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Back in September I wrote about how documentation was the must-have option when buying a classic Corvette. A series of codes and stamps are located on the engine block that will allow you to identify it as being manufactured specifically for a Corvette. The casting number is a sequence consisting of raised numbers that was cast into the engine block when it was made. Hi, I have a small block motor that a friend says is a Corvette motor because it has the spark plug wire holders on the side. I looked up the casting number and 3731548 is a 283 ci engine block used in Corvette and passenger trucks in 1957.
My car needs coolant (Saab 9.3, Cabrio) and I don't know where it goes and I don't understand the manuel.
If you car has been well serviced , or you know that coolant has been done in the past, please consider having a coolant check, as you may have a leak. Re: General DIY for Car Questions Quote: BasP72 why don't you post a picture of the engine bay so we can tell you which resevoir to fill ?
All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind.
Offered for a few years as a Dodge, the Sprinter introduced Americans to Europe’s idea of a proper van, which is quite different from traditional American vans. Mercedes offers the Sprinter in four body styles: 144-inch wheelbase regular roof, 144-inch wheelbase high roof, 170-inch wheelbase high roof, and 170-inch wheelbase extended length high roof (cargo van only). Passenger capacity ranges from two to twelve people—the Sprinter can be equipped with one, two, three, or four rows of seats.
With such high cargo and towing capacities, you might think the Sprinter has a monster engine lurking under its stubby, steeply sloped hood. Until the new Euro-sourced Ford and Ram vans arrive, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is in a class by itself, with a high roof, huge cargo volume, well-behaved suspension, and efficient (if possibly inadequate) diesel engine. Michael Karesh owns and operates TrueDelta, an online source of automotive pricing and reliability data.
Seats might remind of VW as this truck ie a VW-Mercedes joint venture & has a VW sister sold in Europe. The guy who delivers bread to this area has a Dodge 2500 Sprinter that has been a good truck for him, as compared to the Isuzu he had before. I have only seen one version of the Sprinter that was converted for passenger use, and I believe it was a Freightliner version. When I saw it at the Quartzsite camp ground, it had been towing a huge travel trailer, so it is versatile enough and even more spacious than a 15-passenger van. Carrying freight may be what the Sprinter was designed for, and many parcel delivery services use them for that, but I believe that a market exists for Conversions of all types as well. You can find some RV conversions (Road Trek makes one, for example) — and I have seen many being used by airport shuttle companies.
I could live with the lack of power and stay in the truck lane on inclines, but the purchase price is an issue. Gotta keep the child molesters and mobile-meth-lab owners out of your dealerships some how. That article focused on mostly the paper trail: dealer invoices, build sheets and tank stickers.

