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It may look flawless and drive fine, but if water has gotten inside the car it is likely to develop expensive-to-repair electrical problems in the future. Used car buyers should also be careful when buying cars that were previously used as a rental vehicle. Carfax, one of our partners, is well known and has benefited many used car buyers since 1996.
When you get the report, pay attention to the dates and the corresponding odometer records.
This is because not all accidents are reported and the mechanical condition of the vehicle can only be verified by a thorough mechanical inspection; things like engine or transmission condition are also important, but they are not marked in the history report.
Anyone who buys a car and suspects that it has had some major work to it that was not stated at the time of sale should get an HPI check, which should uncover any illegal activity. A full check will tell the buyer if the vehicle as been reported stolen, has outstanding debt attached to it, is an insurance write off or is cloned. Car dealers are not obliged to tell you that the car is a write-off, but this is another thing you can investigate with a car data check. So that you don’t get any nasty shocks always ask the right questions.  Sellers by law have to describe the used car accurately, so have a good look round the car before you buy and ask lots of questions.
Just a few ideas for you to think about before you purchase a second hand car; it’s always advisable to get the car HPI checked so that you don’t get any nasty shocks or surprises.
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The MOT status and history checker that can be found here is fairly self explanatory, and can be used to check that an MOT certificate for a vehicle is genuine.  The date of the last test, the mileage on the vehicle at the time of the test, and the expiry date of the test are all provided, allowing you to confirm that the MOT certificate presented by the seller is above board. You can also check the details of every MOT test carried out on the vehicle since 2005 (when the system was computerised).  Full test details can sometimes uncover mechanical issues as they developed over time, whlle checking the mileage at each MOT can help you make sure that the vehicle has not been clocked. A vehicle history check also identifies cars that have been reported as stolen ? which remain the legal property of the original owner ? as well as those that have been insurance write offs, which may therefore be unsafe to drive. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Clocking a€“ despite measures being taken by manufacturers to prevent fraudsters winding back the mileage of used cars, for example the use of digital odometers, the practice is still prevalent and buyers need to be wary. Car History a€“ recent studies have shown that many thousands of used cars on sale in the UK have hidden histories, so carrying out a proper check on a potential purchase is vital. Check that chassis and engine numbers have not been tampered with, and find out where they are located on the car youa€™re interested in. While a shiny exterior can hide bodged and potentially dangerous crash repairs, carrying out the simple checks described in the a€?Bodyworka€™ section above can help to avoid getting caught out.
Recalls of new (or indeed older) cars for rectification of some potential fault is common and should be nothing to worry about.
AUTO LEMON - USED CAR HISTORY CHECK offers both AutoCheck Vehicle History Report and Free VIN Check. AutoCheck will actually buy the vehicle back from you if you find a severe problem (major accident, fire, flood damage, major odometer problems or a manufacturer buyback) that was reported by a DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles and not included in the Vehicle History Report. GEICO Auto Insurance - Get an instant auto insurance online quote and buy auto insurance today. Flash floods are becoming a common occurrence and once in a while you might come across a vehicle that had been flooded in the past like this one in the photo. Some of the ex-rental cars might be kept in good shape, while others may have been abused or poorly maintained.

It's a 17-character number with letters and digits that you can find in the left front corner of the windshield (in the photo) or on the manufacturing label on the door jamb. The CARFAX® history report also shows the number of previous owners, some service records and states or provinces where the car was previously registered. If it shows that one year the car was driven for 15,000 miles and another year for only 3,000 miles, you may need to check the vehicle more carefully.
HPI check will look for any evidence of clocking, will make sure that it is the exact make and model that the paperwork claim it to be. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Take control of your search by finding cheap auto insurance, inquire about their auto insurance policies, and compare to other auto insurance rates. According to the NHTSA, there are approximately 452,000 cases of odometer fraud per year in the United States. For these reasons, used car buyers should consider checking used car history records BEFORE signing the contract. In general, cars that have been repaired after an accident are more likely to develop rust, as well as mechanical and electrical problems. You should also be suspicious if there are signs of damage to ignition or door locks, or different sets of keys for each.

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