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I tried Grammarly’s grammar check free of charge because who doesn’t want to impress his or her high school English teacher with well-written blog posts? Speaking of good grammar, one must be able to write well constructed sentences to communicate effectively. A Run On sentence is a combination of clauses joined or fused incorrectly, either with punctuation or incorrect punctuation. If the subjects and verbs can be divided into two complete thoughts that are not joined with the proper punctuation, then the word group is a run-on. If the word group cannot be divided into two complete thoughts (with two subjects and verbs), it is not a run-on. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Adjectives and adverbs can often be moved around within the clause, especially if they are word groups. The earlier words in a sentence receive the most emphasis - they have a greater impression on the reader.

To use connecting words effectively, you must choose the word that expresses the correct relationship. Understanding sentence structure helps to avoid many of the most common errors in the English language. Adjectives or adverbs - single words or groups - always describe the closest element of the clause. If a modifier group is closer to the wrong element, it can be awkward, confusing, or even hilarious. To correct these errors, move the modifiers so that they are closest to the element they should modify.
The structure of a sentence that asks a question is somewhat different from the standard or declarative sentence. For more detailed and exhaustive explanations of sentence grammar, refer to a reputable handbook. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

Some are fragments in which the subject or verb is missing, but also there are fragments that are dependent clauses. Add a dependent word: Join the clauses by making one dependent (subordinating conjunction). He had been working in a tidal pattern so long that he could feel a tide change in his sleep.
In the dawn he awakened , looked out through the windshield and saw that the water was already retreating down the bouldery flat. The sentence is so full, in fact, that it threatens to fly apart like an overheated engine.
He avoids monotony by including the occasional brief introductory phrase “In the dawn” and by varying the lengths of his sentences.

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