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If you have booked tickets on Indian railways and is on waiting list while booking, you might obviously want to check the status once in a while before the date of journey so that in case the booking isn’t confirmed you might want to check for alternatives. Although there are quite a lot of similar apps for checking PNR status, this app has a very good UI and features. Freeware SQUAD is a daily updated blog on free tools for Windows, Mac and Linux and daily updates from the Mobile world.
A passenger can also check the status of IRCTC reservations through mobile phone and landline phone. The SMS facility provides various ways to perform enquiries like train alert, PNR status, train status, seat availability, train schedule, train information, train time table, train fare etc offered on the Indian Railways website. Tatkal Waiting List The difference between normal waiting list and CKWL is that when the normal waiting list moves up it goes to RAC category whereas CKWL means when the waiting list moves up you can expect confirmed berth. RAC Coach Number Berth Number Example :RS7 51 means You are in RAC(Reservation against Cancellation) and Coach number S7 and Berth-51.
The insurance not only covers the travelling passenger, it covers the person who came to receive someone with valid platform ticket. It was on 27th Sept, 1999 that IRCTC or Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation was incorporated but it was not until 3rd of August, 2002 that the operations began completely. This is actually a record in the database of a computer reservation system that contains the details of a passenger or a group of passengers who are travelling together and chose to book their tickets together. This is a combination of letters or numbers and is used to uniquely identify a passenger travelling on board. However as far as Indian Railways are concerned the PNR is always a ten digit number used to identify passengers and their reservation status i.e PNR Status.
The PNR number is printed on the top left corner of the ticket if you have a printed, paper ticket with you. Enter your PNR number and then hit enter to view the details of your journey and seat allotment. You can also check your PNR status with the help of your mobile phone using the SMS service.

You can send them an SMS and you will almost immediately get an automated reply with the details of your seat. Some of the numbers you can send an SMS to along with the text you should type are described below. To give you an example of what I mean here, suppose your PNR number is 4523115127 and you wish to use the first method written above.
Tatkal E-tickets can be booked one day in advance excluding the date of journey from the train originating station. The provision for specifying ID proof at the time of booking a Tatkal e-ticket has been started from 21-11-2011.
During the journey, at least one passenger, whose identity card number has been indicated on the ticket, will have to produce original proof of identity indicated on the ticket, failing which all the passengers booked on the ticket shall be treated as travelling without ticket and charged accordingly. Indian Rail Info app is designed to allow user to fetch transit related information about Indian Railway. This app is aiming to give Indian Rail travellers a easy to available information about seat reservation and PNR status checking. Find most popular android apps here! 10,000+ users downloaded IRCTC PNR Rail & Train Enquiry latest version on 9Apps for free every week!
Disha - IRCTC PNR Railways & Train Enquiry app brings IRCTC (railways) mobile ticket booking, check PNR status, find trains, check seat availability, train schedule, railway time table, food ordering and much more.
Instead of using the web browser to check the PNR status, you can try the PNR Status app for Android phones. The app will show the details like seat number, coach number (in case confirmed tickets) and also shows whether the ticket is confirmed or not.
The recent searches are available, so you do not have to key in everytime, you want to check them. We also cover a variety of tips, tricks and tutorials on Windows, Mac OSX and mobile phones. While the word PNR is widely used in railway reservations lingo, certain airlines prefer to call PNR as Booking Reference Number.

If you have a valid platform or travel ticket and you get insured or dead because of any terror or due to railway negligence, you are covered under insurance.
The red circled number is the PNR number which you can find it on top left conrner of your indian railways train ticket.
It was created to perform the catering, tourism, and online ticketing operations for Indian Railways. If you have booked your ticket online then look for a ten digit number on the screen, they should have the words “PNR number” written against them. For contingent cancellation & waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules. Getting train running status, seat reservation and PNR status in India is a difficult task. A passenger gets a PNR number when you book a reservation with Indian Railway or one of the Indian airlines.
Indian Railway introduced the SMS service to provide a simple way to check PNR status using mobile phones.
If you have internet connection at home, you will probably prefer to go online to check pnr status of your railway reservation. So Indian Railways came up with an Android and iPhone app to provide its users the best experience in world. Developed and being maintained by a professional team, this app provides you the best user experience.
Railway Claim Tribunal will decide the amount you are liable for insurance depends upon severity. With the official Indian Rail Info app you can check PNR status, search train and seat availability in trains.

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