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General News The Road Transport Department (RTD) has introduced the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) to replace the vehicle Registration Card (RC) for implementation in stages, beginning 1 June 2016. In a statement, the RTD said the VOC was also a document of registration issued under the Road Transport Act 1987, and contained details of the owner and vehicle. In the third phase (beginning Jan 1, 2017), the VOC would be issued to owners who go to the RTD office (voluntarily) to replace their RC. In a move to facilitate interactions with the agency, the RTD said the VOC would not be used as a document or instrument for transactions like the renewal of licences for motorised vehicles (road tax), transfer of ownership or amendment of information.
The VOC will not contain a print-out of the record of transactions like in the RC, while data checks can be done directly through the RTD database system. Here is a short guide for all who want to get the details of a vehicle in as fast as 1 minute. As of the writing of this post, August 6, 2012, this txt and SMS system verification method still works.
All you have to do after this process is to wait for about 5-10 seconds until the auto-generated reply arrives in your inbox.
LTO has this system as the fastes it has ever given chance to verify a vehicle basic information and specification plus model number and make. Please note that this can now be used by the proper authorities to get to crooks especially those carnappers who get caught in a checkpoint so beware all you scumbags! For an idea on the part of the vehicle owner, to avoid staying too long for the questioning of police officers in a checkpoing or a military authority, all you have to do is to show them the message and if your vehicle is totally clear of any records that could cause you to be apprehended, then you will not have to stay too long for questioning.
Another great tip where you can use this system is for verification of the registration of a second-hand car or used automobile you want to buy. Tanung lang po, puede po bang ma register ang kotse na involved sa accident and with pending case? I JUST WANT TO ASK WHO IS THE OWNER OF ISUZU SPORTIVO COLOR BLACK WITH PLATE NUMBER XRY-362. Gusto ko po sanang makuha yung contact number ng operator ng taxi na nakabangga sa amin, nung tinawagan na nmin ksi yung driver mukhang wala na syang balak kming bayaran after ng arrangement namin sa knya, at ng tinawagan nmin ang contact number ng operator na nakuha nmin sa body ng taxi, ang nagmamay ari po nun ay isang veterinarian, eto po ang plate number ng taxi UVR 747. I am extending this report because I wanted to give a lesson to that driver to use their side mirror and to know how big is his responsibility which is to take his passengers to their destination safe and sound. Where did steve harvey go to college answers com Answers com wikianswers categories entertainment arts celebrities comedians steve harvey where did where did steve harvey go to college jobs graduated Where did steve harvey go to college answers com.
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First off, you have to realize that it is not so easy before when you want to know to whom a vehicle is registered or if that vehicle has a bad record in the LTO in terms of driver apprehension or if it is alarmed in the Land Transportation Office as a hot car or carnapped vehicle.
Yes, believe me you can now do it at that lightning fast pace because the LTO already had a system wherein all you have to do is to send a txt message (via SMS) to verify any vehicle’s plate number and know if it is a hot car (carnapped) or if it has a bad record in LTO. This text and SMS verification system by the LTO has been tested personally by me and the good news is that it definitely works for Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular users.
This way, you can get assurance that it is clean before you get to pay for it or it’s too late. You can use this system, however to verify if it does work for other vehicles by using the system.
A bus with plate number UYB 745 on our left side parallel to our car suddenly turned right and almost hit us despite of our driver’s honking just to occupy our lane and to overtake the car infront of it.

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On the other hand, there are other related uses listed below taken from the official website of the LTO Philippines.

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