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The Common Core Literacy Standards aren’t getting nearly as much ink as the math and ELA standards, which is a pity—they’ll affect almost every teacher in America. These rubrics establish performance benchmarks for argument, informational, and narrative writing. For more ideas on how to implement the Common Core Standards in your school or classroom, check out the links under the “Blog Topics” bar on the right-hand side of your screen.
February 24, 2016 - What Does the Every Student Succeeds Act Mean for Common Core State Standards? After talking about your state's map and its symbols, you might check out maps for neighboring states or for states in other parts of the country. Students will not comprehend the large numbers that appear on the chart, but you can help them understand by using 17 kernels of corn to represent 1.7 billion (1,700,000,000) ears of corn, then 16 kernels would represent 1,600,000,000 billion ears, 9 kernels would represent 900,000,000, and so on. You might work with students to round off the large numbers on the chart and to determine the number of kernels of corn that represents each state's corn production. Find more popcorn activities in Education World's article, Popcorn Isn't Just for Movies Anymore.
Add a clear pocket to the front of your notebook and place your class syllabus in the front so you always know what’s coming up. Create a hanging organizer at home so you can store and separate papers for all of your classes. Put different covers on your binders so you can easily associate a class with a certain color or pattern.

Keep flash cards in a soap container so you don’t lose any strays and so they stay in good condition. Make a double folder to organize classes that have a lot of papers or to keep track of two classes in one place. A new old stock Texas motorcycle license plate from the year 1975 which is available in various conditions.
If you wish to purchase this motorcycle tag for YOM use on your 1975 TX bike you will first need to contact the Texas department of motor vehicles to see if this tag qualifies for Year of Manufacture purposes.
So don’t think that the Common Core Standards Writing rubrics posted below are just for English instructors.
They guide users to score writing performance on a 1-5 scale, 1 being inadequate, 5 being exceptional. Then let students glue the appropriate number of kernels to each of the top corn-growing states on the outline map. The graph will provide a visual reference point to help students see which states grow the most corn.
You can choose which of these 1975 TX bike tags you wish to purchase with the condition button above. Sometime between now and 2014 you and most of your colleagues will be asked to apply a version of these to the writing that’s done in your classrooms.
They lay out specific, consistent qualities that characterize good and bad writing in each of these areas.

Then let students glue the appropriate number of kernels to each of the top ten corn-growing states. Organization is one of the most important skills to have, especially when it comes to school.
This way you can keep papers throughout the semester in one spot to review at the end to save space in your binder. The color of this plate is white with black letters with TEX and the indented space with 75 punched in it. If you’re not organized, you may end up losing things or bringing the wrong notebook to class, which can impact your grades. Place the transparency on an overhead projector and have a few students trace the map onto a bulletin board covered with white paper. Organization can also be fun and there are a lot of cool ways to keep track of all your stuff. Instead of using popcorn kernels on the copy of an outline map, use pieces of popped popcorn on the bulletin board map. Check out these easy school organization tips that will change your life, and maybe even your grades!

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