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When thinking of what to wear for a career fair, think of it just as you would a social gathering in which that one person that you really want to impress will be there. Just as you would ensure that your resume is primed and polished, it’s best to make sure that your appearance is as well.
Similar to practicing your elevator pitch in the mirror, be sure to check your appearance in the mirror before leaving out for the career fair. Ladies: You have more leeway in this area since you won’t have to worry about matching a tie to your shirt. Just as with your suit, a clean starched and pressed dress shirt says more positive things about you than a stained wrinkled one. If you’re not ready for a bow tie, fear not, there are other ways to stand out while fitting in. I remember being at a training led by Caroline Gundeck when I was an intern for Morgan Stanley in their Global Wealth Management Internship program. Gentlemen, it is important to ensure that your shoes are not only business professional but also shined and polished. Ladies, for you it’s not so much about the polish of your shoes as it is important that you choose the right shoe for the career fair.
When you think of a career fair, think of “The Hunger Games” you would like to do everything in your power to ensure that “the odds are in your favor”. Now that final exams and graduation have passed, the job search is heating up – literally.
Summer has officially graced us, and many of NYU’s newest graduates and students on summer hiatus are seeking out jobs or summer internships.  Many of you may be wondering how to dress professionally in the extreme heat once you receive a coveted invitation for an interview.
You’ve heard it before: you only get one chance to make a good first impression, dress for success, dress for the job you want not the one you have.
Try on your outfit before hand to ensure everything fits properly, looks neat, and, most importantly, looks professional.
The spreadsheet will provide you with information on how soon you will need to reorder certain items.The Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet is completely free to use. The biggest difference is that instead of it being one person at a social gathering, there will be multiple people you seek to impress and it’s in a professional setting.
Recruiters see attending a career fair as an opportunity to meet with a large amount of students with hopes of hiring a few or sometimes just one. Black suits are difficult to make you stand out but if time or money is against you, there is nothing wrong with a black suit if accessorized properly (see below).

Consider neutral colors like white, French blue, or even a pale purple if you wish to show school spirit. I prefer to iron my shirts but if time is not on your side, you can drop it off at your local cleaner. Caroline who is a Managing Director for Ultra High Net Worth Business Development spoke on ways to stand out at networking events. Attend the Fall 2014 NYU School of Professional Studies Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management Career Fair on Thursday, October 30th. RSVP here!
Be sure to join our Peers in Careers team and representatives from Macy’s as they offer fashion advice and showcase clothing trends that will help inspire the confidence you need to land that job or internship.
Interview purses or briefcases should be big enough to hold your resume and essentials, but not big enough to look like you’re going away for a long weekend! Details matter on your resume, in your interview, and in what you wear- so be mindful when choosing your outfit! Here at the NYU Wasserman Center, we cannot emphasize enough the importance to dress professionally for your interview.
Professional attire not only supports your appearance, but also demonstrates that you take the interview process seriously and it compliments the person interviewing you. Join our Peers in Careers and representatives from Macy’s as they offer fashion advice and showcase professional clothing trends.
As such, you want to be sure that none of the little things take you out of the running for the career of your dreams.
Although you may be interested in a position at a company that you know has a relaxed dress code, you will never be overdressed when it comes to choosing a business suit for a career fair. This also ensures that there are no stains on your suit just in case you had to get dressed in the dark because you didn’t want to wake your roommate. You want to make sure that it is not too tight which allows your undergarments to show between the buttons. Most of the customer facing roles within this industry grants their workers with the titles of being ambassadors of the brand.
With giving consideration to the weather on the day of, it’s best not to wear boots either. You will also learn to decode terms like “business casual,” and figure out how to add variety to your professional wardrobe.
Learn to decode terms like “business casual,” and figure out how to add flair to your professional wardrobe.

Your Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet will be customizable to your specific requirements for your business, whether large or small.Using the Inventory Excel SpreadsheetTo start using the Inventory Excel Spreadsheet you will simply need a method, if not already in place, to create an Id number, name and description for your item. Consider this: a recruiter may think “If this person did not notice their nail polish was chipped, how could they notice the extra 0 in the balance sheet?” Just as details matter in your cover letter, resume, business card, etc. What if you find out that the company with the relaxed dress code is no longer hiring yet there are multiple companies in your industry and all of their recruiters came in professional attire? My personal strategy is to wear a solid gray suit; white or French blue shirt, and a conservative bow tie.
Caroline explains it as something that is on you that may spark interest in the person that you are speaking to. For ideas and inspiration of professional attire, please visit the NYU Wasserman “Dress for Success” Pinterest pages. For example Item # 000001 Miniwheats 10 boxes.There is a column designed to enter your unit price, and of course you will be able to update this as necessary.
Seasonal colored and fabric suits are considered appropriate for a business casual setting rather than business professional.
Next to the column for the unit price is a column for you to enter the quantity of the item currently in stock.
I’m no statistician but per my experience, if an event has 100 professional men, you are guaranteed to only see at most 10 of them wearing a bow tie. You never know where that conversation may go or what that person’s perception of you may be after noticing it. However frequently you reorder, you will be able to quickly see which items need to be reordered.The far right column of the Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet will keep a track of the reorder level you want to maintain for your stock. This creates a differentiating impression and also allows you to say “the guy with the bow tie” when you send your follow up e-mails (provided they complimented you on your bow tie of course). This will ensure that you do not run out of a certain item.The Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet can be used on a schedule you design yourself, either weekly or more or less often.
You will see with certain items that sell quickly that you will need to order more.Over time as you use the Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet you will see seasonal patterns and changes. You will find that certain items do not sell well at certain times of the year, and you can reduce your stock of these items to purchase more of a seasonal top seller.For a well-planned business, you will want to download this free and very easy to use organizational tool for your inventory.

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