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Iqama Status or Nitaqat Category-In the event that your would like to check your iqama status (Iqama check Red, Yellow, Green, Platinum) your can use the below mentioned steps. Recently, the government has hinted to a new an improved version on Nitaqat which will cover all the loop holes left by the current system. ID number – It is printed in Arabic in the middle and in English at the bottom as shown in the picture above. Profession – This the profession that counts for legal services like getting visit visa or family visa. Please give me information how mini yeers mafe iqama one or two and some porsons speake one porson stay in saudi arebia just 8 years.
My Iqama will be expired this coming 22-12-1433, this day 29-10-1433 i submit my Iqama for renew, the administration in my site project ask me to sign a Declaration before they submit to my Company Head Office,any penalties regarding the renew of my iqama will be paid by me, for this i refuse to sign a declaration and the administration in the project warn me that if they submit to the head office it is possible to return to the project and will not renew if i’m not sign a declaration. William, Some companies have standard procedures for signing these type of forms for renewal to take care for any fines or penalties like traffic violations etc. He can call and check with Dubai Embassy in Riyadh on 01-482-8402 if he is eligible for visa. As you are not here in Saudi, I would suggest hold of some legal service provider to assist you in getting a duplicate of your birth registration along with required attestation of MOFA and then translation and attestation by your Embassy for it to be valid in your country. Sir, My passports are stolen and I need a print from Jawazat office so what are the formalities to be done on that matter. Sir, i have the same case., Does replacement means I need a new iqama for me to be able to exit saudi?
I am in the same condition of what you are, I left Saudi on 12th may 2012 on reentry visa and could not return back.Visa period was for 3 months and has got expired on 12th August 2012. Thnks dear Radjesh babu for your comments, what i heard that any one can enter after iqama expire. Once 90 days remain, you should get an email reminder to submit your passport and Iqama for Iqama renewal. Along with your iqama to the saudi passport working in saudi arabia, iqama renewal fee & free visa some working charges or lumsum. I am currently working in saudi arabia for 3 in saudi arabia and the profession in my iqama is "bina in saudi. 212 comments for “ exit saudi arabia i gave my iqama for renewal 4 i am from pakistan i have my iqama and passport with me i am not working with.
Process saudi council engineers (sce) iqama renewal iqama progress passport saudi arabia.
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In this case, first you will have to get a birth statement from the hospital where your child is born. Once the passport is ready, you can apply for the iqama for the child which is fairly a simple and fast process. Then you need to submit this form along with father’s iqama copy and baby’s passport copy and original passport to idhafa section (Addition dept) in jawazat (passport) office. If your baby is born in Saudi Arabia, then there is no new visa, you just have make iqama as explained in the above article and the passport number will be associated with the iqama of the baby. I got a new born baby in saudi arabia and just i want to know how many days grace period for get iqama and how much panility if i late for getting the iqama for new born baby.
Could you plz let me know as if you had stamped any visa for your new baby from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan or you did travel with just passport for newborn baby.I heard that new born baby can come to saudia if their parents have valid iqama and you can apply for iqama (newborn) paying 2000 SR in Saudia.
My child is born here in saudi, unfortunately, just now I got her passport, she is aleady 1year old.
I have received my new born baby’s iqama, but the passport does not have any stamp from jawazat on it showing naqal maaloomat. Yes, you do not have to pay any fee at the time of making iqama if your child is born in Saudi Arabia. Can any body help me, my baby born just one month before in Pakistan , i have prepared passport for my child, but now for my wife exist- re-entry visa getting expired at 3rd of September 2013, before this date i must bring back them to ksa because the last date of IQAMA also 3rd of September. Dear all, I am going to pay for my family visa application fee to be able to acquire the yellow slip, but i am a bit confused about the two fees which is available in SADAD. I just completed my son’s iqama application today, 23 October 2013, this blog information is very helpful! As far as I am aware, if your wife is iqama holder and your child is less than 1 year, you do not require visa.
I suggest that you ask the agent to endorse the baby’s passport from Saudi Embassy or Consulate.
I asked the agent to contact the consulate, but the response was that I need a visa to bring the child to Saudi.
The Ministry of Labor (MOL) & Ministry of Interior (MOI) have asked all expatriates to rectify their status and transfer sponsorship to sponsor(kafeel) with whom they are working.

