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There are ton of reports, articles tips and tricks as to how to avoid the famous Sales Person , bait and switch tactic and get the best deal for the car (Will come to that later and how I skipped it completely). Here comes the story of my Car Hunt and how I tracked it to the point that i knew exactly where it was, at what point of day straight from Munich Germany to my dealership in the U.S. I previously had a Honda civic which had done its duty for a long time now and needed a replacement. I went with the test drive of Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T (Turbo) with fully loaded features and Saddle Brown Leather Interior.
The funny thing is, If you in process of finalizing a car and are driving on a HWY, you will see more models of that car than anyone else and instantly it will grab your attention.
So I went to TD this RWD 328i and an AWD 328i which were previously used as loaner cars by the dealerships.
Loaner Car By Definition, is a car that is given to the customer when your car is undergoing work at the dealership and is complimentary to the purchase of your car and most luxury car dealerships honor this practice. A typical dealership orders 10-14 loaner cars which are typically top of the line cars minus some features. However, As I said, the dealers would either order one feature or leave the other out and since i was planning to plonk a huge amount of money in my car, I was not ready to compromise on any of the features of my potential BMW. 4) I was ready to maintain separate sets of wheels for snow for 4 months with Continental Blizzak's which rank heavily in the BMW community. 5) My drive to work is only 15 miles round trip and have the liberty to work from home on those snow days. After finishing TD of 5'er and 350, the UDE event manager also gave me the keys to 640i Gran Coupe (In fact the keys stay inside the car all the time hidden somewhere) and that Car is just awesome. On 27th of July, I entered the dealership and meet with the CA and in 2 hours I am out with the custom order of my car with an Expected Delivery timeline of 6-9 Weeks! Now some may disagree saying I paid more, and should have been closer to invoice, But a 500$ dealer profit wasn't something that I thought I should crib upon too much. After a couple of days I got the Vehicle Enquiry Report, which listed my production Number, I keyed in my production number on the BMWUSA website and behold my car appears on the website with the information. I have seen people waiting for their cars to hit production for 15-20 days after they had booked it. I called my CA only to find out that the website generally is behind its updates by a couple of days. I was happy that my car was being build in Munich and not in SA as South African delivery takes additional couple of weeks and I was getting impatient with lack of information. Few days go by : on 9th August, I called up the 1-800 number to check the status of my car and on 9th August it said that it was in the Paint shop. Subsequently the production got delayed by a couple of days and I learned on the 12th that my car was now out of the factory and was in transit to BREMERHAVEN port.
Bremerhaven, (Also known as Bimmer Heaven amongst BMW enthusiasts) is the port from where BMW car exports from Germany are carried out.
W&W also owns a subsidiary of companies which are also used to transport Cars out of Europe.
Bremerhaven Port is equipped by a number of live action Webcams which could be used to to see what ships are in the port and is normally refreshed periodically. Finally on 21st the Ship departs from the harbor for its trans-Atlantic voyage with multiple stops as below. Liberty was previously known as FAUST in 2003; It was named to LIBERTY and the name FAUST was transferred to a newer Wallenius Wilhelmsen ship which was also featured on Mighty Ships on Discovery Channel. You can also track your car by putting your VIN number (VIN number is basically the tracking Id) on the W&W website which shows the following information. At this point I had to just wait and watch and since it was scheduled to reach Halifax,CA on around 3-4th September there was nothing I could do but wait.
However, after some hours I see that the ship leaves the Halifax port , but makes a U-Turn back to the port.
Finally on 5th September the Ship makes its arrival at the NJ Port late in the night and docks at the North Eastern Port Terminal in Newark. At the Terminal, the ship first undergoes a custom's inspection to identify any stowaways ( Hidden contraband - Goods that are transported illegally to the america's). LIBERTY has two different stops at port NJ and has three distinct car processors which handle all the Imported cars from all manufactures. 1) BMW Preparation Center : Which obviously handles all the BMW's imports coming from England, Austria, Germany, South Africa. 3) Faps Inc which handles all the rest : Honda, Saab (Sweden, Austria, Japan), Volvo (Sweden, Belgium), Chrysler (Mexico), Ford (Canada, Mexico, Latin America, China, Europe), GM ( Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Korea), Subaru, Alfa Romeo (Italy) Ferrari (Italy), Lamborghini (Italy), Maserati (Italy), Mazda.
The latter 2 and 3 are located at a different destination and LIBERTY makes a roundabout to make these deliveries as shown in the ship tracker below.
On 6th September, I check the tracking status of my car and everything seems to be going on smoothly with the liner's release and the Custom's release.
On 9th September LIBERTY continuing its Journey and makes deliveries at the Brunswick Port in Georgia. The CLA will sell like hotcakes for sure but the novelty will wear off sooner or later when many CLA hit the roads. Agent suddenly called to offer a new deal to lower the price to 180k plus and increase my overtrade by $5k.
