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As you step on, or off, the accelerator, the throttle plate (on the intake manifold's throttle body) opens or closes.
As you're already aware, the throttle position sensor (TPS) has 3 wires coming out of its harness connector and the middle wire is the one that sends the TP signal back to the computer.
IMPORTANT: This is an on car test of the sensor and the throttle position sensor must remain connected to its harness connector. You'll get the best results by opening and closing the throttle directly on the throttle body instead of stepping on the accelerator pedal. 4The multimeter should show an increasing voltage as you (or your helper) open up the throttle.

6Using a screwdriver's handle, gently tap the TP sensor as you open and close the throttle and observer the multimeter.
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This tells that the throttle position sensor on your 3.0L Chrysler car (or mini-van) IS NOT defective.
Manual for this car is too big, so you can read it on an official powdertoy forum , in topic toyota land cruiser prado!Drive safety!
Because a good TP sensor will show a continuous increasing or decreasing voltage signal even while getting tapped by the screw-driver's handle.

So, to continue with the TPS diagnostic, go to TEST 2: Making Sure the TPS is Getting Power.

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