The page shows the name of your New sponsor and date when the transfer happen in Arabic(Hejri) dates.
One of our reader said his status revert to his previous kafeel (sponsor) as his new sponsor did not follow up the process with Jawazat for more than 3 months. However if you get the below page, it means that there was no transfer request made in the last 3 months. What to do now to get access from the first sponsor and if he asks more money for that then? But first of All I have to make or maintain more strong contact to Allah Subhanau to resolve my problems.
One more thing would you like to let you know that he on and off gets fluctuated in low green and yellow category. I want to follow-up my iqama for another company because already expired on july 12 1434,6 months finish how to possible to check red or green. I would like to know the status of my Iqama whether is has been transferred or not yet, please let me know further…. I contacted my old sponsor’s concerned person last week, he told me tht they finished everything from their side, as they gave me the release letter. I found it on 16 spot, you should focus on quality backlinks building, it will help you to increase traffic.
Since one month i am follow up with my old qafeel but they are saying we didn’t receive any request regarding your Transfer.
Can anyone please confirm what is the Exact status shown(in arabic) when the request is successfully received by current kafeel and is pending his approval.
My new company has already applied by my current company hasn’t received any online request yet. My profession on my iqama is student is it possible to transfer to any of companies or i have to go back to my country and come on a new visa. I came here in ksa last july 2013 with my contract, but i get iqama from other saudi who is not my sponsor. I’ve follow your instruction and i received a message that my case is under study of labor office, what does it mean do i need to check it with my previous employer or to the employer that i wish to transfer? You can now check online if your iqama transfer ( tanazul )  is done or not by checking the name of sponsor.
IF my sponsor he never give permition to transfer iqama its can possible that i change my sponsor though currently sponsor Naqta is green?
As per the current rules, you cannot transfer without your sponsor permission unless your company is yellow or red or you have not been paid salary for 3 months. Can you please help me to my sponsor ID Number since I have been out of the kingdom for 6 years now, I know my iqmana number. I been selected in a company but my HR told that i m in individual sponsornship and it cannot transfer to a company.
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It is the main identity card for expatriates that is accepted in Saudi Arabia at all places including government office, banks, check points, airports etc. You can use this ID to check the your traffic fines, make payments for government services and others. If your profession does match as per your work description, you can ask your sponsor to get it corrected. He is doing breach of contract with me after i submitted my iqama, I would like to stop my iqama from maktab al amal from being transferred. You can discuss with your administration if any employees had any penalties charged to them. How do i know whether my Iqama is processed or to check my Iqama number with my passport number ? English Translation of your child’s birth statement which you got from Birth registration dept.
However, it is best you check with your Embassy how long it take for proper scheduling incase your are planning to travel. So can you advise me what letter they are expecting , do you have any format of this letter. Can my baby still travel to my native country or should i get his passport stamped for naqal maloomat to travel. Can anyone confirm this please Im gng to get my baby’s iqama within this week and how long will it take normally.
The moment you submit at the Passport office (jawazat) counter, you get it within two minutes.

In our company they are saying that Govt is charging 1000 SR if the child is born in Saudi Arabia. I am afraid if i am going to submit it in Saudi embassy in Pakistan to stamp visa for my baby, may be i will lost visa for my family, my question is that can my baby travel with mother with out stamping stamping visa at passport from ksa embassy in Pakistan. My wife had to come back to Saudi without the baby as her exit-reentry was expiring and the baby’s passport was not ready.
However, I suggest that you contact the Saudi Embassy in India for your specific situation.
I contacted my travel agent in India, and he said since mother has already traveled to Saudi without the child, the child requires a visa to travel to Saudi. Jazaak Allah for putting your efforts to resolve the expats issues regarding Iqama transfer and other. But he has release me and had handover MOL letter bu the my present company not able to take transfer as they could not find any data of mine. Last april 2014, he took my iqama and never return it to me, now i don’t have iqama, what should i do, pls advice.
After a few days he says the transfer is done in Matab al Amal (Ministry of Labor) and only thing that is pending is printing of iqama.
In MOL site it is displayed as ” workers service was transferred to new employer on 24th august. This can be highly useful if you would like to take a transfer from you existing sponsor and the company is in RED category.
At the time of issue or renewal of Iqama, the passport should be valid for at least for 6 months. Also you can discuss with your colleagues if anyone of them for was charged for any penalties to put your mind to rest.
Thinking of it is useless of getting a new iqama but not will not use it anymore, whats the purpose?, Kindly feedback asap,, Thanks.. I am having an offer in Hand from a very good company, they also prepared my visit visa, but i am not sure that I can enter so did not leave my present job In UAE.
In the coming days they will get the Form B from NADRA and then move for Passprt of the child. They Embassy of Saudia in your country will stamp visa Extension and New Born Visa based on these letters.
On entry your wife has to wait for an hour or two until the police officer gets message with the entry number for your baby.
My question is which one should I pay thru SADAD which is required in acquiring the yellow slip for sponsoring my family in permanent Visa. Is it okay if I will purchase the Visa online thru Samba with My friend’s bank account?
Please note that if you check the status of your iqama, Nitaqat Category, and you find your sponsor in Red you can take a transfer without his consent. And will the Istiqdam be able to verify that I have paid the 2000Sr under my iqama even without the receipt but by looking on to their system?
Do I need a visa to bring the baby to kingdom, or she is still eligible for visa on arrival?
To know more regarding transfer of sponsorship, naqal kafala you can read: Transfer of Sponsorship. Someone told me I can goto maktab amal with a saudi person and I can stop it from being transferred. Many people get error because of passport number – sometimes the alphabets in passport number are not included.
In other words if your Iqama is expiring say on 20-Aug-2012 then expiration date on your renewed Iqama will be around 10-Aug-2013.
If you would like to learn more regarding Nitaqat, its categories and the corresponding services you can read more: Nitaqat Saudi Nationalization. For paper work, you need the fill the form for addition which can be got at the offices or typist sitting near jawarat (passport) office.
With the help of the embassy, I arranged new passport and submitted to the new sponser by October 22. Then attach copy of the polio immunization certificate which you got from the hospital in your home country at the time of birth.
As per the law, the sponsor is responsible for all the fee related to Iqama including renewal and fines.

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