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You’ll also have a fair bit of vehicle info here to confirm what the car assigned to that registration number should be, as well as when it was first registered.
ShippingShipping for the UK - ?7.99 for the first camera & reduced shipping for additional cameras.
Where possible, despatch is next day, but please allow 5-10 working days, dependent on the time of year. By creating an account you're able to sell your car and take advantage of a ton of benefits, including the Watchlist functionality, allowing you to browse the website and compile a list of any cars you've taken an interest in.
I personally use the following four websites to tell me (almost) everything I ever need to know about my cars.
A really nice all-in-one check that provides a ton of information about your enquired vehicle, such as past MOT's including advisory notes, recall notices, CO2 emissions, mileage charts, whether it is marked as Stolen (hopefully not!) and much more. The ease of use and simple design combined with the wealth of information it provides will make this my go-to website for my vehicle enquiries in the future.

As of October 2015, the UK Government have released this free tool to check the history of your cars' MOT status going back a number of years (around 2005). A very basic check telling you whether your car is Taxed and MOT'd, and when the renewal for both is due. Just used the total car check one and Its brill, told me everything I needed to know for free. Thank you for helpful website to check cars history So easy to use and comprehensive information. Just input the registration number and make of vehicle and the results will be displayed for you, showing when the car tax expires and also when the MOT expires. It'll tell you how successful your vehicle was in passing previous MOT's, and it'll give you an idea of issues that might have triggered an Advisory Note or failed the MOT altogether. I try to commit the vital car Tax, MOT and insurance renewal dates of my cars to memory, but it can be tricky.

It also has the option for a paid check to return information about outstanding finance or insurance write-offs, much like a HPI check. If you find yourself needing this information quickly, luckily there are a few websites willing to help for free. This is the newer version of the original DirectGov vehicle check website that is now obsolete.

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