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Yes, that's an extremely long time David and a normal occurrence since the engine has sumped.
Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. It pays to check the owner’s manual for the proper way to check your oil, however you can use the following steps to find out whether your vehicle needs oil and how to top it up. You can save time in the store by pre-booking your repair service appointment online today. You can save time in the store by pre-booking your maintenance service appointment online today. Engine sludge is as nasty as it sounds, with more disgusting nicknames like “mayonnaise sludge” (soft consistency) and “black sludge” (hard consistency). One day your oil is shiny and slick but, over time, that incredible lubricant can become gunky and provide less effective protection for your engine parts.
Unfortunately, simply looking at the oil or rubbing it between your fingers won’t tell you everything that is going on inside your engine. Check it yourself: Visually examining oil on your oil dipstick may help identify excessive oil thickening or water contamination. Step 4: Withdraw the dipstick, wipe it with a paper towel or rag, and reinsert it all the way back until it’s back in place.
Caution: Always make sure you are using the right oil for your car so your engine doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to, resulting in sluggish performance. Some may call it ‘black gold,’ but we all know disposing of oil improperly is damaging to the environment.
The only proper way to dispose of oil is to take it to a facility that accepts used oil for proper disposal or recycling — like us. Many vehicles are now equipped with high tech ways to constantly monitor your driving conditions and mileage to determine the life expectancy of your oil.
We train our technicians to perform oil change services using our own e-learning and training guides along with on-the-job coaching and mentoring. Your complete car wash, auto detailing and exterior and interior car cleaning service center in Battle Ground. At the Clean Machine Car Wash we take pride in the daily maintenance of cleaning your car and the long term care of detailing your vehicle top to bottom. We provide maintenance services for less than what you’d typically pay at the dealership, with far greater convenience.
Without further adieu, here are the five fluids in your car that should be checked, how often you should check them, and what to look for. This, of course, is our bread and butter, and chances are, it’s the first thing you learned to check in your vehicle. In almost every vehicle out there you simply pop the hood, locate the oil dipstick, pull it out, and wipe it down. Transmission fluid is there to keep the gears on your car moving without too much friction.
Check your coolant level at least twice a year: at the beginning of Summer and again in the Winter.
Like transmission fluid, brake fluid is part of a closed system, so it should also never be low. Your brake fluid reservoir is usually on the driver’s side of your car, and it should be somewhat see-through like other reservoirs so you can easily check the level whenever you check your oil or coolant.
If you’ve ever driven a car without power steering, you know how nice it is to have and you can thank your power steering fluid for an easy drive. Check your power steering fluid each month when you check your oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Checking all of your vehicle’s fluids regularly is the best thing you can do to keep it on the road. Here i would like to share useful info regarding basic car maintenance (asas penjagaan kereta dan baikpulih) which is very important for us as car owner. That is all for Do It yourself car maintenance on the engine side which you must do every month to ensure your engine runs properly and prolong engine life.
That is all for now and I will add more later if there is any important tips that i missed or if there is any info update from you guys.
Hope this will help all car owners and especially new car owners to take care of your car very well.
Team KDI suka berkongsi info, tips, gambar kereta modified, bodykit dijual terkini, trend DIY modifikasi. Forum bincang mengenai masalah kereta, cara repair sendiri dengan harga murah dan panduan kepada pembeli dan pemandu. The oil from the reservoir slowly bypassed the check valve(not sealing properly) and filled the cam compartment and crankcase.

