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Connecting to the Internet and getting what you want FAST makes you more productive and more effective.
On more than one occasion over the years I found I was paying for a high-speed connection but actually getting a lower speed – yes, overpaying! With this in mind, it’s a smart move to check your Internet connection speed to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. NOTE: There are a lot of advertisements running here most of the time so be aware what you are clicking on. What Others Are Saying"Chris has always been someone I can pick up the phone to call and get a straight answer to my Internet marketing and website issues. But when you purchased the VPS and want to know its performance, then you can simply perform the benchmark test yourself, again, ServerBear will come in handy. Most Linux-based Virtual Private Servers (vps) does not support GUI (graphical-based interface) so you have to manage everything from command line within your Terminal window or Putty. Step 1 – Login to your VPS as root or any user with superuser privilege (so you can use sudo).

Anyway, normally SpeedTest will search for closest server in terms of geographic distance to conduct both download and upload test. It will then retrieve available test locations displayed in order based on closest servers first.
For example, I want to know how fast is the connection speed from my VPS (in Netherland, Europe) to my other VPS (in New York, USA). An even simpler way to do this is to use wget and download a test file from the CacheFly CDN.
If you didn’t know already the internet is nothing else than a big network of interconected computers and servers. Remember that internet speed is measured in Mb per second, which is different than MB per second. This provides URL to the snapshot of the test and can be compared to that of using a browser.
Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer tiered service and you pay more, or less, depending on your requirements.

He's not the guy who talks about vague, difficult to understand Internet marketing mumbo-jumbo. Of course you can simply find some result of available benchmark tests submitted by users around the world at ServerBear. You’re speed depends first from your priveder, but also from how far the server is and how many routes you have to go to connet at the end. Here you will get your location or the most closest server in their list and you select the server with which you want to do your speed test. Even those on slower connections to do, sometimes looking for means to speed their connections up. He's the online marketing expert with easy-to-understand and use advice that has helped me reach new member, cultivate my existing members, and grow our online presence." Susanne S.

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