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By Arun Ramachandran, Vice President (Automotive Business), Cummins IndiaThe main purpose of Emissions Regulations is to limit, reduce and control air pollution. On July 15 the MoSRTH issued the draft notification for the next stage of emissions regulations. SCR is based on running an optimized combustion in the engine that allows it to operate at more optimal combustion temperatures providing better power, fuel efficiency and lower soot (PM) generation.
The high soot or particulate matter produced during combustion is reduced using oxidation catalyst or open filter.
As with all technology comparisons aimed at proving the same solution, there are pros and cons to consider for both the technologies that enable compliance to Euro IV emissions. Prior to the launch of Euro IV in Europe, there was concern about availability of Adblue distribution infrastructure. Effective April 1, 2010, Bharat Stage IV norms will be applicable to 11 metros while Bharat Stage III will be applicable to the rest of the regions in India.
The EGR cooler and other engine components are quite vulnerable to the sulphuric acid nuclei formed during the EGR process.
The durability of the SCR system, on the other hand, is not negatively impacted by the usage of BS III diesel.
The European and Australian experience suggests that Adblue distribution network is unlikely to be a problem.
The bigger issue is to ensure that the vehicle operator takes responsibility for refilling Adblue at required intervals. The driver warning system (dashboard indication) informs the vehicle operator that Adblue is low and must soon be replenished.
It is expected that the SCR system, coupled with the driver warning system, emissions monitoring system and the driver inducement system, is a lower risk from the standpoint of engine durability and pollution reduction. Lazada menghadirkan pilihan untuk melakukan pembayaran ditempat untuk memberikan rasa aman dan nyaman terhadap konsumen, khususnya bagi mereka yang baru pertama kali berbelanja online.
Description Openbay: Servicing your vehicle made simple Get pricing on automotive repairs and maintenance, book your appointment, get your vehicle serviced, and pay for the service all through Openbay. Cornelia Schaad, 81, was shopping at the Tamiami Trail Winn Dixie in Port Charlotte on Tuesday when she says she was robbed.
Once upon a time, GM had a sterling reputation — one that inspired pride in its workers and confidence among consumers. Those contentious days are far behind us, and the bitter taste that some experienced five years ago has been washed from many mouths — but not all. Thankfully (for GM, anyway), Barra and others are doing a fairly good job of convincing consumers that GM is acting aboveboard. But there is one especially unusual thing about getting gas in an exotic car: other people. The car has been cleaned out, the Christmas decorations have been exchanged for the patio furniture and bikes, the gardens are starting to burst with all the colours of the rainbow, the house has been decluttered, and the windows have been washed. At The Car Connection we are continually striving to get you timely, relevant information about the vehicle you are interested in. The TCC Rating is a clear numeric rating value based on a 10-point scale that reflects the overall opinion of our automotive experts on any vehicle and rolls up ratings we give each vehicle across sub-categories you care about like performance, safety, styling and more.
Our automotive experts then also collect and show you what other websites say about these different aspects of any vehicle. Entering its fifth model year, the 2015 Nissan Leaf is by far the world’s best-selling electric car. Like the Toyota Prius hybrid before it, the Leaf has a distinctive shape. At the rear, vertical ribbons of LED taillights flank the tailgate. Still, buyers should know that in cold weather and at high speeds, the range delivered by the battery can fall by up to one-third, depending on how the car is driven. A 2015 Nissan Leaf drives and operates just like a normal car, though many controls feel slightly remote, because virtually everything is electrically actuated.
Other than the hot-weather battery, the only notable differences for 2015 are a new wheel design for the SV trim level and the addition of Hands-Free Text Messaging and Destination Entry for all but the base S model. The Nissan Leaf five-door hatchback is easy to drive, keeps up with traffic, carries four people comfortably and five when needed, and comes with all the usual features and accessories found on any other compact car.
The luxury Leaf SL model, at $35,020, sports a small photovoltaic solar panel mounted on the roof spoiler over the tailgate. How To Decode a VIN  Prior to understanding how VIN decoding works, it is important to know what it is all about. Detailbiz was developed just for you, the professional automotive detailer, with your specific needs as our only priority. Very few repair shops no how to find the exact cause of the never ending rattles, clunks and noises these Jaguars make. Emission control is a function of engine technology, fuel quality and traffic speed (congestion).
According to draft notification GSR 522, effective April 1, 2010, Bharat Stage IV norms will be applicable to 11 metros while Bharat Stage III will be applicable to the rest of the country. Modern diesel engines are lighter and are more powerful, fuel efficient and environment-friendly. High pressure common rail fuel injection forms the foundation and is common to either approach.
Thus the SCR process reduces soot or PM in engine combustion and Nox and further PM reduction in the after-treatment system. Cooled EGR introduces cooled exhaust gas, which is low in oxygen, back into the engine, depriving the combustion event of some of its oxygen.