Be sure the engine is cold (or has been off for at least ten minutes) before you check the oil. Hold the dipstick horizontally and note how high the oil film reaches on the dipstick and the condition of the oil, and add or change the oil as needed. Rub a little between your thumb and index finger, and if it leaves a dirty smudge, it probably needs to be changed. You can buy oil the next time you fill up with petrol at the service station or you can find it at auto supply stores and supermarkets. Sludge is old and congealed oil resulting from excessive contamination, heat and oil additive breakdown.
This is an extreme condition, but what could turn such a vital liquid into a gunky, engine clogging mess, you ask? Over time, motor oil becomes contaminated with engine metals, acids and air humidity, eventually transforming into sludge. Prolonged stress and under-hood heat can lead to sludge filled consequences for your engine oil. Get this: Repeated short distance driving means your oil may not have time to reach optimal operating temperatures.
Very hot or very cold temperatures will cause faster oil breakdown, requiring oil changes sooner.
Make sure to double check your owner’s manual and check with your oil technician for the proper oil for your region. Parking on an incline will give you an inaccurate reading of your oil level when you pull the dipstick out. Now, withdraw the dipstick again, hold it horizontally, and read the oil level on the dipstick (every dipstick has a safe oil level indicator). Friction modifiers help oil flow through your engine with greater ease, requiring even less energy than traditional oils. When the Oil Life System light appears, your computer system has determined you’ve reached the life expectancy for your current oil. Your car computer can now restart the process of counting the miles traveled since your most recent oil change. Check your owner’s manual for an explanation about how the system functions in your vehicle.
Engine seals are the little rubber parts that prevent oil leaks, and there’s a rumor out there that seal failure is caused by synthetic oils.
Luckily for you, the time between oil changes has increased with the increased sophistication of newer cars. The oil life system constantly monitors your driving conditions and mileage to determine the life expectancy of your oil. Our superior attention to the unique features of your car leave it looking and feeling like new. We review your owner’s manual recommended services and the mileage intervals when they should be performed. But, if you’ve passed the 100,000 mile mark in a later model, it may be best to check it each time you fill up at the gas station. Take a look at your owner’s manual to be sure of the recommended interval, or play it safe and have it changed every 3,000 miles. Checking your transmission fluid is a lot like checking your oil, except you’ll need to have the car running when you do it. Because this fluid pumps through a closed system it should never be low, but if it is, bring the car in ASAP. If this fluid ever gets low you might start to hear some noises or feel resistance in the steering wheel. Generally it’s a good idea to replace it every few years when you have your radiator flushed, but it  is worth checking your owner’s manual to be sure.
So, set up your calendar for reminders and feel free to call us any time you have a question! If there is any missing tips, please share in the comment section so we can discuss and help others.
Usually Auto transmission car need to change every 30k km to 40k km while manual transmission every 40k which is longer time. Do not leave the dirt accumulate as it may damage your car body paint and can cause corrosion.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I had real doubts about this website but your promptness of response, quick followup and to the point answer with picture was incredible. The location of the oil dipstick depends on whether your vehicle has an in-line engine (rear-wheel drive – image A). The pipe it fits into is curved, and the metal stick bends naturally in the direction of the curve if you put it back in the way it came out. Sludge typically forms over a long period of time and generally builds up when a vehicle owner skips oil changes or travels many miles past the recommended oil change interval.

Waiting too long to change your oil will increase the likelihood of sludge infecting all the parts where motor oil travels.
Follow your vehicle’s recommended oil change intervals, take into account your driving habits, and save yourself the aggravation engine damaging sludge creates. High temperatures also cause oil to thin out; typically resulting in metal on metal grinding or wear in your engine.
This enables water (condensation) and combustion bi-products, such as smoke, to dilute oil, accelerating the breakdown of your oil and shortening the lifespan of your engine components. That’s because hot under-hood temperatures can cause your motor oil to breakdown and thin out. Some symptoms that may indicate a problem with your oil are: low oil pressure, engine overheating or difficulty starting in cold weather. If your dipstick has a white, milky discoloration, this means excessive moisture has entered your motor oil. Every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, we’ll make sure your old oil is disposed of properly. Though that was a possibility many years ago when synthetics were first formulated, today’s synthetic oils have advanced greatly in makeup and engine protection. Although it measures mileage traveled and outside condition factors such as heat, double check your owner’s manual as well.
If it’s at a safe level, which is generally indicated by a notched or scored section, then continue on your way. Under the hood, the dipstick should be near the rear of the engine in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and near the front in a front-wheel-drive. What they know after buying a car is only fill up fuel and service their car periodically and the worst case, some of us did not even care about the periodic service (waktu servis kereta berjadual). This is important especially for auto transmission as the gearbox is very sensitive and needs oil replacement more frequently.
A yes to any of these questions means you could probably benefit from an oil change more frequently to ensure your engine’s protected.
Oil is harder to pump during startup, potentially leading to accelerated engine wear and difficulty starting your vehicle.
If you don’t have a thick enough oil running through your system, your oil can become too thin, leaving engine parts exposed to metal-on-metal contact. Now, to set the record straight, oil leaks can occur with synthetics if there’s already an opening.
That’s why Kendall Oils is always improving their oils to protect your engine over longer intervals.
It will provide you with a very accurate oil change schedule based on your vehicle and driving conditions. It could be blank or it could be labeled "Oil Cap" or something similar, and it might even indicate which grade of oil you ought to be using in your car.
Today’s oils and vehicles are of higher quality and capable of handling longer mileage intervals for most vehicles.
That’s because synthetics contain smaller molecules than conventional oils and can enter smaller crevices. As engine technology and oil keeps improving, the time that can pass before an oil change will be longer and longer.
If you notice that your car is burning through oil quicker than usual, it’s worth bringing it in.
Even if you have a reservoir, it’s smart to check your radiator anyway, just in case the line from your reservoir is blocked somehow. This fluid should never drop too much, so if it does appear low, don’t hesitate to bring your car in to the shop. This problem typically can become even more severe if you tow heavy loads or if you leave your car running idle for extended periods of time.
The lower the grade (0W), the thinner the oil, the easier your car will start during those deep freezes. But, take note, all the synthetic is detecting is a pre-existing and evolving leak — not creating it. But, if you know a thing or two about fluids, you can refuse unnecessary work with confidence. In fact, the leak would eventually be exposed by conventional oil as the crack becomes larger. And that’s why we offer a full range of quality motor oils, honed by the liquid engineers at Kendall motor oils.

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