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If the Commonwealth or a private business owes you money and you do not claim it after three years, then it is considered to be unclaimed property.
Currently, there is not one national website for all unclaimed money and property, so when looking for unclaimed property in another state, search for state-specific listings. The process for claiming your unclaimed property starts with searching for your name in the state where you live or previously lived.  If it is determined that you have unclaimed money in the hands of the Commonwealth, you will need to fill out a claim form. Massachusetts unclaimed property law requires business entities and others holders to annually report property which has been sitting on their books and records for more than three years. It is incredibly important to remain alert during the process of claiming your unclaimed property in order to avoid scams. This is an example of the state's search tool that allows people to see if they are owed unclaimed money. It could be an old utility deposit you forgot about or an old payroll check that didn't make it to an address before you moved. Unclaimed money happens when a company or utility tries to pay a customer or vendor and the check never makes it to the appropriate person. From there, state officials go through a due diligence process to make sure the right person is claiming the money.
Anyone searching "Chattanooga" should try all of the possible options in the city search box.

If you find something in your name, you can then review the address that was provided to see if it was really you. The money could belong to anyone who has a last-known address in Tennessee, officials also said. And they said that people should check at least once a year, because new money could be unclaimed. The TSA out with a breakdown of unclaimed money, which Congress gave it approval to spend on airport security. The TSA says it does make every effort to reunite passengers with items left at checkpoints. Currently, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Treasury is holding more than $2.4 billion in unclaimed property. Be sure to visit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Treasury website for a business-friendly guide on reporting unclaimed funds and to find answers to some common unclaimed property-related questions. Keep an eye out for the Unclaimed Property Division staff at various events and locations such as fairs, expos and community events.  The outreach staff can search your name, process claims, and answer any questions you may have. In addition to stocking up on pencils and notebooks for your kids, take some time to brush up on crosswalk safety. The information listed on the website is written just as the company turned it over to the state.

Learn how to check NBC's Tiki Barber shows you how you can check if you have unclaimed money. The TSA is cashing in on all those coins that passengers have left behind, and they have over $400,000 to show for it. Unclaimed property can be anything from forgotten savings or checking accounts, unpaid wages, uncashed insurance proceeds, contents of safe deposit boxes, or missing stocks and mutual funds. The Commonwealth does not charge for this service and in most instances pays interest to the claimant on the property. If you are a member of an organization that would like the unclaimed property outreach team to attend an event, feel free to contact the Unclaimed Property Division to make arrangements. 8, Bay State voters will cast ballots to nominate candidates for the state legislature, representatives in Congress, councillors, and more.

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