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The citizens of Madhya Pradesh have given the facility to make the online RC renewal and new vehicle registration certificate (RC) facility. In India for each motor vehicle the Registration number is provided by the every state?s transport department. The first two letters indicate the state name where the vehicle is registeredThe two characters of next are further points to the index districts.
In some states as Delhi, Gujarat and Bihar the district's first zero-related marks are left so the Delhi?s district number 2 shows as DL 2 not like DL 02. The MP state transport department fixed the high security number plates in all vehicles of Madhya Pradesh so that no one can do wrong activity with their vehicle?s plate.
The Madhya Pradesh transport dept also fixed a sticker in three and four wheelers vehicle in state on which the engine number, chassis number and unique lesser code in front and in back of vehicle so that at the time of checking of that the registration number plate can be tested reliability.
The MP transport dept is moving forward to provide the citizens centered services through the information technology.
In this section you have to first select the username, login id, e-mail address, phone number and nearest RTO office location along with the bank name through which you want to make payment of for new RC Renewal.
NOTE - Register on this website so that after submitting the query you can get notification automatically from us. Registration Certificate Of Vehicle StatusREGISTRATION CERTIFICATE OF VEHICLE STATUS patient registration icon, Proof of your title lien status certificate check. In large amount of registration this task is assigned to the RTO offices.The third part in plate of four digit unique number is for the identification of each vehicle.

When the four-digit numbers are allotted in full, then put prefix is a letter and also increased on completion is two letters and so forth. As the above mentioned all the plates are same but there is some extra feature had made by the department.
In the Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur these high security plats was installed in March 2012. The MP state transport department started new software for the new vehicles registration in Madhya Pradesh. The dept is also making all the procedures online and all data is available through the internet or SMS. The high security plate is made by the aluminum and it shows number of vehicle clear in dark night.
The official person also said that the each RTO department will have to make sure for providing permanent driving license, fitness certificate and vehicles registration certificate in short time.
Through this dealer point registration system the dealers can get the authorization for passing the light vehicles. The MP is the first state to provide the online tax payment, online dealer point name registration etc. As per the rules and regulation by the transport authority of India these registrations number plate should be in Latin word along with the Indian numeric system. On these number plates a chromium based hologram circle is also made due to the security reasons.

After these both of steps you can login in your profile where you can select any option from renewal and re-issue of RC, new vehicle purchase from other state, migration from other state, new RC no-migration from other state, pay tax for other state and pay tax new vehicle purchase from other state. For the registration of their name in this software in Madhya Pradesh transport dept given the time till 7 July 2014. Select any option from these following to get the new registration certificate of vehicle as the below demo page. Through this due to the security reasons no one can use more than vehicle with same registration number.
The official person said that through the official website all information is provided for the vehicles new registration Also the citizens having vehicle in the MP state but made the registration from any other state now must have to pay the road tax. Also the vehicles of Foreign Embassies should be fixed the number plate with light blue background with the white letters (example ? AP 06 E 8965). There is no number plate provision has in India for vehicles of Indian President and Governors.
In these types of vehicles the govt makes Indian national symbol in embossed in golden letters.

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