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Once it’s clear that everyone has been helped, gather information about the vehicles and drivers involved. Be sure to first get identifying information, such as the license plate number of the other vehicle in case the other driver leaves the scene, turning the accident into a hit-and-run.If the other driver stays at the scene, as they should, be sure to exchange contact information and insurance information with them.WitnessesWere there any witnesses to the accident? If so, they can be helpful later, when the parties in the accident disagree on what happened.
Be sure to ask any bystanders if they’d be willing to give you their information in case you need someone to verify the events that took place—and do it immediately after you gather the other driver’s basic information.

You don’t want your eyewitnesses to wander away from the scene before you get their information.The SceneNow that you’ve documented who was involved in the accident, be sure to document the scene of the accident. The diagram allows you to note and label the positions of the vehicles, the direction they were traveling, and any traffic control devices, such as stop signs or traffic lights.Pictures of the scene and the damage done to the vehicles are also important. Any results set forth herein are based upon the facts of that particular case and do not represent a promise or guarantee.
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