However, both solutions are proven technologies for markets to choose from.The accompanying table shows a comparison of both technologies across various parameters. Even though Australia has very little urea production, and most of its urea requirements are being met through imports, SCR technology has been embraced by the Australian commercial vehicle industry. This implies that BS IV diesel, with 50 ppm sulphur, will be available in the metros, while BS III diesel, with 350 ppm sulphur, will be available in the rest of the country.

Repeated fills with BS III diesel is expected to increase the soot burden significantly, raising doubts about long-term emission stability due to catalyst aging and irreversible adhesion of ash particles.
This can be achieved through a combination of driver warning systems, emissions monitoring system and driver inducement system. The emission monitoring system, consisting of a NOx sensor at the tail pipe, measures actual NOx emissions. This tips the balance in favour of SCR as the preferred solution in the Indian context, especially when viewed through the lens of lower risk on engine durability, and emissions durability and better fuel economy. Apabila konsumen ingin melakukan pengembalian barang, konsumen dapat mengirimkannya secara gratis melalui Kantor Pos terdekat. As the decades passed and competition mounted, however, GM’s reputation dulled, and by the time we hit the Great Recession in 2008, the automaker had plenty of outspoken detractors.
What was once General Motors Corporation became… General Motors Company , confounding journalists who had to keep the two names straight and putting countless monogrammers out of work. While half of consumers may think GM has changed, fewer believe that its products are better now than before the bailout.
Over 25 percent of those surveyed think that GM is being both proactive and transparent in conducting its many, many recalls . What differences, if any, do you see between today’s GM and pre-bankruptcy GM (in terms of leadership, products, or anything else)? Before I get started here, I want to say that I love when car enthusiasts approach me at the gas pump.
It still looks the same as it did when the first 2011 model was launched, but there are dozens of incremental improvements under the skin. Some like its sloping front, with a central door over the charging ports where a grille would be, flanked by bug-eyed headlights swept back almost to the base of the windshield, with transparent vertical fins that channel air around the car to reduce its drag. Inside, the interior is more conventional, with an overlay of Space Age or futuristic styling found in the mushroom-like drive selector and the various digital displays of running information. As in a hybrid, the motor also serves as a generator to recharge the battery during regenerative braking, returning otherwise wasted energy to the battery. While it’s still perhaps $10,000 pricier than a comparably sized conventional car, buyers find they save enormous amounts of money from not having to buy gasoline.
Starting at $28,980, the base Leaf S has 16-inch steel wheels with silver plastic wheel covers, uses dark-colored nylon upholstery, and forgoes the large dashboard touchscreen and other amenities. It generates just enough power to run two ventilation fans that pull hot air out of the cabin while parked in the sun–reducing the load on the air-conditioning system when the car is used. Our team of industry experts from around the globe have come together to deliver you a platform that will truley take your business to a higher level.
Bharat Stage IV diesel engines in 2010 will have particulate matter (PM) emissions that are over 95 per cent lower than the Bharat 2000 (BS 1) diesel engines manufactured in the early part of this decade.This emission reduction is achieved by a combination of improved diesel engine technology and low sulphur (50 ppm) diesel fuel.
Then, to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter in diesel exhaust, the first option is the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment approach and the second is exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with diesel oxidation catalyst or open filter. To reduce NOx to levels required by emissions standard, a synthetic urea solution such as Adblue is injected into the exhaust stream.
In contrast to the SCR process, this process reduces NOx in the engine and soot in the after-treatment process. Industrial chemical distribution companies have taken the lead to install manned and unmanned Adblue pumps at remote truck refuelling sites.
As commercial vehicles ply across the country, it will be impossible to ensure that BS IV vehicles fill only BS IV fuel.
Key concerns on SCR technology center around availability of Adblue in India and vehicle operator’s effectiveness in refilling it on depletion.
In case the operator uses diluted reducing agents or no reducing agent the sensor will detect high NOx emissions and trigger action by the driver inducement system. With the experience of both technologies operating in different markets, based on the above reasoning, Cummins’ main stream plans are to introduce EIV engines with SCR technology. List any special requests such as early drop off, loaner car, WiFi while you wait or if you need your vehicle inspected.
In fact, just 39 percent believe that GM products have improved over the past five years, while 32 percent see no change at all, and 29 percent remain unsure.
The program will be presented by Ed and Melanie Herendeen, ASE-certified automotive instructors from Ivy Tech Community College.
More >> The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fatal vehicle accident that took place Thursday afternoon near Church Point. If given the opportunity to bound out of bed and embrace the day or snuggle under the covers and sleep the day away, I would always choose sleep. The most notable change for 2015 is a revised lithium-ion battery chemistry that is said to be far more tolerant of high surrounding temperatures, along with a small number of minor feature updates. Indeed, electric cars cost only one-fifth to one-third as much per mile to elite car care run as gasoline cars do, depending on how much the owner pays for a kilowatt-hour of electricity. Options include an energy-saving seven-speaker Bose audio system and Nissan’s AroundView Monitor.
