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Councillors of various wards under RMC's jurisdiction at the board meeting in Ranchi on Monday. Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) will soon launch a massive road measurement drive across the capital to check how much space is encroached upon by street vendors and unauthorised vehicle parking.
Ward councillors urged Lakra to start a measurement drive to know how much road space was available for commuters and pedestrians. Councillors of wards pointed out that a majority of establishments in Upper Bazar area, besides some other places had no parking arrangements due to which vehicles were parked illegally on roads. Om Prakash, councillor of ward 30, said that not even half of the 80-feet wide Main Road and Ratu Road are available to the commuters because of illegal parking and street hawkers. Councillor of ward 4 Sudha Devi said one Janki Complex in Morabadi had shops in its basement and people visiting the complex park vehicles on the road resulting in traffic bottlenecks.
Town commissioner Kumar said they would have to raise Rs 2,000 crore to acquire land to widen roads as proposed under the new Ranchi master plan. Councillors also suggested pooling funds through anti-encroachment drives after road measurement.
This apart, councillor of ward 17 Salauddin Aslam brought up the issue of non-availability of potable water in his ward even after laying of pipelines over a year ago.
Aslam said a pipeline was laid in December 2014 after groundwater in the locality was found to be contaminated with arsenic, but it was insufficient. Sajda Khatoon, councillor of ward 27, said that the civic body, reeling under manpower crisis, should optimally use the services of the newly appointed eight city managers. Truth and dare detective private ltd has many branches in all states of India to provide our all services and our clients can get information easily.
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The SP said he immediately swung into action and caught the truck driver, who during interrogation revealed that he was asked by the vehicle owner not to stop the vehicle at any police checkpost come what may.
The driver identified as Yogendra Paswan told the police that they were paid additional money by the vehicle owners and those involved in illegal stone quarrying business for hassle-free transportation of stone chips. He said the operation was launched against illegal transportation of stone chips from unauthorised quarrying units under the leadership of Sasaram additional superintendent of police Sushant Kumar Saroj.
The time for electric vehicles, or EVs, may not yet be ripe for India, but the idea of non-polluting passenger cars is surely and certainly maturing – and must be welcomed.
World Health Organisation figures show that India has 13 of the planet’s 20 most polluted cities, with New Delhi ranked as the most polluted of all.
Attention, however, was most focussed on the measure that restricted vehicle movement, with odd and even numbered cars allowed on the city’s roads on alternate days. Last year, the National Green Tribunal, which has the powers of a civil court, ordered the Delhi government to ban the entry of diesel vehicles older than 10 years into New Delhi. In addition, the Supreme Court banned registrations of new diesel cars in the capital till April 1, 2016, effectively preventing the sale of a car and sports utility vehicle (SUV) inventory worth Rs. With diesel’s popularity on the wane, automakers such as Toyota are mulling re-introducing petrol variants of the popular Innova.
As the idea of alternative propulsion takes shape, the government is fast working on developing a sustainable eco-system for EVs as well as hybrids (together known as HEVs).
On the one hand, it is clamping down on traditional-fuel propelled vehicles, while on the other, it is promoting adoption of such vehicles with tools such as the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles (FAME) India programme. Launched on April 1, last year, FAME hopes to have six million electric vehicles on the road by 2020 and offers a subsidy of Rs.
The incentives drove sales of EVs, including two-wheelers, up by three times to 21,000 units in the April-December 2015 period compared to between 7,000 and 8,000 units during the same period in 2014. Apart from incentivising the demand side of electric vehicles, the government is also pushing for the development of indigenous batteries to make the EV programme viable. On laboratory testing of the batteries used in space, the research team discovered that the same batteries are suitable for automotive use as well. The ARAI now plans to test the batteries in an automotive environment and release a prototype in a year’s time. It’s not only the central government and related agencies that are making definite moves towards EVs.
Multiple pockets of promotional moves favouring EVs around the country may just add up to achieve what was believed to be unachievable even a few months ago in India – dramatically enhancing adoption of EVs on Indian roads in the mid-to long-term, if not the short-term.
Mayor Asha Lakra, deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijayvargiya and town commissioner Prashant Kumar were present at the meeting besides councillors of around 50 wards and several other RMC officials. They demanded punitive action against violators to which the RMC officials said that inspection would be done in a phased manner. For this, compensation has to be paid to them, which amounts to Rs 2,000 crore in Ranchi," he said. Truth and dare detective private ltd has advanced tracking devices through which we get the suspects in very limited period of time.

Our branches are in the states of (MUMBAI, PUNE, KANPUR, GOA, JHARKHAND, CHATTISGARH, JAIPUR, MADHYA PRADESH, WEST BENGAL, KOLKATA, BENGALURU, INDORE). It is because every household in India has a product of it and the members of the household have trusted this brand name for its reliability and strong quality over last decades. The 2006-batch IPS officer, who was on his night vigil to check illegal transportation of stone chips from unauthorised mining units in the district, however, caught the driver of the truck after a chase. A policeman signalled the driver of a truck to stop the vehicle but the latter ignored it and dashed against the patrol car parked there. And with pollution levels scaling new heights in December, the local government was forced to announce a slew of measures to combat the menace. The pilot scheme, which ended on January 15, saw nearly 2.7 million vehicles going off the roads every day, according to Mint business daily citing vehicle registration data available with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Petrol, however, is now being seen as the lesser evil among fuels, and that may well push popular imagination towards electric vehicles. In 2010-2012, when the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) had implemented an Alternate Fuels for Surface Transportation Programme, EV sales in India had reached a range of 85,000-100,000 units. For this purpose, the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has tied up with the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) to develop battery technology for use in HEVs, leveraging technology used in batteries for space vehicles.
Not only the battery, ARAI will also develop the battery management system (BMS) and thermal management for the battery to make it safe for use in HEVs. Batteries used in powering hybrids and EVs are still expensive, thus prohibiting larger adoption of such vehicles.
Following pollution concerns hitting headlines every day, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra are considering waiving taxes on electric vehicles.
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The state government also has plans to scrap commercial vehicles that are over 15 years old. The ban has been a major blow to companies such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Toyota, Tata Motors, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.
India, being a price sensitive market, has been slow in adopting such vehicles mainly due to range issues and lack of infrastructure.
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