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Moving to Queensland or bringing in a recently purchased vehicle from interstate?  Queensland Department of Transport requires residents to register their interstate vehicles with Qld. New Qld residents must register their vehicle with the state within 14 days of moving into the state. Before a vehicle can be registered, it will need to undergo a safety inspection to prove it is safe to drive on the roads. Remaining registration time from another state or territory can be refunded when you register your vehicle in Queensland. When your vehicle has passed a safety certificate inspection, you can start the registration process online. Queensland registration can be for six or twelve months, with a small fee added to the six month registration. Although there is an added cost in pursing the second option, it gives potential buyers greater assurance of the safety and maintenance of the vehicle.
ECMSC provides affordable and reliable mobile safety certificates and pre-purchase inspections from skilled and experienced mechanics.
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Likewise, if you would like to sell a vehicle in Qld that has a roadworthy or registration from another state, certain steps are required by the Department of Transport and Main Roads for the vehicle's sale to be legal. This is also true if you're a Qld resident and have purchased a vehicle from another state and are bringing it back to Qld. When the vehicle passes a safety inspection it will be issued a safety certificate (also called a roadworthy certificate).
The cost for a six month registration can vary from $400-$4,500, depending on the value and type of the vehicle being registered. This makes it the buyer's responsibility to obtain a safety certificate and register the vehicle.
For additional information about Qld safety certificates and safety inspections, read 'Roadworthy Certificate Inspection Checklist and 'Safety Certificates and Beyond'. We have the ability to inspect heavy vehicles, motorcycles, caravans and light weight vehicles throughout southeast Queensland. If your vehicle is not registered within 14 days, you may be fined by the police for up to $900. Duty fees are often the single largest fee when registering a new or used vehicle in Queensland for the first time.

You can check registration checklist to know about the documents required for registration. Obtaining a roadworthy in southeast Queensland is quick and efficient with ECMSC because we bring the roadworthy inspection to you. Unfortunately I never got to use it for camping and travelling as I had intended and was only ever used to drive to work and around town. Has 4 new tyres (Less than 1000 km done on them), wheel alignment, fresh oil & filter, new spark plugs, new interior door handles & window winders. Will sell registered til March 2012 and RWC and also nearly full tank of petrol for a negotiated price.

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