Go test drive the F30 and W204 at PML and C&C respectively and you would know what I am talking about. Also this file can be attached pictures of the vehicle at different points in its history: after the accident, during the passage of planned inspections.
There are also official website of the police and several partner sites where you can get information only about whether this car wanted and there for him any restrictions.

However, there is one important point – the official site traffic you can get data only for those vehicles that were registered on the territory of Russia. And if you want to drive, or you buy svejepoimannuyu machine from Germany, Lithuania, or even the same Belarus? Also, if the car is refitted, repainted, if passed, the replacement of essential nodes gearbox, clutch, engine – all this will also be displayed in the report. Similar services are at the moment quite a lot, both in Russia and in neighboring countries – Belarus, Poland, Ukraine.
The advantage of this method of speed – the report will be ready in a few minutes, while in police, you will have to wait longer. I know the feeling sometimes EPC and WIS just burp, embarrassing, but in this case the VIN is a good one!! Of course your local database may occasionally be unavailable if you have some computer issues but the (local) database itself would not change from time to time. Story of my BMW 328i RWDThis is a discussion on From Munich (Germany) to the keys in my hand. But what happens if you are in hunt of a car which has a ton of options to select from and cannot find any inventory to match it?
I research on 2013 models and find that the MPG values have increased, the wheel base has increased which resulted in more space in the car and it indeed looked good.
It is almost equivalent, when you like a girl you feel that she is always giving a glimpse at you whenever you are around. This cars also work as advertisement, for potential BMW customers who are going to finish thier 3 year lease deals. Story of my BMW 328i RWD Test Drive 1 (official) : I schedule a meeting with the CA(Client Advisor) for a TD of an AWD and RWD back to back and immediately came to the conclusion that RWD is something I like. Also BMWNA (BMW North America) seems to have ton of options to be selected that would fit into your car. Also the 2014 models were coming with enhancements to the Navigation and a better iDrive interface in the car, So I decided that a 2014 custom ordered BMW is way to go.
A couple people on the forums, gave addresses of their preferred CA's on the forums and then I blasted a customized email to each and every one with the options I had selected to get a quote.
He even tried to lookup if something of (my config) was in transit so that he could allot me a car, but could not find one. BMW-NA additionally awards dealerships with their own custom program for the turn over of cars during a particular time frame . Let say I am dealer A in a small town, with a turnover of about 50-100 cars whereas a Dealer B which has a turn over of 250-300 cars in a month. Luckily my dealership is ranked#3 in USA for variety of reasons and my car went into production in the week 32 of 2013. I was shocked , If you see the video below, paint shop is a process that takes much higher in the production steps and there is no way that the car will be built and ready to be delivered on the 10th, if it was still in the paint shop on the 9th.
Story of my BMW 328i RWD Tracking the final leg of the Journey: Over the Atlantic via multiple stops in Europe. All cars manufactured in Germany are dispatched through this port to its final destination in Cargo ships. I was keeping a constant watch on the ships that are docked at the port and who have the schedule to leave as soon as my car hits the port. If you look at the process of loading and unloading the vehicles, the RORO method makes a lot of sense. The website allows the dealer to check the inventory and specs of an oncoming car which could be on a ship but may have been allocated to a different dealer.
Here is a video which shows this enormous industry and after watching the video I truly appreciated the meticulous details that are carried in transporting a car to its final destination. Story of my BMW 328i RWD Few days pass by, as there was no way I was able to track the trans-Atlantic voyage, I look back on the status of the ship on 3rd of September. Once the pre-custom check is complete, the cars are moved to the BMW Port Jersey Preparation Center where the cars are prepared for delivery. So any such additional accessories will delay the arrival of your Car at the dealer which would take approximately a week from arrival.
My guess is you will get an enclosed container only if you ordered a 6 Gran coupe or a M6 .
I booked the 316 business over the weekend but not in time for coming bid because the agent still cannot achieve the price I want for my used car. You need to protect yourself from purchasing a car with a dark past: stolen and are in search of survivors of serious accidents and restored, credit and collateral. Site traffic police will give you only the simple answer is that information about the investigation or about the restrictions on this vehicle is not found.
I'm using 02_2012 with the second delta update (which is nothing extraordinary) plus the on-line service! A is for 1980, B is for 1981, C is for 1982, D is for 1983, E is for 1984, F is for 1985, G is for 1986, H is for 1987, J is for 1988, K is for 1989, L is for 1990, M is for 1991, N is for 1992, P is for 1993, R is for 1994, S is for 1995, T is for 1996, V is for 1997, W is for 1998, X is for 1999, Y is for 2000, 1 is for 2001, 2 is for 2002, 3 is for 2003, 4 is for 2004, 5 is for 2005, 6 is for 2006, 7 is for 2007, 8 is for 2008, and 9 is for 2009. If you see the number 9 in that position, it would mean that the vehicle has been assembled in Detroit, Michigan. I was previously was not very fond of the new BMW with the light touching the kidney grill, but I think the design grew up on me.
