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November 22, 2014 By Nevil Patel Images are best way to express your thoughts or comprehend your text. You can also share multimedia files like video, audio, location, and contact to your whatsapp friends. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only them would you realize how special you are to me. I enjoy when people show attitude to me because it shows they need an attitude to impress me. You can download whatsapp funny images and share it with facebook, whatsapp friends and groups. So what are you waiting for? Every now and then I’m approached by design students and clients asking me to critique their logos.
While I’m not particularly fond of critiquing anyone’s work, especially when it’s hard to find something positive to say, I’m happy to help students raise their game and charge a consultancy fee to any client looking for a professional opinion. Specializing in the creation of identities allows me to easily identify —no pun intended — a pattern of common mistakes designers make when creating logos.
This sounds so wrong in so many levels, that I feel a bit silly even including this advice in this list, but the truth is that we all have done it. However, while designing without a briefing is possible, more often than I would like to admit, I have found myself scrapping whatever design I made only to get back to the start and write a proper briefing for it. That’s the general advice for personal projects, but client work is a whole different story. The briefing exists to help designers know what they need to design, and how they need to design it.
You must understand who your logo target audience is, and then learn as much as you can about them.
The truth is that learning how to wear the shoes of the target audience is one of the most valuable skills a designer can learn, and an extremely handy skill for any small business owner as they can apply that to all areas of their business, not only design. Remember, design for your target audience, not for yourself. Each business has its own USP (unique selling point) and that is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when designing a logo. I’m not suggesting that companies should literally insert their USPs in the designing of their logos, that would be terrible. This is an essential part of my own logo design process, and actually, the exact first thing I look to understand. Branding is a concept that stretches far beyond identity design, but in order to design a logo that truly reflects the core identity of the brand for which its being designed, one must understand the positioning of this brand. Brand positioning is all about the relationship of one brand to other brands, usually primary competitors. If marketing is not your forte, that may sound pretty confusing, but is actually simpler than it looks, check out the example below which helps to put some sense into it.
Here I’m analysing the positioning of a few chocolate brands in relation to quality and price, two aspects highly relevant to customers. With all of that in mind, it becomes easy to see, that the logo you are designing must look like it belongs to the place where the brand is positioned. Always bear in mind that designing a logo without understanding your client’s business, is like shooting an arrow while blindfolded expecting to hit bullseye.
If there’s one piece of advice I truly wish I had understood earlier in my career it is this one. Young designers need a great deal of practice to sharpen their skills, develop their own aesthetic language, and learn enough about the trade to feel confident enough to present fewer options. On the other hand, some designers choose to show many options as a way to raise the perceived of value of their own service. The end of the story is that clients will only use one of the solutions you show anyway, so wouldn’t be more productive to come up with one idea that you genuinely think is the best, instead of dividing your time and effort in creating multiple solutions? Well, that’s true, some clients will ask you for that, but then it comes to you to take the initiative and educate your client on how identity design works, and why getting fewer options is actually better than getting many options to choose from. Perhaps this particular mistake is more about a process of gaining experience that every designer needs to go trough to raise their game. What happens when you remove the gradients, reflections, drop-shadow effects and change the color to white over a dark background? Using digital trickery to make a weak design look strong is one of the easiest things to do,  all you need is Photoshop, and knowing which effects to apply, but these types of logos are just not good long-term identities, they don’t help to build brand value.
It’s terrible when a client questions a feature of your design and all you have to say is “I designed it this way because I think it looks good”. Every single pixel of a logo must be thought-of, it must have a concept behind its looks, and the overall result must show a solid understanding of the proposed briefing.
To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, you can’t possibly live long enough to make all mistakes by yourself, so learning from the mistakes of others is pretty good advice.
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Some are downright bad, and should be avoided at all costs, while others can be overlooked depending on the peculiarities of the project.
I know that I have, on many of my own personal projects, especially when working on something that I’m particularly passionate about. Ultimately, when creating for oneself, writing a briefing for personal projects saves time, but can in many cases also help to mature the initial idea. You should only refer to your target audience to extract their perspective, and always hire a professional designer to translate that into something that works. It can be anything, from a secret formula (Coca-Cola), to being one-of-its-kind (Google), to being highly innovative (Apple). Logos are not supposed to be literal, but understanding the practical side of a business will more often than not lead into the generation of ideas. Every business has its own angle, and taking this into account can help you build a successful brand. The easiest way to make that analysis is by using a marketing diagrammatic technique called perceptual mapping, where you can visually display the perceptions of a brand in relation to others, thus finding the brand positioning.
Thinking about that will raise the chances of your logo receiving a positive perception from customers. While you may be able to accomplish that, it will be all about luck, and that is what you want to avoid. Here is where the majority of young designers fail, as they don’t foresee future applications the brand will require. Here’s an example, think about how frustrating can it be if your client loves your logo, and even though is perfectly scalable, the design you chose is impossible to embroider on a t-shirt. It would have saved me a vast deal of time, but on the other hand, whenever I talk about this subject with other designers it seems to be a mistake we all need to experience. Because I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the brand I’m going to design, I feel quite comfortable explaining, in the finest of the details. Is your logo still there? If you are still able to see your logo perfectly, the chances are you have designed a good logo, but if not, then it’s time to start thinking about it all over again. Once the essence of the logo is working, then you may consider adding some trickery to better fit the logo to specific applications, but never as an essential part of the design.
If you have followed these steps carefully, be not afraid, as I’m sure you will be able to answer any question that may arise once you show off your logo to the world.

There’s nothing better than learning from your own mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you do something wrong, there’s no shame in it. Ray’s approach to identity design position his clients as leaders of their industries while creating a valuable long-term asset for their businesses. In this modern generation everyone is very fascinate about their DP (Display Picture) on every social networking site like Facebook or WhatsApp or Google Plus or any other place.
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Without it, designers would be overwhelmed by the amount of design freedom, and clients would not know what to expect from the project, or how far can they go in making requests to the designer.
If you want to design high quality logos and compete on a professional level, you must have a briefing for each project. Listen to what they have to say, and use what you learn from this interaction during the design process.
Otherwise, you’ll end up with a Franken-logo, the nightmare of the logo design world. There are plenty of things you should consider, but the good news is that this mistake is one of the easiest to overcome.
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