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Manila, Philippines - The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) announced this week that new and modern license plates from Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be available by September 2013.
Laser-etched bar codes containing selective data inputs which will allow data verification with the LTO. Reflective sheeting material, which will allow license plate visibility even from wide-entrance angles and up to a distance of 100 feet, for both daytime and nighttime. Anodized bolt head screws and nuts with serial numbers, which will prevent tampering and removal of the license plates from the vehicle bodies once installed. The new security features will prevent tampering, theft, and falsification of license plates, mitigating carnapping, colorum, and smuggling practices.
The DOTC will now have 10 days to finalize the supply contracts, after which a Notice to Proceed will be issued to the winning bidder. With respect to various issues raised by losing bidders and other interested parties in connection with the bidding out of this project, the DOTC said it has already addressed their questions satisfactorily.
If you’re moving to Texas from another state, the law gives you 30 days to get a vehicle inspection and register your vehicle. You may be surprised at all the fun, colorful choices you have in license plate designs in Texas. Texas has gotten creative about license plates as a way of being creative about raising revenue.

Sure, lots of our designs have Texas themes and support Texas colleges and sports teams, but we also have plates that support out of state colleges from Nebraska to Florida. Other plates support causes that defy borders like plates supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and World Wildlife Fund. So as a part of your new start in a new state, think of what your plates will say to your 25 million fellow Texas residents.
Our specialty plates are issued to a variety of vehicles including passenger, trucks, motorcycles, trailer, travel trailer, motor homes and private buses. Can I transfer my message from an existing personalized Texas plate (PLP) when I purchase a new My Plates plate? Once I own a My Plates with a message, can I move my message to a different My Plates design?
TxDMV contracts with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to manufacture license plates. North Texas is bursting with dining, shopping, cultural institutions and performance venues accessible by Dallas Area Rapid Transit.
Moving to the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas metroplex will include connecting utilities in your new home. This will have security images which cannot be removed by any known method without damaging the sheeting.

As a result, you will need to switch to a Texas license plate, so why not choose a design and a message you want. The idea is to give Texas residents more interesting and engaging choices in personal expression on their plates so that more people will find a specialty plate design that fits their personality. It’s a big state with thousands of miles of roads, where people often spend a whole lot of time in their cars.
From off-the-beaten-path venues to the trendiest spots in town, every trip can be an adventure. You’ll quickly spot My Plates on the road because their full-color backgrounds and fun designs really stand out.
You may do so by speaking to one of our friendly service center agents at 888-7MYPLATES (888- 769-7528).
Your car will need to be registered in Texas before you can affix My Plates to your vehicle. Restyling is done for the same term-length that you originally purchased, at a one-time charge of $55.

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