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A revs check or vins check used to be free on the goverment website before , but now they charge you $4  currently for a vins check . Did you know that if you buy a used car with money owing to a financier from a previous owner, it could be repossessed?
A VIN can only be made up of the following characters: 0?9, A?Z (uppercase) excluding letters I, O and Q. Before purchasing a used vehicle you should always do a REVS or VINS check to see if there is any money owing on the vehicle you are buying.

After you purchase the vehicle, you must visit a Motor Registry within 14 days to transfer ownership of the vehicle to your name. Make sure everything works, including the radio, heater, windshield wipers, lights, and turn signals. Check under the hood — look at the battery for leaks, check for dirty oil, check the hoses, etc. It is additionally possible to obtain a paid version of the CARFAX record guide completely free.

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