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During the Art for Tomorrow conference in Doha, Al Baker noted that the flight will last for about 18 hours and will be launched in early 2017. He revealed that Qatar Airways will also open a route to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and may include two other cities in South America. Emirates had planned to start flights between Panama and Dubai from this month, to be the world’s direct longest route at 13,821 kilometres, taking 17 hours and 35 minutes, but this opening was delayed until late 2016 or early 2017, due to lack of passengers.

As for plans to open new destinations in Spain, the CEO indicated that this decision should be taken in coordination with Qatar Airways’ partners.
Al Baker added that no route will be expanded in Spain if the Qatari company’s partners do not agree.
Qatar Airways will also launch a direct flight between Doha and Auckland, one of the longest routes, which is covered by UAE Emirates airline from this month.

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