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Used car expert - cars sale, free car prices, Used cars for sale you won't find everywhere else. Cars sale, reviews, & car prices, pictures, Find parkers expert car reviews, new and used car prices, pictures, user reviews and new and used cars for sale from across the uk. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. A DRIVER died in a freak crash when his car broke free as it was being towed by an AA patrol van and smashed into another vehicle. Witnesses said the motorist was at the wheel of the car which was being towed to a garage.Suddenly, it swerved and hit a bank. It is thought the victim had called the AA after breaking down on his way to work in his black Vauxhall Zafira. If you closed your eyes right now, could you list off every single item in your home that you own? Most of us have items that are special to us, but when it comes to financial protection of your personal property, ALL items should be important.
Home Inventory Form for Excel: Using this Home Inventory Spreadsheet is helpful because it will give you an idea of what information should be provided. Photographs: Take clear, concise pictures of your items and what you want conveyed about them.
Video: This may seem redundant because you are already adding photographs, but for insurance purposes, there can never be too many sources for documentation. Receipts: I don’t think most people think that one day an item might be stolen or destroyed when they make a purchase.
Antiques, family heirlooms, one of a kind items or jewelry: Sometimes some of the most important items to us are the hardest to replace. Be Honest: We probably tend to view our property as more valuable than it really is, but be honest when completing your home inventory sheet.

Insurance companies would like everything recorded down to the last sock and salt shaker, but it will be up to you how detailed you want to be. If you can’t remember the year of purchase, leave it blank or try to recall to the best of your ability. Most insurance experts will tell you that taking these steps will move the claims process ahead in a more efficient manner.
Having a familiarity with your possessions is a way to help you keep track of your personal property and be organized.
Imagine having to replace all of the items you use such as couches, jewelry, clothes, books, or dishes, and this may give you the motivation to carry out the process.
A useful feature on this Home Inventory form is the ability to record the filenames of your photos.
Make a mental note: save and attach any receipts you might have (or make copies) to a print-out of your Home Inventory. Know that items like these are very challenging to replace and you will more likely be given a monetary replacement if you have proof of value. Taking the time to protect your assets will benefit your household regardless of whether tragedy strikes or not. This is the idea behind insurance–backup in case of an unfortunate “rainy day” experience.
Items like clothes might not seem like too much individually, but if you lose large quantities it can add up quickly. Organize and name the photos according to the description and other information provided for the item. This is a great way to backup your inventory with physical proof along with personalized narration.
Even if you don’t have receipts for everything, try and hold onto the ones for the more expensive or important goods. This helps you keep good records and helps insurance companies compare prices of the items.

Remember, unless you pay for a Replacement Cost endorsement on your policy, personal property will depreciate over time. Be careful about where you store the electronic copies of your photographs, video, and inventory.
You can do it all at once or divide the project up as time allows, possibly doing one or two rooms at a time. If you know how to do it, you can even turn the filenames into links within Excel so that you can click on the filename to open up the photo.
NOTE: On certain items like antiques or collections (coins, stamps, guns), most policies have a specified minimum limit, unless you get an endorsement on them (in which case the items would get additional coverage).
You don’t want a picture of your jewelry showing up on the internet or a list of the value of all your property being downloaded by your local bandits. The date of purchase is important, as well as the condition of the item–especially items prone to theft. If you don’t know where to start with the pictures, just begin on one side of the home and work your way to the other. Put a copy of the information on a small flash drive and put the flash drive in your safety deposit box (a practice you ought to be considering anywhere for saving a backup of your other electronic files). Take pictures of the contents of dressers, closets, and cabinets, as well as jewelry boxes. Store a copy of your inventory somewhere secure outside your home (unless you really want to trust your fireproof safe).

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