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Sometimes the factory will identify a modification to your car, which is safety-related and will issue a recall notice on specific vehicles so that the work can be done free of charge by a Volkswagen Authorised Repairer as soon as possible. To find out whether your Volkswagen has an outstanding safety recall, you can enter either your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or registration details below.
Terms and conditions: Volkswagen UK have linked up with a data provider who will seek to access your VIN each time you enter your vehicle registration. All prices listed are RRP unless shown in orange which indicates special offers which are subject to change.
Corvette vin decoder - official c3 vette registry, Dedicated to the chevrolet corvette model years 1968-1982.
Vin decoder - vehicle identification number breakdown, A vin decoder can reveal important information about a vehicle, including the year, make, model, country of manufacture, engine type, safety features and much more.. Our gmc vin decoder shows you the information hidden within your gmc's vehicle identification number. Featuring a useful tool to help you collect important vehicle information by looking up its vin.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Recognizing what country your vehicle was manufactured at is an important piece of knowledge. To determine where the subject vehicle originates from, check the first digit of the seventeen character VIN. Chevrolet volt hit major recall - evs, The chevrolet volt has been hit with its first major recall, affecting most volts sold in the u.s. Import car canada!, To get a gm recall clearance ltter you must contact your gm canada or go to a gm dealership in the usa. Consumer alert: gm ignition switch recall information, Consumer notification of vehicle recall.
Gm recalls 70,000 more cars for power-steering failures, General motors is expanding a recall of 1.3 million cars with power-steering failures to include 69,633 more chevrolets and pontiacs.
Copyright © 2012 Auto Parts Diagrams, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. VAG's emission fraud - VW cheats in emission testThis is a discussion on VAG's emission fraud - VW cheats in emission test within The International Automotive Scene, part of the BHP Worldwide category; 2011 VW Jetta TDI Dyno Run Reveals Cheating Software At Work!
View My Garage re: VAG's emission fraud - VW cheats in emission test This a very amateur video, there is absolutely no emissions measurement. Thinking about this, some guys made a video which shows that VW cheated on emissions - without any emissions measurement?? What the video shows is, it drops torque when it detects wheel slip- which is a standard feature for safety. If this means change in power and torque and the usual diesel characteristics, users will now start looking for ways to cheat the refitted software and any hardware change.
A total bill of $87 billion would be equal to seven times last year's net profit and place enormous pressure on Volkswagen's finances. In compiling its estimates, Credit Suisse considered the cost of fixing the emissions problems, reimbursing owners and settling civil and criminal court cases.
The bank's analysts believe the single biggest cost -- up to 33 billion euros -- could come from compensating owners for the loss of value to their vehicles. Credit Suisse said that Volkswagen may try to keep costs down by offering discounts on new vehicles to affected customers, instead of reimbursing them in cash. Credit Suisse also warns that the carmaker's large financial services unit will take a significant hit from the scandal.
The financial arm of Volkswagen provides loans to customers who buy the company's vehicles, including Audi and Porsche models.

