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Check Game is a pricing game where contestants write an amount of a check in an attempt to win a cash award and a prize. The contestant is asked to write an oversized check for an amount that they think, when added to the price of the prize, will total between $7,000 and $8,000 (inclusive).
The contestant is given the check they wrote to keep as a souvenir whether they win or lose.
Drew Carey, in a similar vein to the "Ezekiel Barker" running gag on the Barker's Bargain Bar pricing game, implies that the show has been using the same (magic marker) quill pen since 1872, 1873 or other (less frequently used) 19th-century years. The actual retail price of the prizes played for this game has to be less than the minimum total needed to win the game. The original think music was borrowed from Range Game; Check Game began using its current music cue (also used for Cover Up) in 1988. From the game's inception until February 3, 1989, at which point the winning range increased to $5,000-$6,000, the winning range was $3,000-$3,500. After July 17, 2008, Check game increased the winning range again, this time to the current $7,000-$8,000 on September 23, 2008, the game's first playing of Season 37.

After May 14, 2009, Check Game was removed from the pricing game rotation; it was not played again until June 20, 2013, when it returned with an all-new look, complete with new monitors replacing the eggcrate displays. Created by former producer Roger Dobkowitz, where the game was originally called "Blank Check". If the sum of the two amounts totals within that range, the contestant wins both the prize and the cash; if the amount falls outside of the desired range, the contestant loses the game and the check is voided, with "VOID" stamped onto the check.
Bob Barker has jokingly mentioned that staff members often find voided checks in garbage cans outside the studio. Several contestants have attempted to write the check for amounts over $5,000 and several contestants have attempted to write on the game board's eggcrate displays (though this is typically edited out in most episodes). The game has used a magic marker designed to intentionally resemble a quill pen, complete with the quill feather. The game began using its current name on January 29, 1987 upon the threat of a copyright infringement lawsuit from Barry & Enright Productions, who had produced a game show called "Blank Check". The new displays are dark green and if it's ruled a loss, the three displays turn red; if it's ruled a win, the three displays flash a bright green, similar to that of Grand Game.

If the total of the value of the check and the price of the prize is between $7,000 and $8,000, then the contestant wins the prize and the value of the check. While these difficulties might appear to endanger Check Game's status in the active game rotation, the confusion has become something of an inside joke over the years. Simply move your piece diagonally one space forward, or jump over an opponent directly in front of you to capture.
Former Price Is Right host Bob Barker once stated that it is actually one of the reasons he enjoys the game. If any of your pieces reach the other end of the board it is crowned and can move diagonally in any direction.
Contestants playing this game are commonly asked if they know the rules and, if so, are then asked to explain them.

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