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To make a file "read-only" in Windows, first right-click the file, then select "Properties." Near the bottom of the Properties window is an "Attributes" section.
Mac OS X stationery pads provide a useful means of creating several similar documents based off one standard document.
To prevent important Mac OS X documents from being accidentally overwritten or deleted, you can check the "Locked" checkbox in the file's Info window (see above). In Part 1, Protecting the Active Directory Domain Services – Best Practices for AD administration, I focused on protection steps to protect your domain service locally.
Traditional, old-school, writable domain controllers are deployed at ROBO sites so IT admin can resolve application performance. There are things that can be done to mitigate this risk such as delegated security, limitations on which user accounts have access to elevated groups and replication lag sites.
In Windows Server 2008, Microsoft introduced the concept of a Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC), this allows IT to deploy AD Domain Services remotely at branch offices, without having the security worries that traditional writable domain controllers present.
It prevents rogue applications, such as a virus, malware, spyware, from making changes to the AD schema.
Windows Server 2012 and higher versions simplify the deployment process by leveraging Server Manager instead of the deprecated DCPromo utility.
Once you click Promote this server to a domain controller and choose Add to an existing forest, you'll check the checkbox called Read only domain controller (RODC) to promote the DC to a RODC (Figure 4). Once you go through the remaining steps, you will end-up with a secure and functional RODC! Sometimes I want to get a file from a repository for use in some project that's not under source control. The important thing is I don't want to be able to commit any changes to the file from the new project; I just want to be able to do updates to refresh the file. You don't say which platform you are on, but with Tortoise SVN export is pretty much a single-click operation.
This looks like emulating the CVS read-only checkout, and I do not think it has been implemented in Subversion. The ideal scenario would be to remove commit access on the server side, but I suppose your user need to modify a file in a certain workspace, while not modifying (and comiting) the same file in another environment (i.e. Another possibility would be to merge that file into a SVN branch declared as read-only (through a per-directory access setting).
That way, you can update the file in this branch , but your users who checkout that file won't be able to commit that file, while retaining the possibility to commit on the repository. One way to do it is, when you check out the file, add a property to it (locally!) like readonly or some such. What you can do is, write a pre-commit hook which does an svnlook propget into the potential transaction, and if readonly is defined, disallow the commit.

Then whenever someone would type svn update they can type make update and have the same effect. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged svn version-control or ask your own question. Should I list people who are in competition with me as reviewers to exclude for "conflict of interest"?
If you open it in the read-only mode, you will not be allowed to save it back into the document library where you have opened it, at least not under the same file name. The problem is, if you have a document URL, and you open it from any client application (your own solution, link in an e-mail message, whatever…), the file will always be open in the read mode.
There are two possible workarounds around this (actually, there are three, but we’ll ignore the third one, since it is not quite useful in production, it requires changes on the client side – on ALL clients).
Please note; if your system has _not_ entered a read-only state and you are looking to resolve some of the issues below, you would be best off continuing your search. A small disclaimer; this post is written by a linux amateur, so there is probably some crucial theory left out and other, and perhaps better, ways to rectify similiar situations.
From what I have gathered, any linux installation will set its file system in a read-only mode if there is some indication of hard drive malfunction or some issues with regards to SAN-configuration. In this particular situation it seems there is some degree of corruption already, so the file system is re-mounted in read-only. The time it takes to complete depends on your partition size, but for my 60-70GB it took approximately 30-45minutes. Note – there is a switch in fsck which allows it to fix any problems without prompting for your confirmation. Once the utility has been allowed to sort out the issue it found it presents a summary of your file system.
Have been working in the IT business since 2003 and have had network and security as field of focus since 2008. About NOCA blog about various aspects of network operations, mainly focused on technology from Cisco and Check Point.
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EASIS Drive Check includes two tests to investigative the hard disk or USB stick for problem. Unfortunately, most environments have multiple locations, otherwise known as ROBOs (Remote Office Branch Offices). As a best practice, it is imperative that you complete daily backups of your AD domain controllers. After installing the basic AD domain services, you will immediately be prompted to take additional steps if you require the server (a VM) to become a domain controller.

For years, protection of domain assets at an environment’s perimeter has been a challenge faced by IT pros. In general it behaves in such a way you’ll think “I bloody well hope I did backup the system recently”. But, its health should be checked regularly to prevent any data loss due to unexpected failure. Examples include remote, colocation and cloud data centers, retail stores, satellite offices, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and more. This practice prevents authentication traffic from traversing the WAN (wide area network) and delays in response times.
Veeam® Explorer™ for Active Directory makes it very simple to mount the ntds.dit, or AD database, and restore individual objects, attributes and even tombstoned items.
RODCs offer inbound, *unidirectional replication and maintain a local read-only copy of all AD data and the SYSVOL folder.
RODCs can be a great addition to an infrastructure to solve perimeter security concerns, while also adding functionality and mitigating risk.
I know I can just to an svn export but I'd like to be able to do an svn update from time to time to get the latest version of the file. EASIS Drive Check is a free, powerful tool designed to check the health of the hard drive as well as other storage devices like flash drives, USB sticks, and external hard drives. These locations are often geographically separated by many hundreds or thousands of miles, require only simple file, print and share services and are often without an IT staff. As a result, things look and feel just like the customer is seated at the main headquarters location. Pairing secure local protection policies with functionality that RODCs provide will ensure that an environment runs at the highest availability levels, with security every day, 365 days a year. The downside is that this will prevent you from svn up-ing until you make the directory readable again. In Part 3, my next blogpost, I will discuss individual domain controller protection, individual object restoration and testing of your DC backups!
However, remote management, operation and maintenance of these services remains a challenge for IT organizations. Imagine if an unwanted, mischievous user gains physical or virtual access to the network, bidirectional replication would allow this guest to make changes that could severely impact the ENTIRE AD (active directory) forest. Most of all, IT needs to ensure that the authentication processes, DNS (domain name system) lookups and applications function as well remotely as they do at the organization’s headquarters.

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