The AWD seemed to be planted and with uniform distribution of power but the RWD just made my day! Most of the dealerships would not order one with Xenon's (in their regular stock ) as 3 series customers are either oblivious or are new customers entering the luxury car market and hey might just overlook the xenons. I called off the decision with the loaner car and began searching for a 2013 used 328i with Xenon's as a Must.

For 20 odd days and couple of snow storms should i give up the fun of driving the rest 8 months?
That machine is so sweet, I got to push it up to 50 MPH on one part of the local road and I knew what i was getting into. Dealership B gets a higher preference in the allotment schedule as they have also scheduled a periodic request of 'n' cars to be stocked in their yard ( here there is no concept of yard, but everything gets stocked inside dealerships.) The dealer in this case forgoes one of his pre-configured Car and allots me a car with the specific configuration and makes sure that it gets a higher production sequence. He gave me a copy which looked liked this with updated status of my car and get a VIN number for my car.
The first character represents the nation of origin of your vehicle, although it could also stand for the final point of assembly. Since Car dealerships are free to mark a price that is closer to the MSRP ( which is Maximum Sale Retail Price ) dealers tend to keep it very close. One of my friend had recently bought a Volkswagen Tiguan, I wasn't impressed much about its interior space but really liked the Panoramic Sunroof. The ride was planted, but the steering still was very vague even with the different modes (Sport,Eco,Comfort) in it. On the other hand the interior space behind was also kinda cramped with the huge hump in between the two rear passengers and fitting a 5th passenger for long drive would be difficult. 640i was the most popular car to be TD'ed that day, Every single person wanted to get their hands on that beauty. There is a ton of information available on the web as to how you could decode the VIN from BMW's.
In this case, he deals with the other dealer and makes sure the car in transit gets allocated to me. This is mainly handled by an external contractor which for BMW is Precision Motor Group Inc, which transports all the cars to the Interior in the upper North East.
Jaguar Parts and Jaguar Auto Parts are also unique when it comes to producing and dealing their Jaguar 420 parts and other Jaguar parts. He encouraged me to take a TD of used BMW which is in the same price range as that of the of mini SUV's I was going to buy.
All in All, It PAYS (pun intended) to be a part of the Biggest Consumer market for the German Imports. A majority of the port is rented out to BMW transportation in here as you can see the area covered by it. However, in my case nothing matched the options I had selected and he had to book a fresh allocation for my request. Black Kidney grills is an option that can be added for 190 bucks, which is installed at this location.Similarly XM radio configuration. Not sure about the cars built in Spartanburg SC, which used to build all the X3's and X5's for US. The characters number four to eight are actually information or codes about the vehicle’s series, body type, restraint system, and engine code. In their comprehensive line up, they do also have brakes, service tools, and climate control parts.
So I go to a BMW showroom which is 10 min away from my house and it is a E90 2011 model with 27K miles on it for around 30K.
Unfortunately the RWD car was scratched by a previous loaner and hence would spend at least a week in the workshop before it can be brought up for sale. You stay in New England ( Which compromises of 5 states: Connecticut,Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts) it snows a lot , are you going to stop at a signal and spin your tires in a BMW and look like a douche?
One of the CA's came up with a quote less than I had quoted and VOILA we had a deal ( After verifying he is not scamming me with any hidden charges).
This Method simply involves the driving of vehicle or vehicles into the lower decks of large Ro-Ro ships and is therefore cheaper than the container method of shipping.
Turning back a monster ship is not cheap by any means and it would have cost W&W a ton of money to make that decision.
To counter the argument is; Since BMW drivers are responsible drivers they may not trash a loaner car , since the damage if any will be held by the insurance company of the person who took it out as a loaner. Initially when I spoke to the CA, he said that they will fix the car in house without any call to the Insurance agency, but apparently their plans went haywire and they had to deal with Ins company after all. Please note that not all countries have facilities for unloading this sort of ships in their docks and its therefore worth inquiring with us first. This is an Apples to oranges comparison, but I was totally dissatisfied with the Ford at numerous aspects.
This is called such for officers and experts in this field could actually know if you have tampered with your vehicle through this character. The Interior space was nothing fantastic in the ford as compared to Hyundai and my ever beloved panoramic roof was smaller in size compared to the Korean.
The Sales person gave me a good overview of the features of the car and also suggested me to merge on the highway without using any sort of braking. I had almost a week to hear back from the dealership and had plenty of time for making a decision. I was hesitant at first, but the the E90 just zoomed and merged on the highway without a hiccup.

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