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After buying this service, your Verizon USA iPhone will bypass the requirement of SSN and ZIP code. Sometimes you purchase a Verizon iPhone from eBay or any other third party site but after buying it you come to know that this phone is not activated. Orders we get till Sunday will be unlocked by Thursday and orders we get from Thursday to Friday will be unlocked by Tuesday. If you’ve an iPhone which is locked to France Orange network, you can order this service to get your device factory unlocked permanently. Kindly make sure that your handset has been activated at least once with original carrier SIM before purchasing our service. If you’re not sure that whether your device is activated or not, you can use some online IMEI checker.

If you know the original owner, you try to contact him but you can’t find him or he refuses to tell you this information. After using this solution, you’ll be able to use any iPhone supported carrier all over the world. Add our Email address given on the top of our site to your contacts list to avoid this problem. Connect your phone to the Computer and restore your device by putting your iPhone into recovery mode.

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