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Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. So, how can you tell if something’s amiss with Xbox Live—or whether your own console is to blame?
Another good idea: Follow the Xbox Support feed on Twitter, which posts real-time alerts on Xbox Live service disruptions and other snafus.
Last but not least, you can test your Xbox 360’s connection to your local network and Xbox Live itself.
The Xbox Live Code Generator will generate valid and free Xbox Live codes whenever you need them. Our Xbox Live Code Generator is completely safe to use and will not get your Xbox Live account banned.
Great question, if you’re having trouble with unlocking the download it might be because of one of the following reason. The folks over at Geek Revolt have a great editorial about XBOX Live, and you should all check it out. While Microsoft may have set the standard for console based online-play (thanks in large part to initial strides made by the Dreamcast),  when you look at what their competitors are offering it is very hard to see the value in still paying for XBOX Live in its current form. Microsoft needs to desperately overhaul the Live system and give gamers some incentive for them to continue to pay $60 a year. In fact, if you want a single, connected, do-everything box in your living room instead of stacks of plastic and Gordian cords, the Xbox One is impossible to beat. What makes that intractability so frustrating is that Microsoft’s vision for a connected living room is actually a beautiful one.
I don't have an Xbox, but everytime I read bits and pieces of XBL Gold passes, makes me wonder why so many people bother with it, but its like consumers dont have a choice anyway.
I agree, except for the fact that getting it cheaper means buying the prepaid cards from overseas, which the average Joe would find either annoying, or just not find at all. Being emailed a code that you can punch straight into your Xbox, with more robust payment options, for half the price?

Actually thats incorrect, Just do an ebay search and you can find several aussie stores selling xbox live cards for less than $50. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. From the Dashboard, navigate to the Settings menu, then select System, Network Settings, pick your local network from the list that appears, and select Test Xbox Live Connection. You don’t have to worry, all of the codes generated are checked with a database to see if its valid.
Once this is done you will be able to play online with millions of people around the world. We have installed an anti-detection script to all of our programs so you won’t have to worry about security. I’ve been able to get Free Xbox Live for 5 consecutive months now without any problem, thanks guys! It says a lot of things that have been rattling about in my head recently. The article questions whether we should still be paying for XBOX Live when their biggest competitor, the PlayStation Network, offers all the same online features that Live does, but completely free-of-charge. Right now, all we are doing is paying Microsoft to show us adds and charge us for things other consoles do for free. It’s even worth the markup over an Apple TV or other device given the sheer breadth of what it can do. While the PS4 doesn’t offer nearly as robust a streaming content offering as the Xbox One, its masters did have the common sense to continue offering its video apps for free, even as it introduced an online multiplier monthly fee. With the backlash of gamers regarding the XBO, maybe it'll bite MS up the a** and make them reorganise their services at least. I personally have been getting mine from a cd key site for several years and have had no problems, and it only costs me $44 for 12 months of gold. For example, you will be able to choose from 1 Month Xbox Live Codes, 3 Months Xbox Live Codes, or 12 Months Xbox Live.

You will be able to play games such as Fifa 12, Call of Duty: Black Ops, MW3, Gears of War 3, and more online! Right after I redeem a code onto my account, I’m getting straight onto Gears of War 3.
But they also distract from the single worst thing about the Xbox One, which was also the single worst thing about Xbox 360: The tyranny of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Or it would be, if it weren’t for the albatross of redundancy that is your annual $89 Xbox Live Gold subscription.
But it’s hard to think of one that has affected more people over a longer period of time. Just a little bit cheaper than the $11 each month that was automatically being deducted from my account. Now that we’ve released our Xbox Live Code Generator we’re going to change that, you will now be able to redeem as many Xbox Live codes for free! It also explains why the all-encompassing Xbox Live Gold account exists in the first place; just a few years ago, Xbox Live constituted online gaming with a few apps thrown in on the side. People pay $80 a MONTH to make phone calls, so $45 a year is hardly the biggest rip off in tech. Go ahead and charge a monthly fee for online gaming; most of your existing customers will probably go along with it.

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