There are dates of manufacture and the engine’s original application if you just know where to look. What’s a bit tricky here is that casting numbers on Corvette blocks can also be found on other engine blocks made by GM. In 1955-56, it was simply a continuous serial number, but one that didn’t match the serial number of the Corvette. That’s what will tell us what the original application of the engine was in terms of HP, Transmission and AC.
Get used to this big foreign-looking box: Ford and Ram (remember, it’s now a brand) have similar vans on the way. This volume is easily accessed through wide, floor-to-ceiling door openings (right slider standard, left slider optional). But the sole engine option, a 188-horsepower (at 3,800 rpm), 325 pound-feet (at 1,400 rpm) 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel V6, is much smaller and far less powerful than the V8 engines offered by GM, Ford, and Nissan. Craig Astrein, Sprinter specialist at Mercedes-Benz of Novi, claimed that the Sprinter manages low 20s around town and mid-20s on the highway. The high roof (standard on the 170) bumps the price upward by $2,670, the extended wheelbase adds $2,440, and the extended rear overhang tacks on $950. According to Craig, tradespeople who visit wealthy clients’ homes also value the prestige conveyed by the three-pointed star. It was then followed with F for Flint, where the Corvette engine was manufactured and then the year (F55 or F56). In 1965 it is said that there was a shortage of 327 blocks from the Flint plant, so Chevrolet used some engine blocks from Tonawanda.
I’ve often wondered how many months one could go backwards when hunting down parts but I generally feel no more than 30 days and maybe a little less or more depending on the part.
Built as a promotional vehicle, 308 stroker, 2800 stall, Centura diff, Stepside with custom aluminum, Ghosted flamework, White leather-suede, CD, Zex partially installed, Drives good goes hard.
The engine intrudes into the passenger compartment, but much less than in the GM vans, so foot room is only slightly constricted.
Theoretically, Mercedes could fit a couple more rows, but has ceded the 15-passenger market to the domestics. Basic amenities (such as the seat adjustments, power mirrors, cruise control, and a trip computer) add about $895. First boost gotta know +ve terminal only connect or you’ll waste significant looking for the non-existent -ve.
Those engines would have a T instead of F on the stamp, as well as the full year in the cast date.
From the knees rearward there’s no engine cover (GM) or massive console (Nissan) to get in the way.
The high roof adds another foot, such that anyone up to six feet in height can walk around inside without fear of hitting their head on the ceiling. Passenger-pleasing factory options are limited to roof-mounted rear HVAC vents; this Mercedes isn’t remotely about luxury. The view rearward depends on whether the Sprinter in question is a cargo, passenger, or crew (two-row) van, as the first can have no windows behind the first row.
Nissan talked about the large work area for a computer, I think another legal seat that can fold down like in the Pickup Trucks would be a better option.

The seats, much firmer than you’ll find in other vans, look and feel German, though more VW than Mercedes (this is a commercial vehicle, after all). Adblue is required, but this isn’t nearly as expensive or as hard to find as it used to be. Unfortunately, as Corvette values rise, so do your chances of buying a Corvette with altered numbers being passed off as an original.
Shaped to provide good support, as the hours accumulate they’d likely prove more back-friendly than the mushy seats in other vans. During my test drive this powertrain accelerated the van as quickly as I’d desire in such a vehicle, with no apparent strain, even at 80 on the highway.
A Chevrolet Express 2500 extended length van with the 280-horsepower 4.8-liter gas V8 and similar features lists for $31,740. As my favorite mantra goes when purchasing a Corvette, knowledge is power, and the more you can learn about documenting a Corvette prior to purchase, the less likely you will get burned with buying a Corvette of questionable lineage. Thirteen seconds to sixty might seem sluggish in a contemporary car, but this is a box big enough to swallow the contents of 3.5 minivans.
The steering is, no surprise, slow and very light, but seems almost natural after just a few minutes on the road. Opt for the 260-horsepower 6.6-liter Duramax diesel, though, and the GM van’s price advantage entirely disappears. If the block contains two digits for the year, then it was a block manufactured at the Tonawanda engine plant and therefore is not a Corvette block (Corvette engines were almost exclusively built in Flint, Michigan).
These manual adjustments might be a little less convenient than the power controls in other vans, but they also have no motors to break. Unless you’re up to no good (white vans being the preferred conveyance of TV terrorists) or out to stop people up to no good (SWAT, the A-Team), you’re not seeking an AMG variant. Body motions are more tightly controlled than in the typical van, yet the ride is just a touch jiggly even without a load, at least in the 2500. Cast dates on small block V8’s can be found on the passenger side of flange where the block is connected to the bellhousing. In terms of cubic feet, the Sprinter’s 318, 494 or 547 easily beats the GM van’s 270 or 314. The problem: sixty arrives in 13 seconds with no add-ons, no passengers, no cargo, no trailer, and no big hills.
Even the short, regular roof Sprinter can hold more than the long GM, and over twice as much as the typical minivan.
On 1965-67 big blocks, the cast date is located on the passenger side of the block where the starter is attached.
Braking performance might be more of a concern.] The engine is obviously a diesel only when idling and at low speeds. The second stamp decodes F for the Flint Plant, May 18 is the engine assembly date and the HE suffix code stands for a 327 ci 300 hp with a manual transmission.

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