But local assembly has helped Nissan steadily boost the pace of Leaf sales, usually a hard trick to pull off with a car that’s nearing the end of its product life. Combined with reduced traffic congestion this has the potential to check air pollution dramatically.
The downside is that the lower-temperature diesel combustion is less efficient, so it creates more particulate matter and burns more fuel. These and the tie-ups with OEM networks also have ensured adequate distribution networks for supplying Adblue in Australia. Cost is $10 for nonmembers and $5 for members continental breakfast, program, admission to the Studebaker National Museum and program certificate included.
The mid-level SV model, at $32,000, adds a new alloy wheel design for 2015, the larger touchscreen display, and better telematics. All models also carry a mandatory $850 destination fee.  All Leaf models qualify for a $7,500 Federal income-tax credit, along with various state, local, and corporate incentives.

And the Leaf has settled into its role as the quiet, smooth, affordable electric car that costs just pennies a mile to run–far less than any comparable gasoline car. The formal VIN started in 1981 since before that there were different formats used by different manufacturers.
On Wednesday, purse-snatchers struck again in a similar fashion – targeting another woman.
Maintaining the distribution network and end users in line with the divisions requirements. Normal people would never approach me when I had my AMG wagon, because they thought I had just borrowed my mom’s car, and also they wondered why there was some guy filling up his car without any pants on.
More >> A Sulphur woman has been arrested by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and charged with filing a false police report. I remember once a coworker told me shewas terrified to talk to me until I had had my first cup of coffee. Nissan also offers a three-year lease at $199 a month, allowing the benefits of the tax credit (which goes to the lessor) to reduce the monthly payment, as well as reducing worry about battery durability over the life of the car. The Leaf now sells well in multiple locales: not only California and the Pacific Northwest, but also in several parts of Texas and in Atlanta, where buyers benefit from a $5,000 state income-tax credit on top of the Federal income-tax credit of $7,500. The standardization of the numbers was done to get rid of chances of similar VIN’s appearing.
It happened in a supermarket parking lot – this time at the Port Charlotte Publix on Cochran Boulevard. Control the distribution pricing and quality levels in regards of service, storage, deliveries and visibility. Battery Studies show that summer time, not winter, is the season where people experience car-battery troubles. Coffee is an [more] Contact Summer Car Care with Armor All #Giveaway As summer rolls around, our cars are subjected to a new array of troubles. The digits that are found on car VIN indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, assembly point, country of origin, model as well as other important details that will prove helpful in its identification. Some offers may include getting your vehicle serviced in your driveway or office – now thats convenient. Development of the distribution network design within the aspects of the requirements of the AG division.
What happens with the Ferrari is, everyone walks up to you at the gas pump, and they immediately start asking questions. More >> The 27th Annual Cajun Music and Food Festival will be held July 18-20 at the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles.
Instead of fighting rust and damage from salt and ice, we now have to worry about dust, bugs and overheating.
The robbers grabbed her purse, which was draped across her body and dragged her until the strap broke. Visiting end users sold directly or indirectly through distributors regularly in order to bring the latest technological solutions of Industrial Adhesives division Who we are looking for University graduate is a must, specifically from Engineering backgrounds. With summer road trips and trips the cottage on the schedule, it is important to keep your car in proper working order. Visiting end users sold directly or indirectly through distributors regularly in order to bring the latest technological solutions of Industrial Adhesives division. Tires It is important to regularly inspect your tires throughout the summer time for dry rot. More >> A Moss Bluff man has been arrested on DWI charges, following a traffic stop by deputies with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. A well kept vehicle is not only safe and dependable, but it helps to protect your environment andmaintain your vehicles value too. High temperature can damage the rubber of your tires, causing them to dry out.A good way toprevent this is with Armor All Extreme Rim cleaner and Armor All Tire Foam .
More >> Local News, Weather, Traffic, Sports, Stocks, Movies on your Cell Phone More >> Get local news, weather, sports, and video on your mobile device. The Rim cleaner removesunsightly brake dust and protect tires from harmful elementsand the Tire Foamrestore tire shine and black colour, while protecting the rubber from cracking.
Then they start click poking around the thing, as if they’re trying to verify these facts for themselves. Refer to the job ID mentioned above and get one step closer to starting your new job at Henkel. Upon arrival at the scene, deputies learned that the victim, identified as 54-year-old Paul Brent Bourgeois, had purchased a set of rims from a homeowner. They’re warning women to be careful when heading from the checkout line to their cars. Bourgeois had been in the process of removing the rims of the front tires on his vehicle when the jack he was using gave way, pinning him under the vehicle. Detectives request that anyone who may have seen or have information about either incident to please call the Sheriffs Office at (941) 639-2101 (ask for District Investigations), or Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS (8477). Making sure that monthly reports are sent on time within the first 3 working days of each month with the required template. Basically, what happens is, they’re filling up some normal car, like a Mazda3, or a Honda Accord, or a plumbing van, and they see you roll in.
Making sure that monthly 3 months future sales forecasts are sent in the first 3 working day of each month.

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