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Those non-immigrants applying for Visa Extension would have to wait until the visa is approved and until the candidate receive the I-797 document in order to extend or renew an expired driver’s license in case if your I-94 already expired.
Many individuals face a terrible issue, not able to drive because of expired driver’s license and expired I-94. As soon as my license expired, I went to the DPS office carrying all the documentation I have, along with the I129 Receipt notice (I-797C) provided to me by my employer. I was asked to wait until I receive a letter by mail from the Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) and come back with the letter to get the drivers license.
The Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program is a service that helps federal, state and local benefit-issuing agencies, institutions, and licensing agencies determine the immigration status of benefit applicants so only those entitled to benefits receive them.
I received the letter from the DPS on the 20th of December and I immediately went to the DPS Office and got my license renewed.
I did not get license renewed even after having an approved I797 document(New approved I797 document validity was from 17th April 2016). By new Georgia law, Renew your DL for another 120 days in GEORGIA with using your I-797 C receipt notice copy (ask your lawyer for it) and expired copy of I-94.
Can you please share your experience on getting driving license renewed in Maryland using orginal recipient notice? The second visit: the women at the desk scan the receipt, give me another receipt with the phone number of DMV customer service and ask me to call the next day. Does anyone have experience with renewing their drivers license in Michigan while H1B renewal is pending? I know H1b applicant can renew for 240 days with I-797 receipt and employer letter in NJ but have any idea about H4?
Problem is even premium processing is stopped by USCIS till July, 2015, so I think I can’t upgrade it to premium processing. I went to 2 DMV’s in Orange County and they told me they will not extend at any cost untill I have i797A. I went to the Mall of The Americas DMV Office in Miami, FL with my expired I-94, my I797C receipt and got my DL renewed. In Virginia, I paid $1250 from my pocket for change my normal renewal to premium only because of this DL renwew.
I went to DMV for the same after I came back from Canada with new I-94 and all and they renewed my license, but they did not tell me that Department of Homeland Security Need to update the i-94 information with them and they did not do that yet. I was on the same boat and my DL got renewed in Louisiana without any questions asked using i-797c (receipt). Just wanted to share my experience, as i dont see any comments for Indiana drivers license renewal when H1B is pending.
My Visa expired in May 2014 , but my drivers license was originally issued till July 2014, so i waited for my H1B to be approved in Premium, but i got an RFE and i know that my H1B will not be approved by July. First i tried to contact the BMV, online through the Indiana Govt website, but they said they indiana doesn’t extend based on receipt, so i walked into the nearby BMV. They understood the issue, but didnot know how long it can be extended, then came their Team Lead, who checked the documents and verified that I had the original receipt , as i got the I129 receipt as a white paper instead of the usual green one, my employer said USCIS is giving it in White paper these days. After checking my documents, they gave me the drivers license for 1 year from the date of receipt of the application (April).
My case might be strange…I wantede to change my out of state license as I got a citation. This was the DPS office in Galveston, TX – the most extream southern tip of TX (1 hour from Houston).

So I went to another DMV office in DC where the officer knew such cases and gave me license for 6 months.
I would personally suggest to try different DMV offices or maybe the same office with different officer. Last option is tell your employer to file the visa in Premium over your existing filed extension to get reply soon. In Los angeles CA, DMV told that I cannot get the License until I get the visa approval, so I had to wait. Hi Amaranth, I’m in a similar state where my DL is About to expire and I got the new i797 with modified i94 date, but it will reflect in my passport only if I leave the country and get stamping. The largest network, Internet is growing day by day and each and every one has an e-mail id themselves. I had the same issue and I could get my drivers license renewed even though my I-94 expired and my visa extension was under process. I explained my situation at the counter, and the lady there took copies of the needed documentation and she mentioned that a second verification of my immigration status is in process under SAVE Program.
Also please let me know the GEorgia Law name such that I can keep myself updated in acse if someone asks me in DMV . But it’s really painful since I had to visit VA DMV 4 times with several phone calls to them.
This time the DMV staff scan my receipt and my visa, ask me to wait for DMV to call me back to let me know when I can come to DMV to renew my driver’s license. I tried to renew my license in the Ann Arbor SOS office today but they weren’t aware of the SAVE program mentioned in the article. I explained the officer about my situation and 240 day legal stay when H1b extension is pending and cordially asked her to verify my status through SAVE. My I-94 was getting expired on 19th October, 2014(because my passport was having that much of validity and so my I-94 and so my driver’s license) and so I renewed my passport and went to Canada for couple of days.
My conditional green card expired in May 2014 but I had already sent documents for extension.
Sometime this responds immediately with status, else one has to wait for 24 hours at least. Initially they rejected it but them I called the Raleigh customer care and they said by law they should issue a temporary license. The first dmv office did not knew the rules of expired i94 and driver’s license renewal process in such case and kept telling me to talk to your employer. Later In same period I had to moved to Florida where again they verified my i797C receipt copy and changed my address for new state received license for 12 months.
I went to DMV office in Florida at west palm beach and the person there told me that I cannot renew it until my visa extension is renewed. After this news going wild on the internet there was seen a drop 32.3% of drop in yahoo mail's traffic. I think they have a note that they can extended the license for 180-400 days based on I797C. After returning back I got everything valid, Passport, Visa, I-94 all are having validity for another 2 yrs, but still not able to renew my license.
I went again to DMV to check that and they told me that they do not go with the online record and have a Central Issuance Verification Center. The lady at the DMV office said i will have to come back on 17th as the I 797 document is valid only from 17th April, so they cant renew my license.
Then I paid for premium processing even only for 15-30 days gap in getting renewal in normal processing.
So Department of Homeland Security has to update the i-94 info with CIV and then only it can be renewed.
After showing required documents (SSN, Car registration, insurance card, I-797 and expired greencard), they extended it for 7 years. There is one Hispanic lady and a black lady… I think they are a little understanding towards immigrants.
They sent a request to get that update from Department of Homeland Security and even after 1 week I am waiting for that to be completed.

