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The WTTW show "Check, Please!" kicks off its twelfth season this Friday at 8pm with reviews of Andies, GT Fish & Oyster and Midlothian's Hog Wild. In 2009, food blogging, social media and Yelp were gaining popularity, and America's revered gastronomic magazine Gourmet shuttered after 68 years in business. Drive-Thru is the food and drink section of Gapers Block, covering the city's vibrant dining, drinking and cooking scene.
With five seasons under its belt, the show has reviewed over 100 restaurants all over the Bay Area, from San Francisco to San Jose to Napa to Santa Rosa. Watch and download videos for sermon illustrations, announcements and teaching for use in your church, small groups, or other event. Read and preview scripts that you can download and perform for your church, school, youth ministry, or other event.
This tribute to one of Eddie’s best friends, helps us see that we are all broken people in need of God’s love and salvation. Purchase includes alternate version, which ends with the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi: Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love. Mac’s co-workers take him out to lunch for his birthday, but things take an ugly turn when the group realizes that they are short of what they owe for the check.
Tommy and Eddie sit down to talk about their longstanding friendship and what it means to be a great friend.
Through an intense competition at work for an upcoming promotion, Mike is able to share the true meaning of Christmas with his coworker Brien.
A guy leaves his friend several messages on his cell phone about how “disappointed” he is that his friend is late for a concert. A teenage girl reaches out to an unpopular boy and teaches us a great lesson about love and life.

See Tommy as Candace, a perky California teenage girl, who has got the wildest testimony to share with you. The football game just ended and two guys from very different crowds meet in the locker room.
Among the episode's reviewers is our own wonderful Andie Thomalla, so it will be an episode well worth watching. They’ve reviewed all kinds of cuisines from American to Asian to Mediterranean to Russian and German, among others. Bay Area premieres a new episode, Thursday nights, at 7:30pm on KQED, with replays during the weekend. In this skit, Dennis is a special teenager who experiences God’s love through a girl named Stacy. While Karen and Lynn are shopping, Lynn confesses that after a divorce she can’t see how God could possibly love her anymore. But neither one is really listening to what the other is saying and it quickly goes downhill. In this skit, Dennis is a special teenager who experiences God’s love through a girl named Stacy. Even though it is in our nature as human beings to want to fix things, sometimes all that is needed is our presence.
They find new girl, Jackie, who doesn’t quite fit the mold, but they are thrilled to have a new “project”. These two friends shared everything in life but the most important thing: saving faith through Jesus Christ. Bay Area is hosted by Leslie Sbrocco, award-winning author of Wine For Women: A Guide To Buying, Pairing And Sharing Wine and The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide.

This script reminds us how important it is to really listen when someone we know needs to be heard. Each recommends his or her favorite spot, and the other two go to check them to see what they think. KQED has come out with a food review show where they have locals as guests, reviewing their favorite restaurants and the favorite restaurants of their fellow guests. Three locals are chosen as guests and discuss their favorite restaurants and the other guests’ favorite restaurants. Chelsea MartinezRe: Season 3, Episode 9: ChocolateWhat a great show and such nice contestants! Also appropriate leading into teaching about Valentine’s Day or marriage and family life. Even though Paul earned some fame as a bread baker, I don't think he knows much about it.
And it was weird that the contestants knew so little about the proper techniques for making a baguette. Where was the ring crack on the top?And it's so weird that none of these experienced home bakers had ever made a souffle.

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