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If you see the status as refund unpaid, you would also get to know the reason of non payment. The income tax department has a separate  helpline number for income tax refund status related queries. Please note, If you have filed your income tax return late or you have filed revised return, the refund may get delayed.
If you are a non-corporate taxpayer in India, then you can easily check your income tax refund status online.
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Its always a painful thing to wait for the income tax refund, if we happen to invest more than what is required. If you  happened to pay more tax and waiting for the refund,  Income Tax Departement of India has a website that provides the status of tax refunds. If you had opted  for Electronic Clearing Service(ECS) mode of payment, your refund amount would be directly credited in your bank account details provided at the time of filing your IT returns. DEAR SIR,Thanks for send my income tax refund cheque immediatly.any way this is very useful site. I have filed my return for assessment year 2008-2009 through a tax lawyer at Lucknow till date I have not received my refund.
I have filed the IT returns for financial year 2008-2009 on Dec-2009, but havn’t yet recieved my refund. You can check income tax refund status online with your Permanent Account Number (PAN card number) so keep your PAN card with you while checking income tax refund status. Enter your Permanent Account Number (PAN) in the required box and choose the assessment year for which you want to know the tax status then click on submit. If your refund has already been sent to the refund banker then you can get Mode of Payment, Reference Number and Status.
The fact to be noted in this respect is income-tax refund is considered valid only if the refund is filed within the fixed time-period.
When you file online tax return, it helps you in getting quicker tax refund than offline tax return filing. The Income-tax department of India has appointed State Bank of India as its banker for sending income-tax refunds.

You will get the status only 10 days after the assessing officer sends the refund to its banker.
You are eligible to get the view of your status only if you have received the acknowledgement from Income-tax department that it has received the return form. All Assessee’s who have filed their income tax returns Online and claimed for refund can now check their refund status with few clicks from Tin-NSDL Portal as well as Form 26AS. Now you can easily and very quickly check your IRT-V receipt status online in case if you have submitted your Income Tax Return with the Income Tax Department online.
You can know about your receipt status either by entering your PAN card number or your e-filing Acknowledgement Number. In case you find an error message, reenter all the details including your correct Pan number and select the correct assessment year.
Since the income tax department requires a complex password, you should recall it perfectly.
For refund related query or any modification in refund record relating to Return processed at CPC Bangalore, the CPC may be contacted by the taxpayer on 18004252229 or 080-43456700. My return was processed and the cheque was sent to my friend’s house (as I mentioned while filing). I keep getting the message “Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to Refund Banker.”. You need to enter your PAN number and the year for which you need the details of income-tax refund. The number is 18004259760, which is a INCOME TAX TOLL FREE NUMBER that gives you details about your Income-tax refund.
If you do not have Internet Banking facility you can still access your Form 26AS by registering your account with Income Tax department here.
After creating your account as mentioned in step 2, Visit here to view your 26AS and provide details used in registering above account. In case you want to provide your PAN number, just type the PAN number in the PAN text box, then select the assessment year which is the year for which you want to check IRT-V receipt status.
In case you have forgotten the password, you need to go through the lengthy procedure of password reset. To get the direct deposit of the refund in your bank account, you must give the bank account number while filing the income tax return.

Now a  days 80G is not considered for Income Tax(IT) deductions  in many of the Software service companies. I have choosen the refund option as ECS, but i have failed to give the MICR code of the bank. Income Tax Department has introduced online availability of information regarding tax refund. But internet has made it really easy and knowing the present income-tax status for a particular year requires just a “click” of the button of your computer’s mouse. Choose submit grievance from the drop down menu. The other option of Grievance status would be used to track your query. Job with CNBC Awaaz also helped me to explore the world of Investment, Saving, Insurance, and Tax.
Hence we have to claim tax refund for 80G related only when we file our IT returns for that financial year. Now I have received an email from Income Tax department asking to update my PAN database address within 15 days.
I hear that the if the refund is delayed, then the IT department is supposed to give an interest of 18%. For this, it is compulsory for you to mention your computerized bank account number and MICR code of the bank’s branch along with the address for communication.
Since it was directly credited to my account thus payment mode is ECS (Electronic Clearing System). So this becomes an excess money which would be returned by the IT department  in the next financial year. It would not be possible to send in 15 days (the letter, address proof, recent photographs have to be sent along with the letter). When you have applied to receive the refund by bank cheque or demand draft, you need to correctly provide your bank account number with accurate address. So sitting at your home you can check income tax return online with your internet connection.

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