If visa expired and waiting for extension, they can grant only 6 month DL, else you will get until end of visa expiry. The checks you write after reaching the $8485 threshold will represent shareholder distributions. Note also that your state and whether or not you send in a payment determines which address to send the form to. So let me just talk about that quickly.Recording the employee checksYou need to pay your shareholder-employee (this is you of course) $8435 in wages during the quarter. A $765 chunk of the check represents the employer Social Security and Medicare taxes triggered by the $10,000 in total payroll. As a generalization, these state quarterly payroll tax returns (if required) are pretty simple to deal with.Some of the quarterly state returns amount to simple worksheets that, for example, levy a 3% tax on wages for state unemployment insurance premiums. Or simple worksheets that, as another example, charge a $.10 per hour tax on worker hours for workers compensation insurance. Probably, your state employment agency will send you automatically information on these state returns.
In other words, have the CPA who’s already doing the 1120S or 1120 corporate return do your 940 FUTA return, your W-2 and W-3 and any other state returns. Most payroll returns need to be filed by the end of January.Some Final CommentsYou have a bit of flexibility in applying the quick-and-dirty method described here.
For example, if $40,000 a year in salary is too high, you can simply halve the wage and tax numbers given in the preceding paragraphs. The loophole, in a nutshell, says you can make your payroll tax deposit with your 941 tax return as long as the amount you owe is less than $2,500. If you need, therefore, to pay yourself $20,000-a-quarter, you’ll owe more than $2,500 by the end of the quarter. And the information provided in the blog post may be all you need to use the method.However, people have regularly asked us to provide a cleaner, fuller monograph with forms that the small business corporation can simply add their name, address and EIN to. Furthermore, the e-book provides some common-sensed tips you can use to set a reasonable salary for your S corporation and to minimize your state payroll taxes burden, too.Interesting in buying and then immediately downloading this ebook?
Click this button: Purchase and Download View CartAs with all of our monographs and ebooks, our products come with a money back guarantee.
If you don’t think what we deliver for $10 is worth it, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase price.
We make this promise to you confident that paying $10 once to save hundreds of dollar a year (or more!) on an outside payroll service will be a great investment.Note, too, that the biggest saving to you probably won’t be the money but the time. Are there different filing requirements or tax amount cut-offs that would affect a C-corp differently than the S-corp used in the example?
No matter what.The problem with a new S corporation and with a small S corporation is getting to the end of the year and finding you have not paid enough reasonable compensation. I’ve recently established a S-corp, and honestly, I am estimating a net loss on the first year.
I recently had a baby and am not doing any business at the moment and likely will be inactive for the remainder of 2015.
As I interpret the IRS instructions, since I’ve started filing 941 quarterly returns, I should continue to file each quarter going forward showing 0 wages until I end up getting back to work.
Do I need to physically write out 2 checks showing that $765 is going towards payroll taxes and $1515 is wages and expenses when I file our quarterly taxes? Also note that there’s a longer discussion of how the system works here: Quick and Dirty Payroll. But you can only use the S corporation once you have an entity in place that can use the S corporation bookkeeping rules. They each have their own EIN.I outsource my payroll and have all employees paid through the tax business.
But if you’re not up on this kind of tax stuff, probably conferring with a local CPA firm would make good sense.

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