Since the scandal broke, Volkswagen Financial Services is having to pay more to borrow the money it then loans to customers. Originally Posted by volkman10 2011 VW Jetta TDI Dyno Run Reveals Cheating Software At Work! Call it collateral damage or unintended consequence, who would have expected Samsung TVs to get affected by VW dieselgate?
VW said the search tool is being integrated into national sites worldwide and will be available on those sites shortly. Dear Volkswagen customer, we would like to confirm, dass die vehicle with the Entered Vehicle Identification Number [VIN number] is not affected by the software, the nitric oxide levels (NOx) in the Test Run (NEDC) optimized.
We deeply regret did your confidence in the brand Volkswagen is currently being tested and are working hard to educate all irregularities and fully regain the trust deed so many people in US. At the outset, we wish to clarify that we sincerely regret the inconvenience that may have been caused to you due to recent developments. We completely understand that you have some urgent questions relating to purported irregularities in the software installed in diesel engines. Please be rest assured that we are working intensively on clarifying the situation and hence at the moment, we are unable to provide definitive responses to all of your detailed questions. We hold great responsibility towards our products and customers and we write with conviction that all affected vehicles are safe from a technical standpoint and are in perfect roadworthy condition.
We therefore again ask for your patience, kind co-operation and understanding in this matter. Michael Horn, president and chief executive of Volkswagen Group of America, will appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee for proceedings schedule to begin at 10 a.m. Live and archived video of hearings and meetings can be accessed at Energy and Commerce Committee web page. Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom I wonder: did they use Google translate to come up with that? Originally Posted by freedom Hi graaja and gaurav, do you guys have the exact date of manufacture of your cars? Sorry VW, but the scandal bug had bit me and i have to rethink everything with a suspicious tinge!!
It seems a little odd that on the one hand they issue a stop sale directive to dealers for the Polo and then the very next day goes ahead with the new limited edition launch. They also took photos of what they did and said they will be submitting them to VW as proof of the change. Originally Posted by volkman10 If so why is the sale of petrol variants of Polo suspended? VW India updates the website with the service action link: Thank you Gannu for sharing this. Just tried this link with my GT's VIN and here is what I got: Attachment 1434943 Why would you even bother with doing the VIN check? Think he was checking that 'cheat ' is involved in this Gannu Bhai, your GT is one of those with 'Angel Wings' bro and touch wood let it remain that way. As Volkman has posted, the recent VW experience with my GT has left me so shaken that I would want to check anything & everything that may, can, might, would, shall go wrong!! Getting an issue notified by VW is one thing and I have just realized that getting that issue sorted by the VW service India is a totally different one. In the majority of instances the data provider will have the correct match - however if your VIN and registration number are not matched correctly then this could mean that incorrect recall data is pulled through.
Even Credit Suisse's most conservative estimate of the cost -- about 23 billion euros -- is roughly 3.5 times that figure. The technical fix is likely to mean higher fuel consumption, which combined with damage to the brand, will make the cars harder to sell.

Credit Suisse said it may even need an injection of cash from the rest of the group to keep the business steady. Audi said the function will be extended worldwide over national Audi sites in the coming week. Volkswagen and its brands say they will present a technical fix to authorities in October.
Software that the company admitted it programmed to get around government emissions limits allowed VW diesel cars to spew enough pollution to cause up to 94 U.S.
Click here (Uploading photographs directly to Team-BHP) to view our pictorial help article on uploading pics.
EDIT: It's a handbrake issueThis is a discussion on VW directs dealers to stop physical delivery of Polo! EDIT: It's a handbrake issue In the midst of this VW Launches the Polo Exquisite edition and Vento Highline Plus. They should have waited a few days for the dust to settle on this recall and ensure that all confusions are cleared before launching a new model. If it is the diesel scam, the Vento and other higher model car deliveries would also have been put on hold.
And a steady assurance of drive pleasure.If you haven't been contacted yet and would still like to check if your Polo is covered, simply enter your VIN number below. Samsung has been accused of fixing its TVs to use less energy under official testing conditions, drawing parallels with the recent Volkswagen scandal. Agreed that they are not really dependent, but a common customer who does not get into the details will be confused. This Polo Exquisite offering is available at all Volkswagen showrooms across India from 9th October 2015 onwards.
They connected the panasonic laptops to my car and said they were downloading logs from my car. We determined that under certain isolated conditions, the handbrake mechanism of these cars may lose its effectiveness, though no such instances have been reported. You should therefore not rely on the results you receive if you enter your registration details only and should seek further information from other sources.
House oversight committee about the German automaker's emissions cheating scandal, a panel spokesman said on Thursday. He will be at the hearing as chairman of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Reuters reported. Please note that the safety recall information that you have gathered today may change at any time in the future so you should conduct regular searches. We have completed the rectification of the concern of over 90% of these cars without the customers having to pay a penny. Whenever a safety recall is issued, Volkswagen UK will write to the registered keeper using the address held with the DVLA. After knowing that it was related to Handbrake issues, I had been to the showroom to get more clarity on the issue and the delivery date. However, the SA was on a leave and I spoke to another person and he was trying to explain me all sort of things apart from the information which I required.

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