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Save up to 70% off the price of prescriptions – you could save even if you already have insurance coverage. Davids Check Cashing is licensed by the New York State Banking Department and are subject to the provisions of article IX-A of the Banking Law.
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With five Xia€™an locations under his belt, founder David Shi decided to expand his empire of family recipe-inspired eateries with an upgrade of sorts. The lamb burgers ($6) are better than ever, their crisp, tangy pressed flatbread gripping the hauntingly smoky meat. And the menua€™s dozen grilled skewers offer an anatomical sampling that would make most vegetarians cringe. Following the onslaught of protein and carbs, ita€™s either time for something light and sweet a€” or time for a long walk. Phone: (718) 888-7713 Stewed Oxtail Biang Biang Noodles at Biang! We have been in business since 1957 and operate 26 locations throughout the New York metro area.

These seemingly endless, chewy strands are the souls of a over dozen dishes a€” each an opportunity to happily sear your mouth and splatter your clothes with chili oil and savory broth.
Qi Pork Biang-Biang Noodles ($6.50) a€” its name already a mouthful a€” unapologetically tingles your tongue with sharp licorice notes of star anise. Undercover officers purchased $25,000 worth of heroin from Millbrook residents and other dealers, including 69-year-old Carlos Camacho, a fraud investigator with the Human Resources Administration for 40 years, and his grandson Cesar Quinones. Delicious coins of pork intestine, ($3.75) like meaty subway tokens, sparkle with their dusting of cumin and red chili. A tamer, but no less satisfying ride can be had from the Stewed Oxtail Biang Biang ($7.50), boasting a rich, dark gravy that clings to the noodles as diners contentedly slurp away. Despite a fragrant bath of floral honey, a boulder of cool, sticky rice studded with lotus and wintermelon seeds ($2.50) mostly brings to mind leftover morning oatmeal. Chicken gizzards ($3.75) taste as if a whole bird had been distilled into each tiny nugget.
Making a mess is unavoidable a€” this is definitely a second (or third) date kind of place.
Its counterpart, a hot rice cake ($3), comes packed with dates and sesame and enough acrid, scorched sugar to recall that same pot of oatmeal the one time mom forgot about it on the burner. After 10 hours, the drugs were found inside a steel band covered with a metal sheath at the perimeter of the floor of the semi-trailer. One second more and you are chewing on tire a€” which is an apt description for the boiled Tofu a€?Skina€? Skewer ($3), the only clunker in the bunch. The investigation, conducted with the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force, linked the drug organization behind the transport to similar narcotics deliveries across the country.

By December, Carlos Loveras, Armando Magallon, Miguel Mejias, Antonio Rodriguez, Victor Luna-Martinez and Junior Lantigua had been indicted on the top narcotics possession charge and conspiracy.
Triggered by community complaints, the narcotics investigation recorded 60 undercover purchases of crack-cocaine.
Investigators soon learned that the group was simultaneously involved in a broad-based identity theft ring. Many of the sellers were residents of the Murphy Houses, including Prince Fahie, Jr., a member of the volunteer tenant patrol. A 15-month wiretap traced the defendants as they used two apartments in Manhattan’s Park Terrace West complex and one apartment at 2545 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx to distribute powdered and crack cocaine to customers in Manhattan and the Bronx.
The defendants bought stolen credit card information over the Internet and created fake credit cards used to purchase electronics. Defendants Timothy Smart and his uncle, Shadell Smart, were charged with Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree for selling nearly two ounces of cocaine on the day of the takedown. The New York investigation resulted in the prosecution of 21 defendants, the final three of whom were convicted in 2008.
Gonzalez distributed business cards in nightclubs listing his e-mail address and phone number.

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