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Some services on campus do not work with the newest version of Java, and require an older version of Java to run properly.
No matter which version of Java you choose, you may still have security vulnerabilities if you do not keep Java up to date.
If you do not view webpages or run applications that require Java, you may want to disable it or uninstall it all together. Note: If you are running a 64 bit Windows operating system and use both a 64 bit and a 32 bit browser, you will need to have both the 64 and 32 bit versions of Java installed on your system. Use Secure Protocol over the default SSH Protocol and change port number also for extra Security.
This change force SSH to use Protocol 2 which is considered to be more secure than Protocol 1 and also make sure to change the port number 22 to any in the configuration.

GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection is a compiler system developed by GNU Project that support various programming languages. Currently, OIT suggests the latest update of Java 7, which is compatible with most services provided by Notre Dame. If you use one of the services listed below, you will need to install Java 6 on your system. Be sure to check for updates regularly by either turning on Java auto-updates or manually checking for updates for your version. Java has had several vulnerability issues over the past year, and in an attempt to prevent their users from being affected by these Apple has disabled Java in all browsers in OS X operating systems.
SSH is one of those essential piece of software which comes default with CentOS Minimal Server.

You can find additional information concerning these Java exploits on the Information Security Advisories page. You can find instructions below to determine which version of Java is on your system, and how to switch to a compatible version of Java if necessary. It is again one of those tools which is necessary to have and you will need it sooner or later no matter what kind of server you are setting.

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