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Knowing your IMEI [phone ID] code gives you a lot of benefits, especially when you think about getting iPhone unlock by IMEI number . Yubico has observed this a lot during the last time considering that the iphone 6 was introduced with NFC assistance. This simple windows tools and very fast let you check your information from your iphone , this is great to see your serial imei and udid , also you can see many other info , works realy fast as you can see in the video. Once you click Identify button, redsn0w will fetch connected device’s information including its original carrier details and display it in a new window. We’ll list some paid, free iPhone carrier checkers, so that you have a choice on what to use when you need it.
You have to provide them with your IMEI number and name of the carrier which your iPhone is locked to.
This feature gives you each and every details of your iPhone 4’s internals including your carrier bundle information. Now you know the name of carrier your iPhone is locked to and you can easily get it unlocked from credible iPhone unlocking services.

Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Once you get there, look for CFBunddleName where you will see name of the carrier which your iPhone is locked to. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Every iOS baseband hacker tried to crash this baseband and provide an unlocking solution but failed miserably. Checking carrier which your iPhone is locked to is a little tricky task and many websites took¬†advantage¬†of it and started charging a minimal fee for checking your iPhone 4’s original carrier.
This guide will teach you how to check your locked iPhone’s original carrier free of cost. IMEI number, the International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique identifier for all mobile phone, iPhone is no exception.
This guide will save you some bucks and the headache of searching How To guides for checking your locked iPhone’s carrier.

Before you can go any further you need to either log in if you already have an account or register for one. Website will display a chart detailing your iPhone’s model, brand and other information. You could contact your carrier; if there is no contract on the iPhone anymore they may unlock it for free or they may charge a small fee.
If your iPhone has been unlocked using unofficial methods such as Ultrasn0w or Gevey SIM unlock, it should say Locked.

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