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If you are one of those who likes things that were back then, and just can’t live without the contemporary interior, perhaps you should consider the retro style. As for furniture, circular and curvilinear forms are preferred, and the leather is a choice of material. The last thing to pay attention in creating retro interior design is the overal harmony of the items, color schemes and furniture. The E-Prance car rear view mirror is an interesting offering from a very well-known dash cam manufacturer E-Prance.
It’s a sub $100 ($75 at the time of writing, check latest price) dashboard camera, however its video quality beats many other dash cams from mid or even high price-range category. With the SOS file locking feature, you can prevent the file from being deleted by loop recording, just by pressing a button.
The Super IR night vision allows the E-Prance car rear view mirror dash cam to record very good videos even in extreme low light condition (see video sample). It even has a 2.7” display screen that blends itself with the rear view mirror of the car and this makes this dash cam a hell lot more discreet and low profile. The 162° viewing angle is impressive and is way more than almost all the dash cams available in the market.
Also, most of the users report that using the dash cam menu and installing the camera is very simple and isn’t pain in the butt like some other cheap Chinese dash cams.
Another thing that we’d loved to be removed from this dash cam is the loud chime sound that plays each time the camera starts.
E-Prance car rear view mirror dash cam supports 32 GB memory card and has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 65°C. We request you to view the video in full screen and choose the maximum resolution; this will give you a better understanding of video quality captured by the dashboard camera.

Thanks to the Super IR vision, the E-Prance performs very well even in low light conditions.
All in all we can assert that, if you’re looking for a rear view mirror dash cam, that records very good videos at 1080p, is reliable and awesomely discreet, then E-Prance rear view mirror dash cam is probably a very good choice. However, we still believe that ABEO HDVR 180 G2 (a mid-range dash cam) is better as it records superior videos and has got parking mode feature too. Dash Cam Comparison TablesThe dashboard camera comparison tables below makes it super easy to view & choose a dash cam that perfectly matches your need.
Outstanding customer support, very high build quality, delivers exceptional day & night time videos. Directions:If driving from 91 West, take exit of Euclid, Turn right on Euclid and turn left on Hill Ave.
Is it the bold psychodelic prints, the circular leather furniture sets, or the incredible TV sets? If you want to go hardcore retro, perhaps you should remember all of the 70′s psychodelic patterns and include them into your retro scheme.
Make sure that the color scheme is appropriate to the furniture sets, and all of the decor items if not originally from that period but have that special retro atmosphere around them. It’s a rear view mirror type dashboard camera, similar to ABEO HDVR 150 and ABEO HDVR 180 G2. Since it’s a rear view mirror type cam, hence it’s very discreet and really hard to be noticed by anyone.
All you need to do is to long press the “Menu button” and that’s it, the current file will be marked and won’t be deleted by loop recording. Notice that as soon as the car enters the tunnel (a low light area), the dash cam performs very well.

Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at. The special retro decor items can be of special significance if they actually come from that time period. However, as soon as the car comes out of the tunnel, the dash cam is blinded by the huge amount of light; that’s acceptable as it’s a sub $100 dashboard camera.
In reality, retro interior design is all about bring the past to the present and add contemporary twist, sometimes with a high technowlogy. However, if you prefer calmer tones, you can always make a memory wall with smaller and not so bright patterns. These could include the retro fridge, retro sofa with new upholstery, or a old oak round table. This property is right across the street from Nicholas Junior High School and a block away from Stanton University's Learning Center plus only a few minutes drive from Fullerton Community College and Cal State Fullerton.
There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one living room, plus an add-on den (currently being used as a family room) and a 2 car garage!
The property has wrought iron fence along with a gate and a longer private drive way for additional parking. Even though the property needs some TLC, it has a very convenient location, great size lot, and a good floor plan with great potential!!

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