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There are different kind of EPF Withdrawal Forms you can check it out following different kind of forms. Advance Stamped Receipt Form :If your want to claim the returned cheque issued by EPF India from your EPF account for various reasons.
Withdraw PF Amount from EPF Office - Every person PF - provident fund which is made up by employer and employee together during their work. If you have your UAN account number then you don't need to fill up your previous employer to process the withdrawal account. When you can't get it online than you can withdraw pf from regional office in your area also. First download online or get the pf withdrawal form - 19 from the regional office or else can download from official site also. Note - Whenever you apply for the pf than you will get pf amount with the interest within three months from the date of submission of the application form.
Check PF Claim Status Online -  You can check it out PF claim status through pf id online, epf claim status pune, mumbai, delhi, hyderabad, Karnataka, Ahmedabad. Step : 1 You can get PF claim form of any of the epf center in India or else you can check it out pf claim status online form. The following steps are helpful for an employee to withdraw money from epf account in the specific organization.
EPF Offices in India with Address phone numbers - Employee Provident Fund offices in India. Here are 4 simple steps to register for the Employee Provident Fund e-passbook online and after that you can do the EPF Balance enquiry anytime you want. Now with this method you can keep checking your EPF account balance from time to time , you can check it each month after your salary is deducted and some days pass, or you can also check your PF balance on a quarterly or yearly basis, whatever works for you. Here are some of the very important things you should know about the Employee Provident Fund e-passbook facility. You will be able to view only one EPF account details per establishment, means if you have two EPF accounts under Maharashtra (suppose you had a job in Mumbai and Pune) , then you will not be able to view both of them, In that case you will need to first transfer one EPF to another.
If someone’s EPF account is inoperative (it happens if you leave the job and for 3 yrs there is no activity in your EPF account, even the interest will not be credited to that account), or the account is settled (you withdrew the amount already) , then your details will not be available.

If you have left your job before Mar 2012, then your EPF account may not be seeing any credit in past few months, in that case he will not be able to see the Employee provident fund details immediately, but it can be requested on the website (you will see a link) and that will be uploaded in few days.
This facility is available only to those whose employers have uploaded the Electronic Challan cum return for May 2012 onwards, Electronic Challan is a way of submitting the employee’s contribution to EPFO online, which is recently introduced by EPF organisation .
There is no user id and password, all you need is your mobile number, document name and document number, which we all remember anyways.
Those employees who have their EPF with private PF trusts (or called as establishments exempted under the EPF Scheme) will not enjoy the benefit of this e-passbook facility, hence they will not be able to check their employee provident fund balance online using this. You can add several documents like Driving license, passport, ration card etc in the same account, this way you dont need to remember just one document id and its number, you can login using any of those which you are carrying at that time.
Month and date wise transactions made in member’s account will be displayed in the pass book from the year for which the annual accounts were updated for the establishment for the first time since computerisation of the concerned field office. While downloading your EPF passbook, you might see an error saying “YOU HAVE ENTERED INVALID MEMBERS ID OR NAME”.
Ideally you should get the PIN on your mobile as soon as you click on “Get PIN” , but if you dont get it fast, it means the lines are busy and you should wait for more time and re-try ! Tip : Use Chrome instead of other browsers, Some components are running smoothly on Chrome, but not on other browsers . I have left the service after 8 years of service in Private Company, on superannuation at the age of 60 on Sept 2014. Are Bank Lockers totally Safe & is Fixed Deposit really required to get one ?What happens when you accidentally transfer money to wrong bank account ?20 terms which will Super Charge your Real Estate knowledge !Buying Health Insurance in India? If you are less than 58 years, you can also use EPF Form 10-C for an issuance of Scheme certificate for the retention of membership. If nominee filing the form for Pension, a valid Form-2 (Nomination Form) is also required to get the pension.
If nominee filing the form for Provident fund amount, A valid death certificate and Form 2 is also required with the Form 20. All company generally 12% deposited to PF accounts and the same amount will deposited by the employer. However, instead of using other ways to withdraw money, this is the simple and effective way for the employee.

Because if your working in Ahmedabad but your company registered office in Tamilnadu than your pf account is in tamil nadu. Now you can check your Employee provident fund balance online using the new e-passbook service by EPFO website.
This PIN is required to for authorization every time you want to download the e-passbook and check your Employee Provident Fund Balance .
You need to now enter this PIN below and you can download the PDF which has your current Employee Provident Fund Balance and other details. However you can change this mobile number later if you want , so incase your mobile number changes, no worries.
For example if the first annual accounts of member’s establishment were updated for the year 2008-09 by the concerned field office after its computerisation, the pass book will display the opening balance for year 2008-09 and all transactions thereafter.
Will I get some interest on EPS ( Rs 541 for 72 months till I reached 58 years i.e 6 years contribution ) since I have worked only for 8 years in which EPS contribution was made only for 6 years till I reached 58 years in 30-09-2012. If you don't have UAN number than you can directly contact your company and get it your provident fund.
Apart from that, the employee feels convenient when they withdraw money through the simple online processing. At this point of time you will need to LOGIN again which will take you to the main page where you can do your EPF balance enquiry and download the e-passbook.
Once you are able to do your PF balance enquiry using this way and check your EPF passbook online or not ?, kindly let us know on comments section. We write about technology, emotions, life, news, information, current affairs, and other stuff relating to your needs.

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