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The information provided in this site is not legal advice, but general information on issues commonly encountered in immigration.
If you received a 221(g) letter after your interview because your application requires further administrative processing, you can check your case status online. For applicants interviewed before January 14, 2013, you may use the 14-digit Control Number provided at the top of your 221(g) letter.
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Arnie, if you received a 221(g) letter, it means the consular officer did not have all of the information required to determine if you are eligible to receive a visa. Hi thanks for your reply.I already checked my status online last week,it says there still on administrative processing and status update june 7 and now i check again status update june 21.What does it mean? I did submit the required documents along with the passport on the same day and was handed over an acknowledgement. My parents had their interview last oct 24, 2013 and was approved (f4 category) but at the same time they were issued 221(g) since my aunt salary is not enough they were required to submit an updated 2012 w2 and itr.
Please note that we are unable to provide case-specific information here because to privacy concerns. I was given a 221g too coz i need to send latest w-2 form of my husband,which i send immediately after interview via 2Go at Robinsons..
Hello everyone me too got the same problem received 221g on my email for additional docs, they’re asking more proof of our relationship, so I send them as many as I can, they also ask me to send w2 and IRS form of my fiance, I just want to know if after I have submitted all the necessary requirements, will my visa be approved?
My sister was interview yesterday and was provided with a blue letter and she states that the consul did not speak to her or explain to her what is the blue letter means. Hi my parents interview was Don last July 9,but they need to past additional documents affidavit support income and signature. Hi ive done my interview last july 22, 2015,for k1 but i felt very disappointed when the consul told me they will returned our paper to USCIS for further reconsideration and they returned my passport and they gave this green form indicated disposition of my case is this means that i am denied our petition is denied?
Once your visa is approved, Courier Post will either deliver your passport to the location you specified when you scheduled your appointment, or hold your passport at a Courier Post office for you to retrieve. If Courier Post attempts to deliver the passport and no one is available to sign for the item, they will leave a a€?card to call" at the delivery address. Chat and Telephone: You can track your passport with the assistance of our call center via chat or telephone. To collect your passport you must present your original (not a photocopy) government-issued photo ID.
A letter of authority, signed by you, authorizing your representative to collect your passport. The Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs recently published a press release pertaining to the employment of two refugees resolving allegations that the company discriminated under the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), when it impermissibly delayed the start date of two refugees after requiring them to provide specific Form I-9 documentation. In two charges filed with the department, the refugees alleged that they were not allowed to begin employment until they produced unexpired, Department of Homeland Security-issued employment authorization documents, despite the fact that they initially presented sufficient documentation for employment eligibility verification purposes. It is necessary for all those charged with Form I-9 processing at your organization to be very familiar with the list of acceptable documents and to have a thorough understanding of the fact that each employee has the right to present a list A document or a combination B plus C document as long as they are acceptable documents, appear to be genuine and represent the employee that is before you.

Under the settlement agreement, Best Packing agreed to pay $4,379 in back pay and comply with all the requirements of the INA. Asylees and Refugees are individuals seeking the protection of the United States due to persecution suffered in the home country based upon: race, religion, nationality, social group, or political ideology. NOTE: this section presents two different scenarios that require strict attention to time restrictions and combinations of required documents to be presented in order to comply with the USCIS regulations. When presented with a Form I-94 containing an unexpired refugee admission stamp, the employer must accept it as a receipt establishing both employment authorization and identity for 90 days.
Employee Notifies that I-9 Documents Previously Submitted were not Genuine: What’s an Employer to do?
Once a visa is approved or a determination of a case is made, the passport will be delivered by 2GO courier within five business days.
Inivitation letters are not necessary in applying for a tourist visa, hence at embassy side, it has no expiration. To further to your concern, Visa applications are adjudicated based on individual merits, consistent with criteria specified in the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended, and the Federal regulations issued pursuant to it.
I just wanted to know if your website is updated because Whenever I check my status, it always says case under administrative processing.
They submitted the ff documents oct 29 and by oct 31st someone from the embassy called my mother asking her to send aos form I-864a. If you were able to send the document that was being asked of you, then you just need to wait for the call from the Embassy on the next instruction. I check our status at CEAC and it says that they already issued the visa last january 31, 2014. The visa may be “issued” as per website status yet it will need to undergo final processing even after issuance.
Please inquire directly with US Embassy in Islamabad about the status of your visa application. A consular officer hands a blue letter to applicants who at the time of interview, do not qualify for a visa.
The date used change every few days, but stopped updating on June 3 2015, a week after my additional documents have been submitted.
We were approved my the Consulate officer and told we would receive his passport in 2-3 weeks.
When i check my status say administrative case, does my fiance has still have a chance to file a K1 VISA again if our petition was denied? There are no extra fees associated with either aspect of this service - the cost for Courier Post to deliver or hold your passport is included in the visa application fee.
This card details when the delivery was attempted, the item number, and further instructions for the recipient. However, processing time for specific cases may vary due to an individuala€™s circumstances and other special requirements, and this may take a longer time. If your passport is ready for pick-up, please bring supporting documents and collect it in a timely manner.

The call center's contact information and a full description of our call center services, including hours of operation, can be found here. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs website and Consular Post websites are the definitive sources of visa information. The charging parties had presented unexpired state identification cards and unrestricted Social Security cards. Btw what does it mean when upon checking your status update , although it remains under AP , the status updated several times like in my case june 20, july 8 and july 18… Does this mean that my case is currently under review or its still in line awaiting for review? This may take an indefinite period of time and the Embassy will contact you the soonest possible to tell you on your next action to do. To enable us to electronically sort the messages and provide better, more timely responses, please click here for the instructions.
I was interviewed last June 25 and was issued 221g form because i dont have with me the original guarantee letter.
After the inquiry, he informed me that the visa is approved and signed, stamped the three copies of I-129s form also mentioning the visa validity and expiry date (of 3 years) as mentioned in my DS-160 confirmation. If your passport is not collected in a timely manner it will be sent back to the Embassy or Consulate.
Should there be discrepancies in content, the Consular Affairs website and Consular Post websites take precedence. The claim alleged that other non-refugee employees were not required to supply documents other than state issued licenses and social security cards. The Nonimmigrant Visa Unit will contact you as soon as the administrative processing is completed.
Exactly a week later, I received my passport without the visa and a green 221(g) letter informing me my application required further administrative processing. I already sent to them the form and my passport, but up until now, my status application for visa is still on admin processing. Returned me one copy of i-129s form duly signed and stamped and kept two copies of it alongwith the passport with himself. Please help me, I’m very worried and disappointed because its been 4months already and I kept on cancelling my exam registration because of this.
This left my company’s HR baffled as this has never happened before to any of our previous intra-company transferees. Even the company lawyers thought it odd that my petition was approved after the interview, only to receive the green letter via mail a week later. 6 hours after the interview, i got an email of administrative processing requesting certain information, however nothing in respect of 221g was mentioned.

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