a blank where it should say the classification to which it is registered to, in most cases TRAILER plates posing as passenger plates or non-classified plates (which don't exist on current stickers). ABS systems provide continuous monitoring and control of the braking force and in some circumstances can reduce the braking distance while maintaining full car steer ability. Even tiny irregularities in the tire of only a few grams are multiplied by many orders of size. This weight irregularity can be tested and identified at in tire dealerships and is balanced by adding small counter-weights.
At the center of the bead is the core, which comprises a bundle of steel wires embedded in rubber.
With some low profile tires a problem can result: the reduced space between the tires and the wheel arch leaves no room to fit snow chains.
For example, the figures 0201 indicate that the tire was made in the second week of the year 2001. This side of the tire must be on the outside, and the tire must roll forwards in the direction of the arrow for optimum tire performance. The systems detects skidding movements within fractions of a second and can take corrective action.
The journey can be continued without changing the tire - over a limited distance at a restricted speed. If tires of different speed rating are mounted on a vehicle, the vehicle speed capability will be limited to the lowest speed-rated tire on the vehicle. Radial tires have belt plies, which are laid diagonally under the tread to stabilize and strengthen the tread area.
Maintain the proper inflation pressure as shown on the sidewall of the tire, it requires a higher inflation pressure than a standard size tire. The tread is specifically design to provide traction for stopping, starting, cornering and provide long lasting wear.
Do not store tires on or over black asphalt or other heat-absorbent or reflective surfaces, such as snow-covered ground or sand.
If your vehicle has a full size tire (same size and type tire recommended for use by the vehicle manufacture not temporary use spares) as a spare, it should be included in the tire rotation pattern.

A tire graded 200 would wear twice as long on the government test course under specified test conditions as one graded 100. They represent the tire's ability to stop on wet pavement as measured under controlled conditions on specified government test surfaces of asphalt and concrete.
These represent the tire's resistance to the generation of heat when tested under controlled conditions on a specified indoor laboratory test wheel. If valve caps are lost they should be replaced immediately in order to avoid expensive damage later. Y de hecho esto es cierto, aunque presenta algunos matices, matices tales como las condiciones de uso. El mayor problema reside en su eje, un elemento de apenas 10 cm de longitud que conecta ambas turbinas para transmitir el giro de una a otra. Una limpieza cada cierto tiempo del sistema nos puede evitar estos sobrecalentamiento además de dejar de emitir los nefastos NOx al medio ambiente. Me quedo con lo que has comentado de “uso equilibrado del acelerador”, hay que darle un poco de cera de vez en cuando lene!
Y lo demas pues cambios de aceite y filtro periodicos, es mejor si no se aguanta tanto como dicen algunos fabricantes o anuncian algunos aceites. The Blackbird will have tiller steering, which is a lot easier to control and it should be a pretty interesting ride with so little visible structure out ahead of the sailor.
Indespension also used to make decent trailing arm suspension units with horizontal shocks. In time more agencies received the equipment to eventually phase out the old style separate month year stickers. It has been confirmed that sellers (both ALPCA and non-ALPCA) are selling new Florida specialty license plates with defaced trailer plates posing as passenger plates.
The difference from the vertical (inward or outward tilt of the tire) is then referred to as either positive or negative camber. It is recommended that the lower speed-rated tires be placed on the front axle regardless which axel is driven.
It is recommended to rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, or sooner if uneven treadwear begins to appear. Although a tire may be speed rated, tire manufactures do not endorse the operation of any vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner. Refer to the information on the sidewall of the tire for proper usage & speed restrictions.
If not corrected, wet weather accidents are more likely to happen due to skidding on bald or nearly bald tires. Under some rules, motorists are subject to fines if they block traffic and do not have winter tires on their vehicles. If studded tires are applied to the front axle, they also must be applied to the rear axle. Un ejemplo claro lo tenemos en el ingente ahorro de combustible que muchos usuarios quieren lograr haciendo que sus motores no pasen de las 2000 rpm. No por ello, debemos de dejar de tener en cuenta el hecho de que el aceite del motor es una parte fundamental de la refrigeración. Estos datos son los que debemos cumplir y no dejarnos llevar por leyendas urbanas de químicos de barrio. El dinero es un tema muy personal, y como todo en esta vida debemos de intentar buscar un producto que posea la mejor relación calidad-precio. El tener un chispa correcta es vital en un motor de gasolina, sin ella, ahogaremos al catalizador y empezaremos a tener problemas con la sonda Lambda.
If anybody wants copies of the pictures, it would be a good idea to save them to your hard drive as there is no telling how long they will be in there. There really isn't a plan as such for it, as it would need to be developed on a case-by-case basis in order to match the sail's luff curve and spar bend allowance to the flex patterns of the mast. This bulletin is focused on exposing a defaced trailer sticker from a untampered passenger sticker. By restricting tread movement during contact with the road, the belt plies increase improve tread life, traction and improve handling. The purpose for regular rotation is to achieve more uniform treadwear on all tires on your vehicle.
Furthermore, tire speed ratings do not imply that a vehicle can be safely driven at the maximum speed for which the tire is rated, particularly under adverse road and weather conditions or if the vehicle has unusual characteristics.
With such a tire, a vehicle may be operated until it is convenient to repair or replace the disabled tire.
The relative performance of tires depends upon the actual conditions of their use and may vary due to driving habits, service practices, differences in road characteristics and climate. The valve cap should always be fitted to the valve in order to protect the valve core from dirt and moisture. Ante cualquier defecto de lubricación, el rozamiento entre las piezas se incrementa, aumentando de forma alarmante su temperatura, pudiendo producirse roturas o fundiciones parciales. Alargar la vida de este sistema es tan fácil como dejar reposar el motor unos segundos a ralenti, justo antes de iniciar la marcha y antes de proceder a apagar el motor por completo. Use an accurate tire gauge to check pressure and maintain it at the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
These tires will show a symbol of a mountain with a snowflake next to the MS letters & are designed as winter tires. Starting in the year 2000, four numbers are used for the Date of Manufacture, first two numbers identify the week and the last two numbers identify the year of manufacture. Have your standard tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible, then return the temporary spare to the trunk to conserve its useable tread life. This page is to help see the different parts of the new stickers as well as the different types. Prior to year 2000 three numbers are used for the Date of Manufacture, first two numbers identify the week and the last number identifies the year of manufacture. The temporary tire can be worn down to the tread wear indicators, same as your standard tire.
To identify tires manufactured in the 90's a decade symbol (a triangle on its side) is located at the end of the DOT serial number. Remember: Under inflation is the most common cause of sudden air loss or sudden failures in any kind of tire and may result in unexpected loss of vehicle control or accidents. C'est en fait 2 petite lames qui viennent faire contact avec le levier, j'ai tout nettoye et gratte avec le dos dans couteau et c'est reparti comme neuf.Plus tard RAS au demarrage je roule sans monter dans les tours pour la faire chauffer et au bout de quelques bornes j'ai ouvert un peu plus et elle a cale donc arret sur le bord de la route, point mort un coups de demarreur et la voila reparti et ainsi de suite des que je tirais dedans elle merdait. Mais j'ai vite compris que c'etait la bequille car une fois ou deux elle calais des que je m'etait la premiere.J'ai donc demonte le cache au dessus du repose pied cote selecteur et la j'ai tripote, moteur en marche avec une vitesse (sur le leve-moto bien entendu), l'espece de contacteur relie par un cable a la bequille se qui m'a permis de conclure qu'il serait plus simple d'oter le cable entre les deux.

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