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All the major passport offices in the metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore are linked to the website. Next, you need to give the “file no” , which is a 12 digit alpha-numeric number found at the top left corner of the acknowledgement receipt that you get while apply for the passport.
It’s your first time in South Africa and you’ve recently submitted your temporary residence application to the Department of Home Affairs and you’re anxiously waiting in anticipation for the 60 – 80 day waiting period for home affairs to process your application. Rest assure that New World Immigration always has the finger on the pulse with up to date information and immigration changes. If you would like us to facilitate this process i applying for your temporary residency permit, and then email us your details and we will furnish you with a Quotation specific to your needs. Alternatively you can send an sms with the respective code, a space and your ID number to 32551 or call the call centre at 0800 60 11 90. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
However, Apleni said issuing diplomatic passports was handled by the international relations and co-operation department (Dirco). The passports were issued in 2014 to Atul Kumar Gupta, his nephew Essa Omar Aziz, and a third unidentified member of the family by the country’s former prime minister Thomas Thabane, after he had appointed them his economic advisors with a mandate to help him market Lesotho abroad and recruit investors for the impoverished kingdom, wholly surrounded by South Africa. Rumours have been doing the rounds in South Africa that the controversial family, closely linked to President Jacob Zuma, have either official or diplomatic passports. The CAG said successful implementation of the project on PPP or outsourced basis required formulation of adequate service delivery standards and effective monitoring. The External Affairs Ministry does not have status of delivery of over 27 lakh passports dispatched by post, the Comptroller and Auditor General said today in its report into implementation of Passport Seva Project (PSP) between 2012-15. The report said the average time taken in 2014 to obtain passport in India was 16 days as compared to nine days in 2013 and only 21 per cent of passports under normal category were issued within prescribed period of three working days. On appointment to applicants, the report said the waiting period for giving an appointment ranged from less than 3 days in 38 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs), 3-10 days in 12 PSKs, 11-30 days in 17 PSKs and more than 30 days in 12 PSKs. It said average time taken for police verification process was 42 days at national level in 2014 as against the prescribed ceiling of 21 days.
How To Track Your Visa Status and Passport (USEM Passport Tracker, CEAC Visa Status Checker) | Life As Mrs.

Search through Frequently Asked Questions about the whole process from I-129F - K1 Visa - AOS - ROC and other processes. The articles found on this blog are applicable to all I-129F Petitions, K1 Visa Applicants, AOS (from a K1 Visa), and ROC applicants unless otherwise noted.
IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT buy your plane tickets until you have your Visa and Passport on hand. You’ve used CEAC before to track your Case if it has been received by the Consulate, now you’re using the same website to track your visa status!
This means your case is undergoing necessary administrative processing. These are final case and background checks to make sure everything is in order before switching to a decision.
I’ve complied with the 221G Request for Additional Documents and sent my paperwork to the U.S. Hello my husband got approved and they even gave him a letter that said it was approved during the interview. Our status was on Administrative Processing for almost three months( her interview was March 30, 2015). Every case is unique, and no one will be able to tell you when your case will be approved, no matter what anyone will say.
There are a lot of unforseen circumstances that might happen and might cause inconvenience (ie. My interview was on June 13th, 2012 and my status kept on updating almost everyday (updated date) but was stuck on Administrative Processing. Barring unforeseen problems, the visa packet will be delivered to your designated address by courier service within 7 to 10 working days from the visa issuance date. It has been advised repeatedly in official US Government websites that one isn’t supposed to buy plane tickets before visa is in hand. Is there a particular pattern we should watch out for as a sign that our petition was approved?
Thanks for having a blog like this .Its a helpful way in bringing things that really happens . When you apply for the passport, complete police verification is done to check your antecedents.

Just put yourImmigrant Visa Case Number and select country Then Click: Overview If your non immigrant visa application requires administrative processing, you should check your case status frequently. Some K1 Visa Process articles are written specifically for applicants from the Philippines. Do not finalize travel plans, purchase plane tickets, dispose of property, or cease employment until the visa is delivered to you. There’s really nothing that anyone can do right now but to wait for updates or call the embassy for follow-ups. It was understood that the only missing document was a Police Clearance report from Hong Kong( she worked there for 4 years). Quite for a long time, the passport offices by the ministry of external affairs have begun their website, where you can instantly check your “passport application status online”.
Below you will find tools on how to track your visa status on CEAC, how to track your passport if the visa has already been issued by the US Embassy Manila (USEM) and if it is already in the hands of the courier, 2Go. Ask questions if you want, but make sure you've read all the articles I've written and searched both the Facebook group and KnowledgeBase for answers first.
The CO didnt congratulate me nor gave me a 221g for additional docs, and upon reaching the releasing window the man there told me that ill receive my visa within 5 to 7 working days.
But after this status, proceed onto checking your passport status with US Travel Docs as outlined below. Here brother who lives in Manila went by on May 10 and was told the envelope was picked up. Per the NVC Website our case was updated on the web site on May 14 2015 but it is still in Administrative Processing. The US Consulate never responds to my E-mails and there is a constant busy signal when we call.

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