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Here at ARC Gosport we like to inform our customers, should they be paying without the involvement of an insurance company, of the many ways to achieve a repair at the minimum cost, i.e. The systems that are in place allow us to be able to inform customers of about all aspects and timings for their repair processes. Accident Repair Centre (Gosport) is the number one Accident and Crash Repairs specialist based in Gosport and covers all surrounding areas including Lee-on-the-Solent, Fareham and Portsmouth. If you wish to enquire about any of the services we offer then don't hesitate to get in touch.
If you're unable to post or login please submit a support ticket here - include the forum, MX Trax and your username Unregistered. The RF14A is 1992 to 1995, but i don't know what year by the other numbers, do as UKAF said and call a dealer with the number. NOTE: To hold the inspection time of a container to a minimum, once sufficient damage has been identified to cause rejection of the container, the inspection will stop. Broken or improper operation of the door locking rods, locking cams, handles, handle retainers, locking bar mounting brackets, hinges, or documentation holders. Door header or doorsill that is distorted, cut, or torn which would prevent watertight sealing of the doors. Stenciled markings not indicating a gross weight of 44,800 pounds (20,320 kilograms) for a 20-foot container. International CSC plate illegible, not indicating a maximum gross weight of 44,800 pounds (20,320 kilograms) for 20-foot container, or not showing a current inspection date. In consideration of its case, as well as the available hardware components, the M17 from Alienware correlates to the Devil 8000 XTX of the German retailer Deviltech or also the mySN CXG7 from Schenker Notebooks. The strong base unit as well as the display lid itself is extremely insensitive to pressure. Despite the generous space proportions on the barebone, the ports were concentrated mostly on the right side edge tending towards the rear area and on the back side of the notebook. You have to pay through your nose if you aren't content with the one year basic warranty. The best system is worth nothing without first class input devices, especially a gaming suitable mouse. Gamers probably don't have to be indoctrinated here but for all lateral entrants the following should be said: Even the best Ping is no good if you don't possess an adequate mouse. With a resolution of up to 3200 dpi and a laser scanning almost unsusceptible to surfaces, the G9 feels at home on pads and table veneers. Input DevicesThat the keyboard of a full-blooded gaming notebook doesn't necessarily have to have a supreme suitability for typing seems to be obvious. Particularly because the keyboard is placed fairly far in the back of the base unit and the comparatively elevated height with a sharp-edged finish in the front of the same is barely typing-friendly. The typing-feeling turns out quite sufficient and can be described as being minimally jerky due to the palpable pressure point. For a surcharge of 23.00 Euros you can also acquire the keyboard with a background light, which can be set individually as already in the m17x.

KeyboardDisplayThere are two screens available for the Alienware M17: A WXGA+ display with a resolution of 1440x900 pixels or a WUXGA screen with 1920x1200 pixels.
The BIOS in the Alienware M17 didn't allow an over-clocking, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't any ways and means under certain circumstances… That the Alienware computers practically claim the top position in various benchmark tests is something which has to be acknowledged in the meantime, if it's liked or not. Cinebench R10Even if it's not quite a pushover for the Alienware M17, the Cinebench R10 benchmark results provide for a commotion.
Please note that unfortunately, there will be a 1.5% surcharge for any payments made by credit or debit cards. The Alienware M17 is currently one of the most efficient available notebooks from the Alienware product range. Both of these design aspects distinguish the Alienware device from some other otherwise similarly built notebooks. While the possibility of the base unit deforming during lifting it on the front edge tends toward zero, the display shows itself in this exercise as exceptionally susceptible.
In fact, the centrally placed flip top shows a very largely dimensioned hinge but it allows an obvious luffing of the display.
ConnectivityThe case, as well as the price proposal allows a generous connectivity of the notebook. Besides the standard socket for a microphone and headphone, the M17 also has an optical TOSlink digital-out.
Particularly the connections on the back aren't optimally visible with that, but they are more the permanently occupied sockets here. On board for wireless communication with diverse peripheral equipment is also a Bluetooth 2.1. The two changeable covers with a different shape provide an optimal fitting for the contour of your hand.
The low dead weight of the mouse can be adjusted to your individual needs with special weights.
Of course writing texts is very well possible, but it's not really going to prove to be a pleasure. The latter was used in our test sample and distinguished itself through its overview on the display.
The subjective color presentation, as well as the maximal possible contrast of up to 516:1 leaves nothing to be desired.
It's not as much the graphic as the efficient quad core CPU that practically cold shoulders dual core processors in the Rendering Test optimized for multi cores.Due to the 64 Bit operating system our test sample was able to completely use the built in 4 GB RAM. Alienware offers two drives a 500GB gross capacity, either as a 5400 rpm model or in the faster 7200 rpm version. It feels very comfortable, especially in high resolution and detail levels, being equipped with an Intel Quad-Core CPU and two ATI Radeon 3870 graphic cards in a crossfire arrangement. This label refers to the velvet-like matt surface which is as good as resistant against particularly unattractive usage signs, such as fingerprints. Creaking sounds weren't omitted here either, which can already be elicited when opening the screen.

Admittedly, this is fortunately not further distressing when the notebook is used practically completely stationary, unless of course the book is being used on a somewhat shaky desk. The presented ExpressCard slot and the SD cardreader (7in1) are found on the left side front area of the case. Unfortunately, the keyboard lighting in our test sample didn't turn out quite as consistent as in the case of the m17x.
The reflective glare-type surface contributes to the color vibrancy but also causes unpleasant reflections in adverse light conditions, especially when slanting the viewing angle.The offered stable viewing angles are very generous in the horizontal area and can be described as sufficient in the vertical area. Alienware has to be given credit for their explicit reference to this 64 Bit problem during the configuration of the notebook. A simple call to a suzuki dealer will confirm it for you, but I have been using this website for years and it is always correct. If it weren't for calibers like Crysis or GTA IV… The Alienware M17 represents besides the already tested m17x and the Alienware m15x the third series from the creator specialized in gaming machines. In consideration of the current high-gloss affinity of many multimedia devices, this is very well worth a word of praise.
The maintenance covers for the two hard disk slots are found right under these and both were occupied in our test sample.
The most important feature of the Logitech G9 is the adjustable sensitivity of 200 up to 3200 dpi in three levels during use. Viewing angle M17PerformanceThe Alienware draws on abundant resources, so to say, when it's about the available hardware.
Both hard disks from Samsung (HM500LI, 5400 rpm) in a Raid 0 configuration reached a very good transmission rate of an above average access time of 20.5 milliseconds in the HDTune benchmark test. Close the door and inspect for light penetration; then inspect the interior for damage to the floor.
The most significant difference to the other models is, however, the choice of the graphic card manufacturer ATI, in opposition to the other Nvidia based systems.
In regards of the processors, practically the whole efficient Intel range is applicable in the device. According to various internet reports 8GB RAM should be possible, even if Alienware doesn't officially confirm this. In the M17, two currently most efficient mobile graphic cards from ATI are used, both being a Mobility Radeon 3870HD graphic card in a crossfire combination, the alternative to Nvidia's SLI technology, so to say. It has to be counted with that upcoming programs and games are going to use even more the resources of a multi core CPU and that the future belongs to Quad (and higher) cores.In the scope of these tests, the QX9300 CPU could primarily score though it's over-clocking possibility. The chip ran stably with up to 2.93 GHz and banished all of the other chips in regards of performance back into line. The four core is not exactly cheap, you have to cough up a total of 1,101.00 Euros for this chip at Alienware – respect!

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