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Coolant is a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water, and yes, flushing the cooling system is an important part of your car’s preventive maintenance schedule. But it is not the same as a radiator drain & fill, or rather, merely draining the radiator will only remove a portion of the dirty fluid. Coolant flows through your radiator, water pump, water hoses and through internal engine passages to keep the engine operating at the proper temperature.
Coolant that is still doing its job to protect your engine can be any variety of colors from green to red to orange, but the key is that it will be translucent.
If coolant is left to deteriorate, it can take its toll on your vehicle’s cooling system. Try our new Category View for Detailed topics segregated by their topic.Now it's even easier to find the information you need. You can also receive our Detailed Auto Topics, delivered to your computer, as soon as they are written. By installing this product onto your vehicle, you assume all risk and liability associated with its use.
It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle complies with all federal, state, and local emissions laws. THIS PRODUCT MAY BE CAPABLE OF DISABLING ALL OR PART OF THE EMISSIONS SYSTEM ON CERTAIN VEHICLE APPLICATIONS, WHEN SELECTED BY THE END USER TO DO SO. Disconnect and plug the transmission fluid lines at the radiator, if equipped with automatic transmission. While lifting and lightly pulling the radiator in a rear direction, disassemble the lower mount from the radiator core support center.
Because the condenser is onto the front lower portion of the radiator, moving to the rearward direction should be kept to a minimum. Lift the condenser up and remove the radiator after disengaging the fitting at the front bottom surface.

After removing the radiator, position the condenser on the radiator core support center in order to prevent a load on the air conditioning hoses. An F-150 or F-250 that's running well should not be pouring white smoke every time you get on the gas. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and Ford F250, F350 Super Duty (2005-2014). There are a handful of reasons why your truck might be producing white smoke, most of them not too serious.
If your truck is a diesel and produces white smoke while warming up, this is completely normal.
If you see smoke coming out of your Ford F-150 or Super Duty's rear axle, stop everything you're doing, and follow the steps below. Knowing the common mechanical problems and possible solutions for your beloved Ford F-250 or F-350 is the key to saving money on diagnosis and repair.
If the coolant level becomes too low or too dirty and contaminated from age and miles driven, it can lead to an overheated engine. Their prices for labor are fair, and they seek to finish their work in a timely, efficient manner. Federal and many state and local laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part of the design affecting emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on a public street or highway.
EMISSIONS REMOVAL IS NOT LEGAL ANYWHERE WITHIN THE USA, UNLESS THE VEHICLE IS NOT REGISTERED WITH THE DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES, AND IS BEING USED SOLELY AS A COMPETITION RACE VEHICLE. The coolant system in your truck is a closed loop, which means you will be running low on engine coolant if your truck is burning the stuff. They stopped short of issuing a total recall, but Ford will change the injectors on 2005 F-150s and Super Duties. Because coolant keeps your engine from overheating—which keeps you from sitting by the side of the tollway waiting for a tow truck.

And when today’s engines overheat, it can mean a literal meltdown and extremely expensive repairs. At Gages Lake, we can do that for you, and we can use test strips to ensure the coolant is still able to protect your radiator and other cooling system parts.
I've never had any complaints about the work they've done for me, and always made sure that I understood what everything would cost.
Violation may result in a fine of up to $32,500 per vehicle (or possibly higher depending on changes in the law).
If you're truck falls into those ranges or is still under warranty, the dealer will repair it at no cost. We’ll also thoroughly check the system’s other components, such as the drive belts, cooling fan, radiator, radiator hoses, water pump and even the radiator cap. All civil penalties and fines for removing your vehicle’s emissions equipment are the sole responsibility of the end user. If you coolant level is low and you know you're not burning fluid, check around the coolant lines for signs of leaks.
If your truck is running poorly and you're entering regen mode more frequently, then you likely have other engine related problems.
A bad gaskets, damaged valve seats, worn piston rings, or other physical damage could cause it.

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