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Over the past couple months, I've been documenting all the Finding Dory merchandise I've seen in stores; most of it being obscure early tie-in products, silly knick knacks or just overall "non main line" stuff (for lack of a better term). Note: Some of these items I did buy however (like the PEZ or breakfast cereal for examples), in which I do link to the full corresponding blog post.
So today I added over 45 products to the post; stuff I've seen at Target, Walgreens, Toys R Us, CVS and Walmart over the past week and a half or so (everything seen in the pics above and below). Visit the original post HERE to check out all these additions closer up and where I spotted them!
Why is it that things that are smaller are always so much cuter than their larger counterparts? In the world of toys, the introduction of a new brand that takes its creative, colorful and fun products on a very small-scale manages to thrill kids in the same way. Newly released from Moose Toys (creators of Trash Pack, Glitzi Globes, Gelarti and many more), Shopkins are a collection of 148 grocery store-themed characters that are perfect for playing, collecting, sharing and trading. With all of these charming little guys waiting to play, it was time for a Shopkins Summer Playdate!
Creativity is truly encouraged with Shopkins, as there really is no limit to what the girls did and played with these little characters. As well as promoting and facilitating group play, however, I noticed that Shopkins are easily played with individually as well and can also be enhanced with all sorts of other toys. Along with simply playing with Shopkins, the addition of a Collector's Guide makes it even more fun when it comes to amassing them. In the weeks that have followed since our playdate, my daughters have still been just as excited each time they have opened a new package of Shopkins to see which ones are inside.

One lucky person will win a Shopkins Small Mart Playset, a Bakery or Fruit & Veg Stand Playset and a 12-Pack of Shopkins (total ARV $45)!
A big thank you to Moose Toys for providing Shopkins products for me to review and host a playdate as well as three Shopkins products for one lucky giveaway winner.
Voted 2011’s Game of the Year for its incredible narrative, character development, world designs, and game play, the Batman: Arkham City video game has been heralded among fans since its debut! Now, just in time to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary, Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the Batman: Arkham City Sixth Scale Figure. Specially designed and modeled after the Dark Knight from the game, Batman features two interchangeable expressions, a newly sculpted Batsuit, and detailed weapons from the game. Get more news like this and exclusive content when you sign up for the Sideshow newsletter! Continued development and maintenance by Agro and proudly Powered By MyBB, © 2002-2016 MyBB Group. There has been a ton of Finding Dory items out there for a while now, but once May came around, even more hit shelves! Please, if you have any questions about any of these items, just let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer. Combine that uniqueness with their sweet little faces and cute little hands and feet and it really isn't a wonder that these have been a hit ever since they arrived and we were able to share them with our friends. Whether displayed, checkout out and sold at one of the playsets, sent sliding down the delivery chute, pushed around in the shopping cart, neatly bagged to be brought home, "juiced" into crazy concoctions ("Have you ever tried donut-yogurt juice? As each pack was opened, the little characters were compared to the guide to find out the humorous names (e.g.

In the 12-pack, 10 of the Shopkins are seen through the plastic but two are hidden completely from view to heighten the anticipation! Not soon after, Hot Toys released teaser photos of a collectible figure from the game that Batman fans have been craving ever since. And pretend food is pretend food until it is turned into miniscule characters that are perfect for imagining and playing. Yum!"), or much, much more, everyone was able to throw out their imaginative ideas and contribute in a fun way! Bread Head, Lolli Poppins, Polly Polish and Cool Cube) and how common, rare or ultra rare they were. An itty bitty little decorated cake would definitely pass as cuter than a large one (although I'd eat either, of course). That’s right, Gift Cards! Create a Gift Card, choose your desired amount, click to purchase, print, save, or email it to the recipient. You can also leave an image of the merchandise, and we will make sure to find out where it’s sold at!If you like, let us know what products are on your wishlist  Robloxian me You should have Roblox action figures I’ve always tried to find one PLEASE MAKE THEM Riya I really love Roblox store because I could get so many amazing things from here.

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