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Bravely Second definitely made its presence known at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show and there's more than 15 minutes of new footage for those who couldn't attend TGS this year.
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The answer to that question is a little more complicated than a simple matter of looking at hitch class, but it is an important piece of the puzzle, and it’s also one of the main variables you can control if you already own a tow vehicle. According to that specification, class I hitches are capable of handling between 100 – 200 lbs. According to Siliconera, the Bravely Second producer was showing off the same demo build that 2014 Tokyo Game Show attendees were given a chance to play, and also includes some of Ryo’s musical contributions.Both videos combine to offer about 15-minutes of new Bravely Second footage. None of it is especially exciting or noteworthy, but each should provide a bit of entertainment to those still anxious for a new entry in what appears to be Square Enix’s latest hit franchise. Asano’s Bravely Second live stream also includes appearances from the Crystal Orthodoxy Knights that were detailed earlier this month.Unfortunately, there’s still no word on possible Western localizations of Bravely Second, despite the fact that we’re only a few months removed from the Bravely Second release date.

Looking at those numbers, you’ll have to limit yourself to pop up campers that weigh less than 2,000 lbs and exert less than 200 lbs.
It seems that server issues have kept some multiplayer features and easter eggs from working correctly, but it still wouldn't be wise to expect anything like an MMORPG experience. Of course, you have to look at two numbers to see what you can tow: the tongue weight and the actual loaded weight of a camper.
That loaded weight includes the dry weight of the camper itself and everything you put in it before you hit the road, including fresh water and all your camping gear. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has also stated that he'd love to feature Spock's mom, Amanda Grayson. Our above-referenced comparison table is only a sampling of the lightest pop ups available from six popular manufacturers, so it definitely isn’t representative of all your potential choices.
The Flash actor is currently on set of the upcoming Justice League movie and can’t wait to show people his version of Barry Allen.

That does check in below the upper limits of the class I specification, but you have to keep in mind that you’ll be towing a lot more than 1,174 lbs.
And, of course, a tent-on-trailer pop up camper like a Lifetime Tent Trailer Kit is just about as lightweight as you can get.When 2,000 Lbs. Coleman in particular was known for their super lightweight campers, and they aren’t even in the game anymore.

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