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Reported accidents or damage events are a result of vehicle collisions or other non-collision incidents such as vandalism or theft. This vehicle was reported as a lemon (unable to conform to applicable express warranties) per a state agency's lemon law. This vehicle has odometer-related inconsistencies such as conflicting mileage data or potentially, the odometer has been tampered with to conceal a cara€™s true mileage (ex: Fraud or illegal activity), or it could be it exceeds mechanical limits.
The vehicle is reported to have been damaged significantly by water, the sort of damage you might expect from a car involved in a flood or hurricane. This vehicle has been inspected, needed repairs have been made and the car has been backed by a factory warranty. AutoCheck uses business rules to determine if reported odometer readings are significantly less than previously reported values. If you obtained the report from a dealer, the dealer has been provided with the terms and can share them with you. AutoCheck vehicle history reports by Experian Automotive is the leading vehicle history reporting service. If after a reasonable amount of attempts the authorized dealer is unable to conform a new vehicle to any of its applicable express warranties, the manufacturer shall either provide its customer with a new vehicle of a like model line, if available, or otherwise comparable vehicle as a replacement, or accept the return of the vehicle from its customer and refund to its customer the purchase price paid for the vehicle less a reasonable allowance for use of the vehicle.

An approved emission testing station has inspected the vehicle to measure the amount of pollutants the vehicle emits into the environment.
Any vehicle Title issued to an insurance company due to payment of a claim for flood damage sustained.
When an insurance company as a result of a total loss settlement acquires a vehicle, the insurance company must apply for a Salvage Certificate. AutoCheck receives its accident data from government sources and independent agencies, and based on the information available to us, we have found that no accidents have been reported on this vehicle.
When reported to AutoCheck, these events can indicate serious past damage or other significant problems, and disqualifies the vehicle for AutoCheck Buyback Protection. Normally, a vehicle will have a lien due to a loan or unpaid repair bill against the vehicle. If you obtained the report from a dealer, the dealer has been provided with these Terms & Conditions and can share them with you. With expert data handling, the Experian Automotive database houses over 4 billion records on a half a billion vehicles. These may include discrepancies such as not actual miles, a broken odometer, exceeding a vehicle's mechanical limits, a mileage discrepancy, or suspect miles.

If issued to a licensed rebuilder, who possesses or acquires a vehicle that is designated as, or for which evidence or information of a 'flood vehicle' has been provided, the vehicle is considered a salvage vehicle and designated on an Application for Salvage Certificate in an insurance company or licensee's name.
Certain accident or damage events are reported by the source to have resulted in minor, moderate or severe damage to the vehicle, or the events are calculated by AutoCheck to have resulted in minor, moderate or severe damage based on the information reported. If the owner retains possession of a salvage vehicle, the owner must obtain a Salvage Certificate before receiving a total loss statement from the insurance company. Check the Vehicle Use and Event Check for reported accidents that can affect vehicle safety and value.
These vehicles must also pass a state safety inspection before being allowed back on the road.

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